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Fill your pipeline with Appointments using Email, AI, and Gifting

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How Cliently Works


Find your target market

We will add premium contact info that includes verified email addresses, phone numbers and several other data points.


Start your personalized gifting campaign 

We connect to prospects via email, LinkedIn, calls, and with our proprietary gifting process.


Prospects are segmented by Intent

Connect your flows and leads in an instant. You can segment your leads and batch drop each segment into different flows in under 5 minutes.


Conversations happen

Your sales team can utilize Cliently to automate direct engagement to your users and clients. You can get an aerial view of your campaigns and monitor campaign performance over the time

People are talking

Cliently has helped hundreds of people, these are just a few.

We estimate an increase of at least 50% in productivity across the sales team. We now focus more time on closing opportunities and less time trying to get a campaign up and running.
Julie Bregen
Julie Bregen
VP Direct Sales @ ValueSelling
Cliently allows us to focus on leads that are actually engaged, and at the perfect time. We're booking 15-20 sales calls EVERY WEEK that we were not getting before!
William Moran
William Moran
VP of Sales @ Command7
Cliently has been a great way for me to reach my prospects based on their real-time engagement. Sales leaders are asking about my impeccable timing!
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams
SDR @ Abstrakt AI
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