April 25, 2021

Your Guide to Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the best ways to get more leads for your business. Lead generation can be done in many different ways, but there are some things that you need to know before you start generating leads. Lead generation requires a lot of strategy and planning if it's going to work properly. This blog post will discuss the importance of lead generation, how it works, and what strategies have been proven effective so far.


One of the most important parts of any business is bringing in new customers. Lead generation strategies are a great way to do that without spending too much money on advertising and marketing campaigns. 

When you are trying to get new business, it can feel like there is no end to the list of tasks that need your attention. Lead generation is one of those tasks, but if done right, it can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Lead generation requires creativity and patience, but when executed correctly will lead to long-term success for your company.

Let's discuss ways you can use lead generation to generate more leads for your company.

What Is Lead Generation And What To Keep In mind Before Getting Started

Lead generation is the essential part of B2B marketing. The main idea behind it is to find interested leads, which would eventually turn into your clients, who will buy your products or services. So there's no need to explain why it's one of the most important parts in any business.

Lead generation can be very difficult if you don't know where to start. It includes lots of different techniques and strategies, tactics and tricks that can make this process much easier for you. Moreover many companies tend not to use the right techniques when working with lead generation and they have a lot of problems because of it. 

Here’s what you need to know before getting started

I believe that there is a surefire tactic for lead generation, and that's to focus more on your target market. You see, although everyone is screaming the word "SEO," there are still a good number of people who believe that SEO tactics can no longer get you results today.

Well, rest assured: they're wrong. Because when executed with precision,  SEO  tactics can work wonders in driving targeted traffic to your website and multiplying your chances of generating leads by tenfold or even hundredfold.

  • Before anything else you have to understand what it is you are selling. This is an absolute must if you want to generate leads with lead generation. It's not important for you to know all the details about your product but at least the most basic things about it so people can stay interested in it. There's no point in wasting time finding new customers who just won't be interested in your products at all because they don't even know what they're buying exactly!
  • The second important fact concerning lead generation has to do with knowing where it is that you should begin. To put it simply, there are some types of activities that will surely bring much better results than others and you shouldn't hesitate on opting for them instead of following a random path and hoping everything will work out. First of all you should diversify your activities so the new leads coming to you will have different interests and will definitely be interested in many things at once.
  • Lastly, it's essential for any company to build trust with its potential customers, because without it they will leave you right away no matter how good your products or services actually are.

Of course, building trust with people takes time but this is the only way how to do it. You can't expect a new client to trust you just because you've been lucky enough to find him and to get his attention in the first place! Regularly communicating with your potential customers is another thing that will help them gain trust in you and create strong relationships, while if they don't have any information about your business or company there's nothing to talk about.

Some Of The Best Lead Generation Strategies To Increase Your Sales

What are the best lead generation strategies?
What works and what doesn't work in today's online marketing world?

This is a question that we, as marketers, find ourselves asking every day. What worked last week might not be working this week: one tactic that was once amazing might now be terrible, and vice versa.

Lead generation is what it's going to take for your business to grow. In fact, without lead generation you're not going to have a very successful business at all. If you want to be doing well financially over the next few years then you need to learn how to generate leads as soon as possible.

Here are some of the best lead generation strategies that can be used by anyone who wants a strong marketing campaign.

#1 – Repurpose Your Current Content

If you've already got quality content on your website or blog, then make sure that it gets out there in front of even more people. You don't always have time for content creation, but if you find yourself with some free time then take some of your old posts and turn them into an infographic, Slideshare presentation or YouTube video.

Once you've done that you can then share the new piece of content on social media, forums and other websites that are relevant to your business. If you already have a piece of written content on your site then people will be interested in seeing something like an infographic version – as it's going to tell them even more about what your business does.

#2 – Link Out To Other Relevant Sites

If there are other businesses online that offer similar services to yours then make sure that you link out to their site from time to time. This is a good way for both sites to get exposure and it'll help with lead generation too.

Make sure that you're linking to sites that are closely related to what your business offers, so if you're a plumber then link out to other plumbing services and suppliers. This is also something that search engines will see as valuable content so it's good for the long-term ranking of your website too.

#3 – Actively Look For Places To Get Links From

You don't always have to be linking out to other websites in order to get new leads though. Some businesses choose to rely on Google Adwords or Facebook ads, but these aren't great options unless you already know how they work. Instead, look for places where people are willing to post guest posts; there are lots of blogs online that would happily publish an article written by you.

The great thing about this is that it's another way to get links back to your site, which is what search engines like Google like to see. There are lots of other benefits too; if your article gets published on a popular website then you might enjoy increased traffic and more social shares.

#4 – Run PPC Campaigns To Different Locations

One of the best ways for local businesses to generate leads quickly is by running Pay-Per-Click campaigns in various locations. This means setting up campaigns that target keywords related to your business in different regions. For example, if you're an electrician then focus campaigns on cities or towns near where you live. You can also choose suburbs or even individual postcodes, though this isn't always as good.

If you wanted to run a campaign in London, for example, then you might want to target North London , Camden , Hampstead and so on. Each location will have its own cost per click and once your ads start getting some clicks then you can analyze the results and see which local areas are best for your business.

#5 – Run A Paid Advertising Campaign On Facebook

As some of you may know, Facebook has more than 1 billion active users every month throughout the world so it's one of the most popular sites online at the moment. If you don't already have a page on Facebook then go and create one now because it'll be great for lead generation too.

You can even run Facebook Ads on the site and if you target them correctly then they can be a great way to get new leads. Try running some ads that link back to your Facebook page, as well as ones that go directly to your website or blog. You can also try using Twitter and Google+ for advertising purposes too.

#6 – Keep An Eye On Competitors

It's always worth keeping on top of trending topics and seeing what competitors are doing at all times. There might be an industry event coming up where you could make some additional contacts, or there might be some new competition in the marketplace that you need to take seriously. Either way it's important that you keep abreast of any changes in the market so that you're ready with fresh ideas to generate new leads.

Make sure that you take notes on your competitors so that you can compare them against your own tactics and see where they might be getting the upper hand. There may be something worth borrowing from them, or there might be some ideas that you can improve upon in order to get ahead of the game. Don't just look at websites either; social media profiles are also important for lead generation purposes, so keep an eye on these too whenever possible!

#7 – Sell To Existing Customers

Finally, it's always a good idea to spend time selling to existing customers if possible. It'll help with lead generation in the short-term by generating more business from people who have already shown an interest in what your business has to offer. While this might not be ideal in the long-term, you should find that it helps improve your bottom line in the short-term which can lead to more leads down the line.

How To Build an Effective Lead Generation Program

Lead generation is essential to the success of your sales team, but what's even more important is developing a lead generation program that generates high-quality sales leads.

Here are four steps you can take today to develop an effective lead generation program:

1. Involve sales management

There are lots of moving parts in any successful lead generation campaign—the marketing department needs to create or acquire attractive content; calling scripts need to be written for telemarketers; and the sales department needs to respond quickly.

Involve everyone who will play a role in your lead generation effort so they can help determine which tactics will work best for their own roles.  For instance, marketing could create a blog post offering tips on how customers can improve their cybersecurity posture. Telemarketers could then pitch the content to people who are at risk of online security breaches.

2. Track leads throughout the funnel

After you've developed your lead program, it's important to consistently track where your leads came from and how they move through the pipeline. Use a lead management system like Zoho SalesIQ  or HubSpot to measure which sources for acquiring leads are most effective, make sure telemarketers don't waste time pitching bad leads, and identify which reps need help closing more deals.

3. Offer tailored value propositions

You know what value your products provide; now determine how that message can be tailored for different audiences within your target demographics . For instance, if you're selling cloud storage marketed toward small businesses, some of those customers may focus on the low monthly cost and others may want to know how you can help protect their data.

You can make your value proposition even more effective by identifying keywords and phrases that customers are using when they search for solutions like yours . Then use those phrases throughout all touchpoints of your lead generation efforts. For instance, if a keyword phrase is "help my business stop losing money" then your telemarketers could emphasize how your products can save companies money with features like real-time analytics or detailed reports.

4. Don't give up after one try

Not every lead from every tactic will result in a sale—that's just part of doing business. If a telemarketing call doesn't go well, ask for feedback from the person on the other end of the line to improve future efforts. You might even consider requesting a small donation from those prospects to your favorite charity as a token of appreciation for their time.

Keep working at your lead generation program and you'll see results. In fact, if done correctly, leads could turn into customers within just a few months . If one tactic is consistently underperforming compared with others, explore new ways to generate leads so you can identify what works best for your business.

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