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Saw your comment on LinkedIn

Hey {{first_name}},

Saw we both engaged with {{post_author}}'s post on LinkedIn a while back regarding cold emails.

I help business owners and marketers source data for their campaigns. Do you use data in your marketing?

Coldlytics is a software I've co-founded to get custom marketing data in 24 hrs or less.

I'd like to give you 100 leads to try it out. No risk to you.

Can I send you an invite to the software?


- Matt


based on personalization from LinkedIn


Simple introduction


Co-Founders, Matt and Richard used this script in the early days to bring on some of our very first clients. It was used in conjunction with a post Matt engaged with on LinkedIn. 

By taking the link to that post and pasting it into’s task screen, Matt was able to generate 88% open rates and 36% reply rates. People literally thanked us (CEO’s of big firms) for this email.


Giving 100 free leads, so nothing to loose for a prospect, especially when time is the most costly thing. Also another soft push, asking for invite.

This template is by Matt from Coldlytics.

There are so many different ways to approach the story. But if you're looking for email pitch examples that's going to get a lot of traction, you might want to look at some of these examples I've found online. 

PR pros are famous for picking up on trending topics and these email pitch examples take advantage of it. A good pitch email is crucial for any media pitch. It can be the difference between getting a meeting with a journalist and not having one. 

The media pitch email is a way to introduce yourself, share your story and demonstrate why you are the right person to pursue coverage. Here is an excellent real-world email pitch examples of an email sent by PR Experts that got them coverage.  

This blog is a great read if you're looking to master the art of email marketing. It includes real-life email pitch examples from PR Experts that may help you get your story out among reputable media outlets.

When would you use an email pitch examples

If you want to increase your response rate, use email pitch examples! When you send out an email pitch, it's important that you make a good first impression. 

People will glance at your first few sentences, but they'll read the whole email if they can tell that it seems trustworthy and informative. 

Make sure to include a compelling introduction with a headline and two or three sentences that describe what they'll get out of reading the rest of your content.

 A lot of businesses are using email marketing to promote their products, services and/or branding. Marketing through email is a sound strategy for many businesses because it's cost-effective and can produce successful results.

However, there are some pitfalls that you should be aware of before embarking on this marketing channel. For example, not all emails will draw in your audience the way you would like them to. 

An effective email campaign will combine the right content with professional language and design.

The key to writing a sales pitch email that won't fail

There are many different types of emails that you could use to sell your product or service. You can also design an email template that is tailored towards your audience. 

With these email templates, you have the chance to show your brand personality in a way that speaks directly to their hearts and minds. The key to a successful email pitch is being able to clearly show why you are the right person they should hire. 

That's where these media pitch emails come in - by acting as testimonials from previous clients, they show how your expertise combined with their expertise would make for a good match. 

If you 're struggling to write an email that sells, these email pitch examples of \"winning\" emails will provide some ideas. 

Authors discuss each of their winning pitches in detail and provide a step-by-step explanation on how they won. They also offer tips and tricks to help you craft your own sales pitch email strategy.

How to close a sales pitch through an email

Emails are the most difficult part of closing a sales pitch. They provide a lot of opportunities for your reader to walk away, and if you don't do it right, it could cost you the sale. 

This article will show you what to do in order to close any sales pitch with an email. The way to close a sales pitch through an email is by creating a sense of urgency. 

Make the customer feel like they don't have time to lose, and that you are not just trying to sell them anything but instead a "must-have" item. This will make them more likely to buy now. 

The goal of a sales pitch is to close the deal. The most important thing when it comes to email marketing is that you want to make sure your message gets across and sums up the point you want to leave with your prospect. 

To close a sale, you have to make sure whatever it is that you are promoting makes sense for the customer, because they need the incentive or they will never buy into what you are pitching.

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