August 12, 2020

The art of Sales Words

The process of building sales words is an art. It's not enough to be fluent in the language, you need to know what people want. You have to be able to tell them exactly what they are looking for before they even realize it themselves.

Written by

Harsh Gupta

You know how each brushstroke makes the picture look alive even more? The same thing with positive sales words or sales copy. With sales words, or sales copy, your letter can come to life and grab the attention of your prospect right away. There are specific positive sales words chosen for their ability to make people feel certain emotions which motivate them to buy whatever it is you are selling. These emotions could be things like excitement, happiness, comfort or trust. It has been scientifically proven that when exposed to these stimulations, people tend to respond positively toward the product being sold. 

For example: There was one study done about children's cereal boxes in which two groups were exposed to different types of marketing. One group saw a box that had cartoon characters on it and the other viewed boxes with just text. The study showed that children responded better towards the cereal when they were exposed to the cartoon images instead of just simple words which is why this is a common tactic used today.

The sales words we use in our sales conversations have a huge impact on the outcome of our conversations. But how to choose the right sales words? How can you find the magic key to open any door, turn off any alarm and impress anybody?

It's about language…


The positive sales words you use in a sales letter can be the difference between a sale and a rejection. Did you know that there are proven ways to increase your response rate? Sales professionals have known about these sure fire sales word combinations for years!

“positive sales words" can boost your credibility and open up new markets.


Before sending your sales message to your customers, make sure you are using the right sales words. Thus, you will be more likely to increase the response rate of your mailing.

  1. Be personal – don’t sound like a robot. Make sure you are showing some personality when writing an email or letter for promotional purposes. People want to know that they are dealing with a human being, who cares about his/her customers. If you are writing in an informal tone, try to avoid the use of the word “you” in your sales language. Instead, use words like “your company”, “our company” or “our team”.

  1. Be concise- It is advised not to write long sentences when developing sales copy for promotional purposes. Keep in mind that your goal is to make people want what you are offering them right away! So keep it short and sweet – give people only the most important information they need in order to understand why they should do business with you.

  1. Be clear- Give people what they are looking for right away – don’t waste their time by giving them too much information. Try to avoid cryptic or clever phrases and stick with words that everybody understands and uses every day.

  1. Be actionable- People want to know how they can buy your product, so make sure you are using “call-to-action” phrases which will motivate readers to take some kind of action immediately – whether it’s buying a certain product, sending an email or calling for more information.

  1. Use power words- Power words reflect the mood you want to create in the minds of your customers while reading your sales message. They activate people’s mind and trigger certain emotions such as enthusiasm, excitement and trust while promoting a business online.

Here are a few of my favorite sales words that I like to use when writing copy, speaking or even on my website:

  • Action  
  • Benefit    
  • Confidence 
  • Excited
  • Guarantee    
  • Honest   
  • Impact    
  • Passionate   
  • Persistent 
  • Proven                              
  • Results-Oriented  
  • Immediately  
  • revolutionize  

I hope these positive sales words will help you learn some new ways in which you can improve your sales letters and calls-to-action.

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