January 11, 2021

Your A-Z guide of Brand Messaging

What is your brand? When customers think of you, what do they see in their head. This is the question that marketers and business owners need to ask themselves when it comes to branding. The answer will determine how customers perceive your company and may affect the way they feel about purchasing from you.

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Tara McWhite

What is your brand? When customers think of you, what do they see in their head. This is the question that marketers and business owners need to ask themselves when it comes to branding. The answer will determine how customers perceive your company and may affect the way they feel about purchasing from you. 

First, let's go over the basics of what brand messaging is and why it matters. Brand messaging is all about creating an identity for your business that will make people either love or hate you. This doesn't mean that every single person needs to feel the same way - in fact it would be impossible if they did! But when people hear about your company, they should have one dominant emotion towards your brand.

Examples of brands with great brand message.

One of the best examples to highlight this is Nike. It started as a company that manufactured shoes for running, but it's now well known across the world and has diversified through sports like Brazilian soccer, golfing, tennis etc., which are not related at all with their original activity. This shows how important it is to stand out from your competitors by having strong brand values and a voice behind them. You can see more about why we think they have done such an amazing job here: https://startbusinessjourney.com/nike-success-story/

Another great example is Apple. You can definitely see how they have always been a different, if not a better company compared to their competitors until now. Steve Jobs was able to transform everything he touched into gold and create an amazing story around his company, which is now the most valuable brand in the world. If you're interested in how he did it then I would recommend this book: https://www.amazon.in/Steve-Jobs-Walter-Isaacson/dp/1451648537

How to create a great brand messaging.

In a world where customers can buy products from any company, it is important for brands to have a clear and concise message that resonates with their audience. Consumers are bombarded with too many choices and need to be able to identify which brand is right for them quickly. 

you can connect with your customers by using the following 4 steps: 

(1) create an authentic identity 

(2) speak in one voice 

(3) build engagement

(4) make sure every touchpoint reflects your brand's values.


What should your Brand Messaging be like?: Your brand message should reflect what kind of company you are (friendly vs serious) as well as how it reflects upon the type of clientele that would do business with you (for example, if their personal brand equates to being trendy in fashion & music, would yours be the same?). Brand messaging should always have a personality to it. You are creating an identity which will help customers remember your company and what they can expect from working with you!


Your tagline is the first thing that potential customers sees when they are looking at your website, it should naturally have a good impact. And since many search results use tags for indexing purposes, you should take some time to create a really good one.

Here are some helpful hints so that you can create the best tagline possible:

• Avoid using too many words in your tagline. The best taglines are simple and to the point, while still leaving an impact that will make people want to click on your site when they see it in search results.

-There is no need for any extraneous information in a tagline at all like "Best Site Ever!"

- If you want to give more information about your site, then you can always do that in the description.

• Keep it short and sweet. Short taglines will stick with people and make them remember your website when they think of certain topics. This makes it easier for them to come back when they have a need related to your site.

• Keep it clean and don't swear or use inappropriate language. There is no need to make a tagline crude or offensive in anyway because that will only turn away visitors from clicking through to read the description of your website. That is, unless your website is specifically designed for adult audiences with graphic content. 


How to write a great brand message

1). Make it relatable-  How can you connect with your customers? By being relatable. You have to know what they want and give them the best product or service that meets their needs. When it comes down to it, people buy from brands they trust. providing the same comfort can establish trust with potential clients in the beginning.

2). Create an identity- Your company's brand is how your customers identify with you. It is what they associate with your business. What kind of personality do you have? Is it friendly, serious, or playful? These are all questions that will help to create an identity for your company and establish connections between you and your customers. Make sure your brand message gracefully conveys your brand identity.

3). Include power words- Power words reflect the mood you want to create in the minds of your customers while reading your sales message. They activate people’s mind and trigger certain emotions such as enthusiasm, excitement and trust while promoting a business online. Use power words like Action, Guarantee, Passionate, Persistent, Immediately in you brand message to boost your credibility and open markets.

4). Convey brand values- A company or a product has a source of strength that takes on the form of a person with a specific set of values. Add your company’s underlying beliefs that guide and motivate behaviours, in your brand message. When you think about it, we all have brand values. It's just that some of them are more prominent than others.

5). Make sure you and your customer are on the same page- writing a convincing brand message according to people’s needs provides a higher chance of people buying into a brand that's on the same page as them. 

6). Keep it simple- start your brand message with a sentence that grabs attention. tell readers what the post is about in one short paragraph. Try to make your description interesting and engaging, but don't try too hard or you'll sound unnatural. The goal is to simply give people enough information to know if they want to read it or not!

7). Be creative- Remember that people want information fast so being quick witted helps them accomplish this without making them feel as though you're rushing through things to get to the next thing quickly. Include a list or bullet points if you have multiple ideas about how something can be done, but don't go over three sentences for each point. 

Finally, keep it succinct! Shorter brand message are more likely to be read than long ones. If people can scroll through an entire page talking about how great they are, then chances are good that very few will bother reading it all the way through! On top of this, shorter text means more search engine optimization opportunities which translates into higher traffic for your site when users start searching for keywords related to your company's products and services online. Keep in mind that the more concise your description, the better it can be.

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