October 12, 2021

The need of the hour : Citizen Data Scientists

Citizen data scientists are the individuals and organizations that want to understand how they can use artificial intelligence to help others. They’re not just looking for a quick win – they’re interested in the long-term potential of AI and what it can do for their own organization.

Businesses are looking for someone who can produce insights from data as the amount of data grows. These insights are frequently made by the business owner or leadership team. Citizen Data Scientists (CDS) give people a way to do so without having to go through extensive training.

This employment function enables organisations to work more closely with their data, allowing them to make better decisions in the future. It also assists the organisation in recognising the importance of having access to and working with data, as well as how it affects various elements of the business. 

It also benefits enterprises since they will be able to make better sense of data when it comes time to recruit a Citizen Data Scientist or a full-time post if they use Citizen Data Scientists. In this blog we will learn further in details about the CDS. 

What is a Citizen Data Scientist and its role in today's business? 

As data continues to increase, businesses are looking for people who can create insights from the data. Often it falls on the business owner or leadership team to come up with these observations. Citizen Data Scientists (CDS) provide an avenue for them to do so without having extensive training in analytics, building models, etc. Citizen Data Scientists might be able to make sense of shopping patterns at their stores by using tools like SAS Enterprise Miner, Hadoop and Tableau Public. 

Why Are Businesses Turning To Citizen Data Scientists?

The three main reasons why businesses hire Citizen Data Scientists are:

1. Citizen Data Scientists save money: Citizen Data Scientists typically do not require a salary and they can function as part-time employees. Such positions are also much easier to fill than other positions, such as data analysts or statisticians. They provide businesses cost/benefit analysis in an area that is becoming increasingly sought after. 

2. Citizen Data Scientists help build capacity: This job role helps you allow businesses to work with their data more, which ultimately helps them make better decisions in the future. It also helps the organization see the value of having access and working with data and how it impacts different aspects of the company. 

It  also benefits organizations when they utilize Citizen Data Scientists because they will be able to make more sense of data when it is time for them to hire a Citizen Data Scientist or a full-time position.

3. Citizen Data Scientists look good for recruiting purposes: Citizen Data Scientist positions attract people in the field who might otherwise not be available. They allow businesses to expand their hiring pool and find candidates who are already comfortable with analytics. 

They also have the responsibility to promote an environment where anyone can work with company information and not just those in traditionally analytical positions.

Why Are Citizen Data Scientists Important?

Citizen Data Scientists fill a gap that would exist between business leaders having no access to analysis tools. They also help them with the issue of being forced to use traditional methods, such as spreadsheets, which have been used for years. They are also responsible to provide the necessary analysis to turn data into actionable insights. 

Citizen Data Scientists may have some skills which can temporarily come in handy when you cannot fetch a data scientist or statistician. This is a new way for business leaders to engage their employees and customers in strategic decision-making.

Is it Time For You To Become A Citizen Data Scientist?

If you enjoy working with numbers and analyzing data, consider becoming a Citizen Data Scientist. They specialize in working with information that is easy to understand and share without having a background in statistics or analytics. They do not require extensive training -- they oftentimes can learn from experience and from one another over social media. 

More companies are adopting Citizen Data Scientists to provide insights on their data and often have the ability to contribute quickly, and add value without getting bogged down in bureaucracy or red-tape. With their help you can add a new level of understanding, even for those who do not possess advanced degrees in data science.

How Do You Become a Citizen Data Scientist?

Citizen Data Scientists often come from non-traditional backgrounds that utilize analytical skills and don't need advanced degrees. Those who decide they want to pursue this field can typically do so without spending years in school. It is a growing specialization within the analytics space.

In order to become a success as a Citizen Data Scientist it's best for those interested to learn about data science. Keep in mind that you need to possess the ability to communicate effectively. This may include working in groups, might lead teams, and participate on teams or act as subject matter experts.

What Skills Do You Need?

  1. Citizen Data Scientists share many skills with other analysts. They should be able to think critically and creatively. 
  2. Citizen Data Scientists should be able to identify and understand patterns. 
  3. They should be inquisitive and have an interest in using technology and typically work as part of a team which is different from traditional computer science. 

Do You Need A College Degree?

Many Citizen Data Scientists come from non-traditional backgrounds without the benefit of formal training. Some employers look for Citizen Data Scientists who have master's degrees in computer science, applied mathematics, machine learning or statistics. They typically have a bachelor's degree, but advanced degrees are not always required. Citizen data science is a good career choice for those who possess strong skills in programming and statistics. 

Career Options For Citizen Data Scientists!

Citizen Data Scientists can find jobs across industries. They also have many job prospects in government, financial services and even entertainment. A lot of start-ups look for people with these expertise to work for them, opportunity can also be found with the Fortune 500 companies and other businesses. 

These job roles are growing rapidly and many exciting job opportunities are emerging throughout the country for those who choose this field. Most of the time the positions are part-time gigs requiring 20 hours per week of work, but many hold full-time jobs. 

The job requires them to work with the company's information system to make sense of its operations. Organizations use them because they can build models faster than statisticians or data scientists. It is a profession that can be well off without extensive training. If you are comfortable with data and statistics, you can learn Citizen Data Science. 

They also have to analyze information from different sources, such as social media sites, Internet clickstreams and company records. They often use tools including database management software, statistical packages and Excel.

What Can Employers Expect?

Citizen Data Scientists should be comfortable learning new technologies. They need to communicate effectively with others. Sometimes they might have to spend many hours looking at data and poring over reports, often working on teams, making it important to collaborate well. The positions typically start out as entry-level roles Citizen Data Scientist does not require years of experience. 

Wrapping Up

Thus, to conclude we now know about the various prospects that will help Citizen Data Scientists to grow. In this article we have also learned about skills required for the job role and its paygrade. Please read about every aspect regarding this position before opting it as your career choice.

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