January 4, 2021

25 Powerful Sales Words For Your Business In 2021

The powerful sales words that sales representatives use in their pitch or conversations are what sets them apart from the competition because it allows them to build an emotional connection with the prospects without sacrificing their professionalism. If you are ready to put your sales team back at the top of your game then make sure they know why sales words are important.

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Spencer Farber

The powerful sales words that sales representatives use in their pitch or conversations are what sets them apart from the competition because it allows them to build an emotional connection with the prospects without sacrificing their professionalism. If you are ready to put your sales team back at the top of your game then make sure they know why sales words are important.

Why Are Power Words for Sales Beneficial?

Using the right and impressive sales words in conversations helps marketing and sales executives do their jobs more effectively and further builds a stronger relationship with every prospect via human connection (emotion).

The purpose of including power words for sales is not to take control of the conversation by talking over your prospect or making yourself seem more important than you really are. Instead, think about including power words as a way sales coaching is concerned, and amaze your prospects with these 25 highly influential sales words.

25 Sales Power Words for Better Connections and More Sales

1) You: Using words like "you" is one of the most important sales power words that sales reps need to include in their conversations because it allows them to build a human connection which leads to more sales.

2) Goals: People are constantly changing, which means that what they want changes along with them. This makes it easier for sales teams to connect with prospects by understanding where they are coming from when it comes time for them to buy something.

3) Opportunity: Speaking about opportunities is a sales power word to show prospects that they are valuable and willing to help without being too pushy.

4) We: "We" is another powerful sales word to include as it shows prospects that you have what they need. Also that you are able to present yourself as an authority with the right amount of transparency. It would let customers know they are working with a team, not just one company trying to make a quick buck. Use sales phrases like "we" and "us" to convey the idea that your business is on their side instead of using them for personal gain.

5) Easy: Terms like "easy" make sales easier for both sides when sales reps say, "it will be easy," which creates an opportunity for sales teams to build trust. Thereby, make sales easier on prospects, and create win-win scenarios.

6) Success: Speaking about success is a powerful sales phrase to indicate to your prospects that they are indeed valuable and able to help without being too pushy.

7) Amazing: Sales power words like "amazing" build a bridge between the reps and their leads because sales teams get excited about what they do which can make sales easier on prospects.

8) Believe: Using sales words like "believe" helps sales reps create a friendly professional bonding from the moment they reach out to prospects which is why it is really important for sales teams to use this word whenever possible.

9) If: Including sales phrases like "if" give you the opportunity to offer your unique value while also giving prospects more control.

10) Benefit: Speaking about benefits makes buying decisions easy for buyers by allowing them to see why you are the better option than other competitors.

11) Help: "Help" is a sales power word, you need to include it in your sales conversations because that would allow prospects to understand you. To know what your customer is going through and help build a mutual understanding which might lead to more sales.

12) New: Including sales phrases like "new" gives you the opportunity to show off your product or service as being an original option. This would help your business or company to stand out from the pack when reaching out to various prospects.

13) Exclusive: Speaking about exclusivity is a sales power phrase that is used to seal the deal without being too edgy about buying something now instead of later.

14) Thank You: Words like "thank you" show prospects that sales reps appreciate them and create a happy emotion which they later connect with the brand or business they purchased from. This might keep them coming again for their future purchase and in turn, create a repeated loyal customer for you!

15) Free: It is one such powerful sales word that is treated to be the best to fuel sales. best in sales phrases because no one likes spending money on something they do not need. Use these sales phrases to make customers feel as if they are getting a good deal when purchasing from you.

16) Because: The sales process is all about why. You have to give customers a reason to buy your product or service, and "because" is one of the best words you can use to convince them.

17) Imagine:  Customers love imagining themselves having everything that they ever wanted which is why sales power words that help them visualize their future are effective.

18) Instantly: If you want sales, use sales power words that make customers feel as if they can have what they are buying soon instead of having to wait weeks or months for delivery.

18) Now - Nobody likes waiting so sales power words such as "now" are perfect for motivating customers to take action immediately without hesitation.

19) Discover - Sales power words such as "discover" communicate the idea of uncovering something new, which is why it's ideal to use when selling products or services that aim to solve problems customers never knew existed in the first place.

20) Included - When selling add-ons or separate items that work together towards achieving a goal, sales power words such as "included" are great for letting customers know that the extra purchases are a part of their original deal.

21) Unique - Similar sales power words include "unique", which implies that your product or service is one of a kind and not like anything else available.

22) Successful: The sales world is filled with buzzwords, but two of the most popular sales words that sell are “solution” and “successful.”

These sales phrases communicate confidence to clients by implying you've helped others in their situation improve sales numbers or increase profits through your product or service.

For example, instead of saying something like: I can help increase sales, simply replace it with “I can help our successful customers increase sales.” Using this sales word communicates that not only do you understand what success looks like for your prospect, but also that you are capable of influencing positive change on an even larger scale than they originally thought.

23) Fair:  This sales word works in sales calls when you want to convey urgency and willingness to negotiate.

Instead of saying something like: We need to move quickly...try using the sales word “fair” by saying, “We need to move fairly quickly.” This sales phrase implies that your prospect will get a better price if they act fast.

24) Their Name: During sales conversations, it might feel awkward at first, but using someone's name is one of the sales words that sell because it makes them feel more connected to you and what you are selling.

By building rapport with clients through the use of their names, salespeople can increase sales success rates substantially over time by making prospects fall in love with their products after multiple sales conversations instead of on their first sales call.

25) Probably: For salespeople, using sales words like “probably” is essential for closing sales with accuracy because it enables them to quantify their prospects' interest in purchasing without overpromising.

For example, instead of saying something like: I think we can do this...try saying “We probably / definitely can meet your needs here...would you be open to exploring these options?” This sales phrase makes sales prospects feel more comfortable about the sales process giving salespeople more room for negotiation while actually making fewer sales promises along the way.

Apart from these, also make a point to cater to the following needs of your prospects;

Appealing to their emotion

Emotion is the most powerful driver in sales and marketing. Appeal specifically to fear when wanting to sell something that will increase security for customers. Use the power of lust by tapping into people's desire for sex appeal when trying to promote beauty products or clothing items that are on-trend. You can also use greed by advertising something that is rare or offers exclusivity in order to get more sales. Using the FOMO [Fear of Missing Out] technique would also help in closing more sales.

Address their pain points

Pain points are what keeps your customer up at night; they are what make people feel anxious about their financial situation, health issues, or work-related problems. Address these pain points and customers may feel inclined to purchase your products or services.

Use Case Verbiage

You know the importance of having a website or app design that engages users and inspires them to do something. The same principle applies when it comes to sales conversations because if you can engage the person on the other end of the line and inspire them to take action (in this case, buy), then you might be able to close a sale.

When meeting face-to-face with a prospect, remember that they're probably going through dozens – if not hundreds – of sales calls at any given time. Maintaining focus during sales conversations can be difficult when you're auditioning for potential clients who are only trying to determine if they should hire you or not.

When it comes to sales, then, one of the best words that sell is “use case.”

Make use of Decisive Language

Trying to close sales while using sales words can be a lot like trying to change a tire in the rain: it's only going to get worse every minute you wait. That is why salespeople should always use “decisive language” when negotiating with clients because they're probably going through dozens – if not hundreds – of sales calls at any given time and closing sales quickly is essential for them to succeed in business today.

For example, instead of saying something like: I don't think it makes sense, replace it with “I understand your concerns about price, however...” This sales phrase acknowledges objections but still moves prospects forward toward purchasing even if it is at a small percentage of the sales price.

Wrapping Up

Hope this article was informative. These are just some things that have been tried and suggested. The best way to find out how something works is by trying it yourself. Salespeople should try different sales tactics and see which ones work for them. This sales words article above is meant to give you as a salesperson some ideas on how to improve your sales calls or pitch effectively.

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