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The Great SMS Pricing Scandal

Hello Dave,

Henry from The SMS Works here. We’re an SMS API provider based in Bristol.

A cold pitch is rarely welcomed but I’m hopeful you’ll find this worth a read.

I'll be really brief.

Like most companies in your sector, I imagine that you use SMS extensively to communicate with your customers.

But the SMS industry has a 20 year old secret…

Almost all SMS providers charge for undelivered texts even when they're not charged themselves.
SMS companies make 100% profit on all failed texts.

There's no reason why companies like yours should pay for  undelivered texts when your provider has been quietly making 100% margin on failed texts for years.

This overpricing has been going on for decades and unsurprisingly, the SMS industry  has remained silent on the subject.

With the average undelivered rate at 11%, the scale of the overspend is significant.

We think it’s time this changed

We’re one of the only UK SMS providers where you only pay for delivered texts. All failed texts are instantly refunded.

It's a fairer and more open way of working.

Also, SMS prices have dropped by 70% in the past 10 years

10 years ago, you could expect to pay around 9.5 pence per text. In 2022 that has dropped to less than 3 pence.

Most SMS companies haven’t passed on those savings to their customers, so it’s likely that your provider is making greater margins from you than they did a few years ago.

So, as well as saving by not paying for failed texts,, we can also offer a lower flat rate per text, payable monthly in arrears.

Does this strike a chord at all?

I'd love to get a quote to you so you can see whether there are some decent cost savings to be had.
I think you might be surprised.Simply reply to this email and we can get a quote over to you straight away.

All the best and I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Customers have said some very generous things about our product, service and support, have a read.



Arresting headline grabs the reader.


Instant explanation of who I am and what my company does.


Acknowledgement that this is a cold email - be honest.

Create a sense of intrigue with the hidden secret

State the scale and extent of the problem.

Explain how we solve it


Simple and clear call to action

P.S. provides reassurance on quality product with great support

This template is by Henry from thesmsworks with an open rate of 2.2%.

Business pitch emails are a quick and easy way to get in touch with an individual or group. They are also the easiest and quickest way to inform them about your product or service, and provide a link to your website. 

Business pitch email sample is used as a marketing tool to break into new markets. The idea is that you provide a valuable product or service in the email and then ask for their feedback.

 All companies use this tactic because it's cheaper to do one pitch than to do a whole bunch of them, plus it's easier to measure the success if you only send out one email.

 Business pitch emails can be used to inform buyers about new product launches, share information on features and benefits of your products, or even offer a deal. There are several ways that you can write a great business pitch email sample. 

First, make sure that you're clear about the specific message you expect to convey. Second, do some research beforehand so you know how often your buyer receives similar messages and what type of content they respond well to. 

Third, be concise but don't forget to include details in order to make the content more engaging and helpful. 

A business pitch email sample is a short email that you send to potential customers and stakeholders in your industry to let them know about what you do. 

It's important because it lets your potential customers know how you can help them, or is relevant to their needs.

When would you use a business pitch email sample??

There are a number of times when you would use an email pitch. One of the most obvious reasons would be to get new clients. Depending on what you do, your email pitch might set the tone for everything that follows. 

For example, if you provide financial services, it's important to send a confident email with your story about how you were able to help someone out of debt or save them from losing their home. 

You can use an email pitch in a lot of ways. You can use it to introduce your company, to make a cold call, when you are selling the newest product, or to send an announcement. 

All these emails are written with the same objectives in mind: drive people to want to know more about you and your business. There are many times when you might need to write a business email pitch letter. 

It can be sent to people who have submitted an inquiry or perhaps your sales team is trying to get some leads. There is one time that you will never use an email pitch: when it's redundant and doesn't add anything new.

When should using email pitches be used in your business?

There are different types of business pitch email samples. The following examples highlight the most effective use of the email in your business. Email pitches can be the most effective ways of reaching potential customers. 

When should you use a business pitch email sample? 

The answer is simple: If a person has purchased something from your company before, they are more likely to buy something else in the future if they receive an email pitch. 

So if you're selling high-ticket items, then email pitches are a good way to reach out to people and make sales. One of the best ways to get new clients and customers is to email them. 

Email is a fantastic marketing tool and an integral part of any business' marketing strategy. However, when should you send your emails? You need to know when the right time to use this tool is. 

The use of emails as a marketing tool is a fantastic way to communicate with customers and convince them to do what you want. However, it's not just marketing that makes email pitches effective. 

They are also an effective negotiating tool when used in conjunction with other communications channels.

It is important that you write a great pitch email that will entice the recipient to open it and read. This is a short paragraph about some examples of emails that are not effective. 

Business pitch email is an essential part of any marketing strategy. It has a lot of power to influence people towards your product. This is why it is important to write your pitch well and craft it so that it will resonate with the audience you are going after. 

A business pitch email is a great way to reach out to potential investors and your target audience. Make sure that you take the time to write one specifically for them. 

For example, if you're pitching software, make sure that your email focuses on what makes your product unique and special, not just what it does. 

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