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Engage your leads without leaving pipedrive

The Cliently Chrome extension allows users to control lead engagement within pipedrive more efficiently. Keep your contacts and leads engaged by sending them personalized emails, video messages physical postcards, handwritten notes, and gifts directly from within pipedrive.
  • Works with pipedrive Contact and Deal
  • Syncs your pipedrive records to Cliently
  • Work from within Cliently or pipedrive

Automatically sync activities directly to pipedrive

No need to waste your time adding activities to your pipedrive deal or contact, we do it for you. Every time you engage with an account, contact or opportunity through the Cliently integration, we’ll capture that as an activity for you.
  • Every Cliently action is logged to Pipedrive
  • We do this for you automatically

Automated campaigns right inside pipedrive​

Add your Pipedrive contacts and leads directly to any of your Cliently campaign flows, or build a custom campaign directly from the Pipedrive integration.
  • Drop contacts into a multi-action campaign
  • Set wait times between actions
  • Add tasks and call reminders
  • See who's opened and engaged with your actions
  • Each action will sync to your activities automatically
  • Build multiple campaign flows for different personas and customer lifecycles
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