June 6, 2022

13 Best Alternatives and Competitors of Ticketmaster


Are you an organization that wants to penetrate the world of events and concerts to sell tickets? Irrespective of whether you're a start-up or an established business when it comes to selling tickets and booking venues for events. There are tons of tools in the world that can help you keep up with ticketing demands while it ensures you can seamlessly manage both concerts and events.

At the time of writing, the world is celebrating music festivals like nothing else. Whenever a massive event happens, it's only natural for you to be for guests in large numbers. This also ensures that your potential customer base can procure tickets seamlessly. As everything's on the Internet today, selling tickets on the Internet makes the entire process easy. The added benefit is that you won't have to worry about keeping tabs on ticket sales. All your guests need is full Internet access to purchase tickets.

As mentioned earlier, the up-and-coming platforms make ticket management a seamless escapade. When you can access ticket numbers and use them for reference in real time, checking tickets becomes an absolute breeze. In addition to this, admitting attendees also becomes easy and quite a lot convenient too. What's more, you will also be able to track the events' statistics and the number of guests that turned up! The insights and knowledge can help you provide your guests with a great experience.

Other than Ticketmaster, there is another ticketing AllEvents which is a popular free event ticketing platform that's deeply invested in making it easy for end-users to reap the benefits. Ticketmaster, the Beverly Hills entertainment subsidiary, has the highest sales share among significant competitors like AllEvents, TicketCity to name a few. 

A recent event that shunned the world was that Ticketmaster's system couldn't handle Taylor Swift's popularity after the release of her brand new album, Midnight. By the looks of it, this got Ticketmaster in prominence again. Long story short, even globally recognized artists prefer Ticketmaster to sell concert tickets.

However, tons of other platforms are as good as Ticketmaster. We've compiled a list that would aid you in discovering the best alternatives for Ticketmaster. Without further ado, let's explore them all!

1. AllEvents

AllEvents comes at the top of the list as it’s one of the most successful and preferred ticketing platforms due to its great conversion rate. It comes with a robust nurture marketing that allows you to establish successful follow up with the attendees who are interested to be a part of the event. In addition to this, you can also send a personalized email that has a brilliant effect as far as the ticket sales are concerned. In addition to this, you also get to send auto-reminders to maintain the constant momentum.

2. Eventbrite

The world of event management is a big one. There are so many different platforms out there, and it can be hard to know where to start. If you're looking for an easy way to manage your events, here are 10 great options:

Eventbrite is a powerful event management platform, with a large user base and been in business for almost 20 years. The company offers an excellent mobile app that makes it easy to manage your events from anywhere.

Eventbrite can be used for small events as well as large ones, but it's most suited for medium-sized groups who are looking to get more out of their marketing efforts.

The platform offers a simple way for event organizers to create their events and promote them. Eventbrite also provides tools for managing the registration process and collecting payments from attendees. It's easy to use, flexible, and affordable.

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3. TicketCity

The platform has been in operation for the past 20 years. The website began its journey as a ticketing company back in 1990. Furthermore, it's regarded as the safest and the most secure platform in the world to purchase premium tickets to events. At the time of writing, TicketCity has over 1 million customers making it one of the most reliable platforms. If you want to host any big event, even as big as Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby, the website is known to help potential attendees get tickets on time. Their website is utterly simple with great features. You can also track the order of your ticketing requirements.

4. StubHub

When it comes to 'live' events, StubHub is a great ticket exchange platform that exists in over 50 countries. It provides you with the best platform to sell tickets and acquire money. Regarding the operations of StubHub, the website is safe and reliable, and several years of operations have made the platform enhance its offerings to customers. You also get a robust ticket selection that most ticket exchange sites are wary of. The platform has a massive base of operation with global coverage.

5. Ticketliquidator

The platform came into being back in 2003 for ticket resale. In addition, Ticket Liquidator collaborated with some of the most qualified sellers from its inception. You will also find them to host the most massive online inventories for concerts, sports, and theaters. Among all the ticketing offerings, Ticket Liquidator offers better prices than others. At the same time, the platform is known to have revolutionary customer service. You can also choose to filter out events via locations and venues. If tickets are shipped off late, delivered late, or proven invalid, the website will make immediate refunds.

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6. Dice.fm

As far as the event-goers are concerned, the Dice.fm website comes with all the top features they need. The website is appropriately categorized and features a powerful search option to get you into an event. The website also extends to mobile as an app, making it more accessible to everyone. The features are the same, and at the same time, they are incredibly convenient and easy. Dice.fm is feature-rich; hence it can easily be tailored to all the events that will be held in your city or timezone. You will also find artist listings alongside their performance history and description.

7. Coast to Coast Tickets

If you've been looking for a massive ticket selection to several events, the Coast to Coast Tickets provides you with the same and much more. Coast to coast tickets guarantees that all transactions directly on the website are completely safe & secure. Hence, making the order will be significantly easier. Tickets from this website are highly dependable, but the small catch is that the prices of the tickets will be a little higher than other offerings. The customer service of Coast to Coast Tickets is outstanding, with courteous and friendly agents helping you out every step of the way! Enjoy the events of a wide selection with Coast to Coast Tickets.

8. See Tickets

Whether it's your favorite show or music event, Seetickets makes it easier for people to access tickets from the heart of the website. Like others on the list, Seetickets also features a massive ticket selection for festivals and events that will make it a seamless experience for you to attend. The website offers best-seller features that you're constantly updated about prior to the trending events. If it's a comedy show that you're attending or a sports event, you're well assured that you'll have a seamless experience. The site provides accessibility from mobile devices alongside the website counterpart.

9. Twickets

Among all the platforms in the list, Twickets is regarded as a ticketing marketplace fan-to-fan across the internet. The venue prides itself on being a highly reliable and ever-trusted platform for procuring tickets from fans. Twickets has been lauded as one of the celebrated exchanges for tickets that enables people to get tickets from the fans who will not be attending the concert in the first place. The robust search feature on Twickets will get you the details of all the events and tours. As the website is perfectly organized, people can garner details of any forthcoming events from the homepage.

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10. Purplepass

It is the perfect alternative for Ticketmaster as one of the most outstanding ticketing solutions since 2008. Event promoters and customers get the best customer service from this powerful solution. It’s intuitive and easy to promote and manage while purchasing tickets for events at any time. The answer comes with ticket widgets, custom pages for different occasions, email marketing, and map building. If your requirements include ticketing venues, concerts, seating, and fairs, Purplepass is the best choice for you!

11- Aijia

This platform is curated to give fans the best experience during the ticketing process. Aijia came into being to create moments for everyone. Aijia comes with smart tickets, a revolutionary feature that provides top-notch security from fraudulent activities that don’t include bots. Also, tickets cannot be duplicated. Hence the credibility of your event will always be maintained. You’ll find everything that you require when it comes to attending the event. In addition, you can showcase your priced possessions, such as collectibles which provide a distinctive experience.

Also, your end-users won’t have to pay extra for booking tickets, making it a go-to place for ticketing.

12- SeatGeek

With this platform, you must upload tickets, add prices, and then get paid. The pricing is quite transparent, suggesting you can acquire more funds into your pocket. Also, you can fill in the necessary details while uploading tickets. At the same time, you can edit or even remove your ticket listing before the sale takes place, and you’ll not be charged for it. The platform comes with a free trial that will give you a test drive best you decide to indulge in ticketing platforms. SeatGeek is making the ticketing industry fan-friendly, open, and extravagantly valued to the outside world.

13- Ticket Evolution

Sellers are connected directly with the fans, sellers, buyers, as well as everyone who are a part of the process. Ticket Evolution has one mission, if you’re in ticketing, they will take care of the distribution whether you want tickets for any purpose or are trying to explore how the ticketing industry functions. Brokers create the platform, and it’s for brokers and event organizers who want to make the most from an all-include platform. You will get complete access to the ticketing inventory, which offers full customization, customer service support, and payment.


The list of different ticketing and events platforms is made by considering the features, user experience, reviews, ratings, pricing, and among factors. These will help you and your team amalgamate all communications in a single thread. Choose, especially, the ones on the top of the list to make the most for your business with these 13 alternatives to Ticketmaster. Take your pick!

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