October 8, 2021

What is CRO Marketing

CRO Marketing is a marketing method that focuses on creating a brand that is associated with your product. It makes the customer feel as if they have purchased a part of your brand or company. It's all about making it easier for customers to remember, understand and love your brand.

One of the most underappreciated and underutilised marketing methods is conversion rate optimization aka CRO marketing. Increasing internet traffic through social media, SEO, and even paid search is a terrific place to start, but it is no assurance that visitors will take the most important action — converting to consumers. We focus on CRO to achieve this.

How do you define CRO? 

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization which simply means increasing the percentage of website visitors who take planned actions on your site (click throughs, leads, sales etc). It helps you understand what drives conversions on your website and then uses design to encourage them. You can use various tools available online or hire professionals to help you complete the concerned projects successfully. CRO marketing helps ensure high ROI from every dollar spent on your website. It is a process in which we use design and data to increase the number of times that people take action on your site or app.

What Are Conversions? 

Conversions are actions you want visitors to take when they visit your site such as: signing up for an email newsletter, downloading an ebook, adding something to their online cart, making a purchase and so on. Each time someone takes one of these actions, it counts as a conversion for you; it is akin to getting a sale or filling an order at your physical store. The more conversions you are recording, the more traffic (and potential customers) you are turning into real leads and sales. CRO is all about these 3 things: AOV, CVR and ARO.

  • “AOV” - how much you're earning per customer (also called average order value).
  • “CVR” - the percentage of visitors who buy something after visiting your site or app.
  • “ARO” - the number of times people visit your site before buying anything.

Why Conversion Rates Matter? 

Well, let's put it this way. If you can improve your conversion rates even by a small amount, you could see big changes in the number of leads and sales that happen on your website or mobile app. Cro marketing is one process which helps to increase the number of conversions on your store/website via different techniques like branding, usability etc therefore helping to increase traffic, revenue & profit. 

This method is important for business growth because more conversions mean that you get more traffic, increase revenue and profit. Thereby helping you win the confidence of your customers via various design techniques like usability and efficient UI/UX. Cro helps in improving your sales and hence it’s an essential element which works on data and last but not least, builds trust between you and your customer base so they keep coming back to you over time.

The Modern Customer Journey & Its Increment By The CRO Marketing Strategy

In the past, people found your website from a variety of  'channels' - ads on Google or Facebook, links that you shared on LinkedIn or Twitter - and then they’d land directly on a product page. Nowadays though, the customer journey is far more complicated. People are busy (aren't we all?) and don't have time to buy things online like they used to. They research products right up until the moment that they're ready to make their purchase; be it months beforehand or mere minutes before actually hitting "buy". Cro helps businesses thrive in this new reality. 

It must be known that it is not only about getting lots of traffic but also convincing those visitors to complete action( buy/complete profile/signup) which helps business to grow. CRO helps you to engage and retain your customers by helping increase loyalty and revenue. It also helps businesses to use various techniques such as collection of customer data, profiling, targeting & retargeting etc which help businesses to communicate with their audience in a better way. This is an umbrella term for both the design side (UI/UX) and the analytical side (using tools like google analytics to collect, store and analyze raw website data).

To Do CRO Marketing You Need To Understand The Customer's Strategy

If you want to achieve success with CRO marketing, you need to think about things from your target audience’s perspective. This helps in coming up with ways of improving satisfaction levels prior they take the action you want them to take. Thus helping business owners by identifying what problems are causing friction for your customers and how to solve them.

This way you have to work on collecting customer data, profiling, predicting preferences etc which help businesses track their audience's behavior. CRO marketing helps you explore how people are using your site or app so that you can adjust it around their needs rather than yours.

Optimization of User Interface on the Existing Website

Optimizing CRO is much easier if you have got the luxury of being able to work with historical web analytics data about how your visitors have been engaging with your site in the past. After all, if people were already buying from your store before they arrived at it, there is a good chance that they will be buying again in the future. CRO marketing helps you to understand your customer's needs and help you work with existing traffic rather than trying to bring new ones via ads or social media.

Wrapping up

We have learned now that CRO marketing helps businesses reach out to their potential customers by tracking, analyzing & targeting those visitors who are more likely to buy from them. This no doubt is an important tool which helps you track relevant visitors who come from various sources like search, social media etc and convert them into actual sales/leads for your business.

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