5 Signs Your Sales Pipeline Needs An Overhaul

When sales fail to pick up or slow down, it can be incredibly disheartening. After all, you’ve got a great business concept, an enthusiastic team, and you’ve done your part to subscribe to the latest “marketing best practices”. However, while optimizing your marketing funnel is vital for driving leads to your site, the real success of your business relies on … Read More

Zero To One Book Review: What Marketers Don’t Tell You

Zero to One book cover

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future was published in 2014 by venture capitalist and PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, along with one of his former students, Blake Masters. As you might suspect from the title, it is a blueprint of sorts for building a startup, and its content is a condensed and updated version of the CS183 … Read More

3 Ways Small Firms Can Get More Clients Through Sales Automation


At Cliently, we live and breathe sales – and, as such, we analyze salespeople’s behaviour and look for ways to help them optimize that. In our research, one thing stood out: most salespeople are not taking advantage of automation. Not to the extent that marketers are, in any case. Yes, you already use scheduling tools to send emails, or rely … Read More

Why we started Cliently: to help you market less and sell more

Cold Calling

The past 10 years have been really good to marketers. If you’re selling tech widgets, software, packaged services, or any form of content, and you’re doing it through an e-commerce type closed sales loop, you’ve been blessed. For any other kind of salesperson, though, the money haven’t exactly been pouring in. For every sales team we’ve worked with here at … Read More

Close More Deals By Hyper-personalizing Your Sales Outreach

hyper personalization in sales

I’m sure you’ve heard of sales automation or of integrated applications of customizable sales tools that can be used to streamline the sales cycle but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Success in sales automation requires strategy. You must differentiate yourself from the thousands of other sales automators. You’ve sent automated templated emails and made calls in hopes to … Read More

66 Strategies to Boost Your Lead Generation

66 Strategies for Lead Generation

You got the product, you got the site up and you are waiting for the clients to come and buy your stuff. But nobody is coming and you wonder what’s happening. We’ve all been there. Lead generation is #1 headache for all kinds of businesses, new and old, small and big. So how do you solve this problem? There are … Read More