January 5, 2024

32 Performance Review Examples for Your Sales Team


According to a Great Place to Work study from 2023, 37% of employees say receiving more personal recognition encourages them to do better work.

Performance reviews make sure everyone knows what the company wants to achieve. Most importantly, they help each person see what they're good at and what they need to improve. 

In this article, we've put together 32 performance review examples to help you write positive and constructive feedback for your sales team. 

Best practices for conducting a sales performance review 

To conduct great sales performance reviews, you need to:

  • Set clear objectives and expectations beforehand.
  • Provide specific and actionable feedback.
  • Focus on both strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Conduct reviews regularly, ideally on a quarterly or biannual basis.
  • Use performance management tools like Effy AI to automate and streamline the process.

32  performance review examples for your sales team by categories

Not every situation calls for the same type of feedback, so we've grouped performance review examples into eight categories.

Let’s go through each of them.

Goal achievement

Positive performance review examples

  1. “(Name) consistently meets (his/her) sales goals with ease. (He/She) sets high standards and consistently delivers the best results. (Name)'s hard work sets a great example for the whole team.”
  2. "(Name) consistently meets and often exceeds (his/her) sales targets. (He/She) sets ambitious goals and takes proactive steps to achieve them, resulting in impressive sales performance.”

Constructive performance review examples

  1. "While (Name) meets (his/her) sales goals, (he/she) could further enhance (his/her) performance by setting more challenging targets for (himself/herself). By pushing (his/her) limits, (he/she) can continue to excel and achieve even greater success."
  2. "(Name) does a good job meeting (his/her) sales goals. To improve further, (he/she) could try out new sales strategies and techniques. Openness to new ideas and opportunities could lead to even better results."

Product knowledge

Positive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) is a product expert. (He/She) has a comprehensive understanding of our offerings and can explain them effortlessly. (Name)'s knowledge instills confidence in customers and significantly contributes to closing deals."
  2. “(Name) has excellent product knowledge. (He/She) understands products inside and out, making (him/her) a valuable resource for both colleagues and clients alike. Most importantly, (he/she) knows how to explain the products in a way that customers understand.”

Constructive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) has a good grasp of our products, but there is room for improvement in deepening (his/her) understanding. (He/she) should invest more time in studying the details of the product line and staying updated on new features.”
  2. "(Name) has a good start in understanding our products, but there's room to grow. To improve, (he/she) could attend more training sessions and learn from colleagues with deeper product knowledge. Also, (Name) should ask for feedback to fill any knowledge gaps and keep learning."

Customer relationship

Positive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) is great at building relationships with customers. (He/She) makes them feel valued and understood. Also, (Name) listens well to their needs and offers tailored solutions, resulting in successful sales."
  2. (Name) has a natural talent for connecting with customers. (He/She) is patient, empathetic, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. (Name) makes each interaction personalized and meaningful.”

Constructive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) is on the right track with customers, but there's potential for improvement. (He/She) should engage more and regularly ask for feedback to understand customer needs better."
  2. "While (Name) demonstrates good rapport-building skills with customers, but there are some areas requiring extra work. (He/She) could work on improving (his/her) communication skills to ensure clarity and avoid confusion in customer interactions."

Cross-functional collaboration

Positive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) is a valuable team player in cross-functional initiatives. (He/She) is good at fitting in with different teams and working together to reach goals. When we have projects that need people from different departments, (Name) is always there to help.”
  2. “(Name) is a great collaborator. (He/She) shares ideas openly, promoting a collaborative environment. Whenever there's a need for collaboration between departments, (Name) steps up, brings a positive attitude, and helps make things go smoothly.”

Constructive performance review examples

  1. “(Name) is good at teamwork, but could involve colleagues more actively in cross-functional projects. (He/She) should seek input from others to gain diverse perspectives and improve project outcomes. Asking for input from others can help (Name) see things from different angles and make our teamwork even better.”
  2. "(Name) shows potential in cross-functional collaboration, but needs to improve communication. (He/She) should focus on expressing ideas clearly and listening actively to others, instead of just pushing (his/her) own ideas."

Time management

Positive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) is great at getting things done on time. (He/She) organizes (his/her) work and makes sure everything gets finished when it should. This helps us all stay on schedule and keeps our team running smoothly."
  2. "(Name) always meets deadlines and manages (his/her) time well. (He/She) keeps (his/her) workload organized and always completes tasks on schedule. Thanks to (him/her), our projects move forward, and we reach our targets.”

Constructive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) is good at managing time, but sometimes struggles to prioritize tasks. (He/She) could work on deciding which tasks are most important and doing those first. This would help (him/her) meet deadlines more consistently."
  2. "(Name) sometimes struggles with time management. (He/She) could benefit from breaking tasks into smaller steps and setting realistic deadlines. This would help (him/her) stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed."

Leadership and coaching

Positive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) is an exceptional leader who guides the team with care and encouragement. (He/She) always makes sure everyone feels valued and motivated to do their best. (His/Her) coaching helps team members grow and improve, making the team stronger and more successful."
  2. "(Name) is a great leader and coach, guiding everyone with wisdom and mentorship. (He/She) effectively delegates tasks and provides autonomy. (He/She) values each team member and helps them reach their full potential by encouraging personal and professional growth."

Constructive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) could be an even better leader by making sure everyone feels included and heard. While (he/she) does a good job leading the team, (he/she) should be more open to collaboration and idea-sharing. It would make a big difference if (Name) could create an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and working together as a team."
  2. "(Name) is a good leader, but could trust the team more with important tasks. While (he/she) offers support, sometimes (he/she) takes on too much responsibility and doesn't give the team the chance to learn and grow. It would benefit all if (Name) could delegate more tasks to team members, allowing them to develop their skills and take on new challenges."


Positive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) is good at presenting information in a way that's easy to understand. (He/She) knows how to use visuals and other tools to make (his/her) presentations interesting and engaging. We all enjoy listening to (Name) and learn a lot from (him/her)."
  2. "(Name) consistently impresses with (his/her) presentations. (He/She) knows how to explain things clearly and keep everyone's attention. (Name)'s presentations are always well-prepared and make it easy for a team to understand complex topics."

Constructive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) shows promise in presentation skills but could work on refining (his/her) delivery style. Sometimes (he/she) speaks too quickly or uses words that are hard to understand. Slowing down and simplifying the language could help (him/her) better connect with the audience and convey the message more effectively."
  2. "(Name) shows promise in presenting but could improve confidence and stage presence. Sometimes (he/she) seems nervous, which affects the presentation's impact. Practice and building confidence can help (him/her) deliver more impactful presentations."


Positive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) is great at problem-solving, finding innovative solutions to tough issues. (He/She) stays positive and comes up with new ideas. (His/Her) determination and resourcefulness help the team overcome challenges easily."
  2. "(Name) impresses with (his/her) problem-solving skills, breaking down problems into manageable parts. (He/She) thinks analytically and evaluates options carefully. (His/Her) proactive approach makes (him/her) a valuable team member."

Constructive performance review examples

  1. "(Name) is good at problem-solving but could make decisions quicker. Sometimes (he/she) hesitates, which delays finding solutions. Learning to trust (his/her) instincts more could help (him/her) decide faster."
  2. "(Name) has room to grow in problem-solving resilience. While (he/she) handles success well, setbacks can shake (his/her) confidence. Encouraging (him/her) to see failures as learning opportunities could help (him/her) bounce back stronger.


Both positive and constructive reviews are important for your sales team's success.  

Positive feedback boosts morale, while constructive feedback offers growth opportunities. 

So, save these performance review examples to make writing feedback for your sales team easier next time.

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