June 23, 2022

Why Video Marketers and Podcasters Need a Transcription Software to Increase Their Reach


Since the beginning of Youtube, video content started to rapidly gain more popularity on the internet. But, in the past few years, this trend started to reach new heights. Many businesses started to employ marketers to increase the popularity of their brand through video content.

In the field of video content, the category of podcasts has also started to gain more and more popularity over the years. Podcasts such as “The Joe Rogan Podcast” and “This American Life” reached new audiences and popularized this medium. 

But as bloggers, content creators, and YouTubers started to create their podcasts, the competition became stronger. The chances of creating a successful podcast and reaching wide audiences are much lower than they were a few years ago.

However, by utilizing tools such as transcription software you can increase the likelihood of people discovering your podcast. There are many ways through which transcriptions can help you reach more people. 

What’s the purpose of transcribing your video to text?

Transcribing your video to text will benefit your video in various ways. No matter the type of your video you will be able to use the transcriptions to market your video better. To name a few benefits, you will be able to improve your SEO and site traffic, which are straightforward ways to increase the popularity of your content and build your brand.

By having a transcription of your video or a podcast, you will also be able to transform your video content into other types of content such as blogs and social media posts. You can also learn how to transcribe a youtube video into text so that you create captions or descriptions for your already uploaded videos. 

Improve SEO & site traffic  

It’s important to say that search engines can’t crawl audio content. The majority of videos can only be found by their title and occasionally by their simple video description. Text transcriptions will allow search engines to understand the context of your videos or podcasts better.

Publishing transcriptions alongside your videos can increase your inbound traffic by 4.36% which is a significant improvement. No matter whether you are publishing your transcription on your website or blog, or partially in the description of the YouTube video, you are helping search engines create a more precise picture of your content. 

Another way through which transcription helps with SEO is closed captions. Search engines can see the closed captions of the video and also use them to improve the placement of your video on them. Closed captions are also a great way to help non-native English viewers to understand the video better. 

Transcriptions don’t have much use by themselves, you will need to invest some time to do the formatting. Transcription in the form of long blog posts also won’t be as entertaining, but you can use it to draw attention to certain parts of the video. Bits of the video singled out from the whole transcriptions are a great way for your viewers to share your videos more easily.  

Create more content on the topic of the video 

Converting your video into a text form will allow you to transform your video into multiple types of content; if needed, you can use online text to speech generator to turn the text back into an audio form. In short, you can use the same content that you used for your video or a podcast to get more traffic to your website and expand the scope of your outlet.

Just like some people like books more than movies and vice versa, some people enjoy ebooks and blog posts more than podcasts and videos. So by transforming your video into a different medium, you are allowing people with different preferences to enjoy your content.

Transcriptions can be transformed into blog posts, eBooks, PDF documents, social media posts, or infographics. Video transcriptions will allow you to expand to different types of platforms, but the most common way of reaching an audience besides search engines is through social media. By publishing a social media post with each of your videos, you are also reminding your followers to watch your content. 

You can also create quotes out of the discussions from your podcast, or a certain part of your video that you can post on Instagram.

Using only transcription, you can create videos out of your podcast episodes. Since audio-only episodes often don’t provide the users with the same level of engagement as videos with creative editing, you can create moving videos and edits using the captions from your podcasts. 

Increases accessibility

Unfortunately, there are around 30 million people in America ages 12 and over that have trouble hearing. These people have a disadvantage and we must do our best to give them acces to the same content as people without such disabilities.

You will improve the satisfaction of people that have trouble hearing, people with attention disorders, non-native speakers, and many other groups of people by implementing closed captions and having transcriptions for your videos. You are increasing the number of people that can enjoy your content.

It’s important to mention that in certain countries there are anti-discriminatory laws that force you to create content that is accessible to those with a disability. Companies can be sued for not providing their users with hearing impairment closed captions.  

Getting quoted 

Many discussions and topics that people listened to on Youtube aren’t taken seriously when people paraphrase them. However, by having an access to the transcription people will be able to explain the ideas that they heard by directly citing the video that they listening to. 

Also, many people consider quoting the easiest way to share information that they heard. Your viewers can also cite you as your source or use the quote to easily search for the video that they are looking for. 

If you happen to produce comedic content, your viewers will be able to give you, or the comedian that told the joke, the credit that they deserve. But also, in case your podcast is an informative type of podcast, the information provided can receive more credibility by allowing the viewers to directly cite the creditable person that told delivered the information. 

Boost Engagement & Experience 

If the video content or podcast that was being posted on your website is only a part of your whole brand or a marketing plan, by posting transcriptions, you will be able to drag more traffic to your website.

It’s important to notice that people eager to learn more will be able to skim through the transcription and recall the parts that were interesting to them, rather than having to rewatch the complete podcast or video again. 

By providing your audience with a transcript you are saving them time in a way, your viewers don’t need to waste time on an episode that they aren’t interested in. They can just skim through the transcription and read and bookmark the parts that intrigue them. 

Software transcription versus manual transcription 

Manual transcription can take up to a few hours depending on the type of content and the topic. Hiring a person that will do transcriptions will take you up to 10 times more money than it would take a paid transcription software to do the work.

There are certain downsides to using software transcription, it might make a lot of mistakes or write down sentences that completely don’t make sense. However, no matter what the case, the work that would be needed to edit or rewrite the transcription is significantly smaller than doing the whole transcription manually.

By paying a proofreader or polishing the transcript manually, you are spending much less money than you would by spending on a specialist that would manually do the transcript. 

Both of these types of transcription are prone to mistakes. Manual transcription experts can make grammatical mistakes that happen often, they can get deconcentrated after spending hours listening and writing content. While software can misunderstand words and write down sentences that don’t make sense. 


Some people prefer to read instead of listening to the audio, while others enjoy consuming content while they are doing other things, such as cleaning or commuting. In any case, you shouldn’t limit your output to one type of content.

Transcription your video files will provide you with many benefits, however, you shouldn’t rely on doing the transcriptions manually. No matter if you recently decided to implement this technique or if you want to transcript your old videos, the whole process can be done much faster by using transcription software. 

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