April 4, 2023

Case Study: How Three Movers Used Cliently To Increase Their Sales Leads

Today we’re going to take a look at Three Movers, a company that would be able to utilize Cliently and how it can bring them more leads with automation, personalization, and real-time insights.


Today we’re going to take a look at Three Movers, a company that would be able to utilize Cliently and how it can bring them more leads with automation, personalization, and real-time insights.

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How Using Cliently Can Increase Sales Leads


Cliently has many potential channels that can be utilized to help bring in customers. Suppose you’re Three Movers and you want to bring more attention to your moving company. You’d likely want to utilize as many channels as possible, likely ones that are with your relevant target audience.

People in their 20s are more often to move than older or younger people. This means that to target this audience, video-form content can be utilized. What’s great about Clienty’s Channels is that it lets you hone in on personalization, and makes for conversions that occur at a higher rate.

Even a postcard can be used to send out mail to your already existing customers. While people likely don’t move often, even sending a personalized thank you letter may convert them at a later time in the future.

Cliently’s Channels also is great for helping to create a schedule to keep everything on task, with reminders for any phone calls or meeting tasks that you may have. It even can help follow up on LinkedIn or any other type of channel.


On-boarding new potential clients can be a burdensome task, especially in the moving industry where many regulations need to be accounted for. Thankfully, Cliently allows you to create custom engagement flows through a specified sequence so you no longer need to hire an on-boarded and can rely solely on Cliently’s platform.

Also, it integrates with thousands of contacts and can utilize Salesforce, Zapier, or Pipedrive with the help of CRM integrations. With such an easy way to connect Cliently to your already existing business, a company like Three Movers surely is going to have an easier time handling new clients.

With more time available for the staff at Three Movers, it’s now possible to spend time on growing the business rather than working in the business. You can even edit these sequences after they’re live, so you can fine-tune the process without any problem.

Performance metrics also will let you see what works best, so you can continue reducing time spent on tasks that are keeping staff busy. It also can keep track of “moving companies rates" and offer what is being given at a certain moment in time.

Real-Time View

Cliently also has 24/7 updates, allowing Three Movers or any other company to monitor what is going on at all times. Once any lead has opened a message, you’ll be notified so you can plan any follow-up that should occur after.

“Recipes”, or custom filters, also help filter these leads so you know exactly what to prioritize at the right time, further increasing your conversations. You can also filter down from last engaged date, video watches, email replies, or total engagement to fine-tune your process.

Cliently also comes with a few pre-set “recipes”  that help you and your team to increase their sales leads. With all of these available tools dispensable for anyone to use on Cliently, any business should be able to increase their sales leads without any problem.

Qualified Prospect Guarantee

Cliently also offers 10-12 guaranteed prospects per month, which is going to lead to potential sales calls, and hopefully long-term engagement between clients. You can also ask for custom pricing should you need fewer or more qualified prospects per month.

One Easy Inbox

Cliently also keeps everything in the same place, so Three Movers does not need to check 100 different inboxes, everything can be checked directly through Cliently to make life easier. It’s a great way to increase your sales by just making everything simpler for your sales team.


The diverse channels offered by Cliently provide an array of options to connect with the target audience, emphasizing personalization for higher conversion rates. Whether through video content, postcards, or personalized letters, the flexibility of Cliently's channels caters to the varied preferences of potential customers.

The automation capabilities of Cliently emerge as a game-changer, particularly in industries like moving where onboarding new clients can be complex due to numerous regulations. The ability to create custom engagement flows, integrate with existing CRM systems, and fine-tune sequences in real-time empowers businesses like Three Movers to efficiently handle new clients. This, in turn, frees up valuable time for staff to focus on strategic business growth rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

Cliently's Qualified Prospect Guarantee, offering a specified number of guaranteed prospects per month, further enhances the potential for sales calls and long-term client engagement. This, coupled with the convenience of having everything in one inbox, streamlines the sales process for companies like Three Movers, simplifying their operations and increasing overall sales effectiveness.

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