One inbox for everything.

Emails are more than just replies, they are the beginning or continuation of Conversations. Managing sales dialogues deserves something better than sitting in your Inbox. Welcome to the BETTER way to dialogue with your leads, prospects, and clients.


The Sales Communication Hub

Manage all your sales conversations in one place. Close a conversation once it's resolved. If your client messages back, we'll automatically open it back up and add it to the top of your queue. Never miss a response again.


Manage all your Inboxes in one place

Wether you're using multiple domains, or handling support and sales, this is the place where you can do everything in one screen. Manage, reassign, and reply to multiple conversations from several different inboxes all in a seamless single view.


Collaborate with Your Team

Need help with figuring out how to respond to a message? Comment to a manager or team member to get information quickly, and have all your notes in one place.


Client info around each Conversation

Each client is not the same, and should never be treated as such. Having full context around every conversation is critical. View all of your client info from multiple sources. You can even make edits to your fields without leaving the conversation.


Respond to Leads in Record Time

Never again will your valuable responses from leads, prospects, or clients get lost in your inbox. See it the moment it arrives, and keep the message in sight until you're ready for action. You can even Snooze it, to pop back up as a reminder when you're ready.

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