July 31, 2021

The To And Fro Between Call And Email: A Dilemma, A Solution!

It's a dilemma! A choice between two channels of communication, one more time-consuming than the other. The call is less efficient but it has a greater impact on your prospect. The email is quicker and easier to send but its attention span doesn’t last long enough for you to get through all that you need to say. What do you choose? Read this blog post to know which one outshines the other?

"I've been given a task that I think should be easy, but the person who asked me to do it has not explained it very well. Should I drop an email or ring them up to discuss things?"

Do you also find yourself in this situation all too often to choose between Call and Email? If yes, then It sucks!  The worst part is often you are not able to ask your superior or co-worker for clarification because that would require admitting they did not explain themselves enough in the first place. It is this type of work scenario which makes doing things like paying bills and cleaning out your inbox so satisfying.

But what about when the aforementioned tasks aren't boring, but rather need to be completed quickly?  What if there are real consequences involved if something goes wrong?  This is precisely when you must talk to your superior in person. Let's see how to do it!

5 Reasons Why A Phone Call Is Better Than An Email

While there could have been n-number of reasons why calling your concerned person is a better option. We have chosen 5 most common & significant reasons which often occur in our workplace. How many do you relate to? Read below and find out! 

1. When You Want To Get Things Resolved Quickly

Emails take a lot of time to write.  Let us say you are in the middle of an important project and your superior emails you, asking for something to be done by the end of the day.  This means that instead of working on your project until quitting time, you will have to stop what you are doing at least three times throughout the day - once for reading their email, once for writing up your response, and once more for sending off your reply. 

"The faster something gets done, the better it is." It is an undeniable truth. The phone allows for mutual understanding much faster than email does because you are both speaking and listening at the same time. The information is more raw and organic, which means that both parties can remember and relate the specifics of an idea or task much easier. You will not be able to waste time wondering if you are on the same page because you will hear them say it! 

2. When You Do Not Have The Clarity To Send An Email

"If I were able to fully explain this one verbally, I wouldn't have had to write it down in the first place."  
When you are super excited about something and your words just can't seem to convey your excitement as well as you would like, this is a sign that an email would not effectively communicate what you need to say.  If this sounds like an accurate description of how you feel 80% of the time, we recommend speaking to someone instead so they do not think you sound irritated all the time and start making decisions about your future without getting to know the real you. 

If your superior prefers email, then resort to it for tasks that are simple enough to fit neatly into a few lines of text. But if you need precision to avoid making costly mistakes, rely on a phone call. This will ensure things are done right the first time around without having to constantly go over old ground hunting for small details.

3. When You Want To Build Camaraderie

"I'm having such a good time talking with Susan that I completely forgot I was upset before we started talking."  

Friendships are built through communication, but not everyone can make friends with the people who email them daily, aka co-workers.  

This is because email does not have the same tone that phone conversations have, which allows for more playful banter and even better friendships. Having something in common with someone makes getting to know them much easier than trying to build a friendship if you never see each other face-to-face. 

4. When You Expect There Will Be Questions

"I love it when my manager asks me questions over the phone so I can answer them immediately." 

Have you ever written an email only to realize there was one piece of information you forgot to include?  It's frustrating!  Well, it is worse when you are speaking on the phone and you realize you forgot to include a key piece of information. This is why when you expect there will be questions it is best to have a phone conversation so the other person can ask in real-time without digging through your email in search of a simple answer.

5. When It's Personal Or Sensitive!

"I have been talking about this issue with my friends for months, but I am not sure they are going to understand me as my sister does."  

In most cases, email is not an appropriate way to discuss anything important or sensitive because it lacks the urgency that arises from speaking with someone directly.  Talking face-to-face leaves little room for things like assumptions and misunderstandings because body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions are all present; it is much harder to misinterpret someone's tone through email.

Wrapping Up

Finally, now that you understand why phone conversations are better than emails almost every time, try it for yourself and see if you agree! If not, write in the comments below and tell us what works better for you. We hope you found this article helpful! Also, call or email us anytime!

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