December 14, 2021

What Is a Sales Floor? How to Make It More Inviting for Customers?

The sales area is typically divided into sections with different types of products. This article will show you how to make your selling area more inviting for customers by implementing some simple design changes!


What Is a Sales Floor?

A sales floor is the area where salespeople work to sell products. It can be a department store, clothing boutique, or an online store. The area is typically divided into sections with different types of products.

This space allows salespeople to easily navigate products for customers. Also, it is the only facet of a store that customers interact with, so it is important to design it in a way that customers enjoy.


When it comes to designing your sales and selling floor, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the layout is easy for customers to navigate
  • Display products in an appealing way
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere
  • When designing your sales floor, it's important to make sure the layout is easy for customers to navigate.
  • Use signage to direct customers and provide information about products
  • Have plenty of seating available for customers who want to shop leisurely
  • Display products in an appealing way.
  • Use color and lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Make sure the sales area is clean

Making Your sales area More Inviting

There are several ways you can make your sales area more inviting customers:

  • Use bright colors to create a vibrant atmosphere
  • Display products in an organized way
  • Use signage
  • Use mannequins to showcase clothing items
  • Place mirrors near the fitting rooms so customers can see how they look in the clothes
  • Play music that creates a positive mood

Now let's look at these tips one-by-one in detail:

  1. Using Bright colors to create a vibrant sphere - In order to create a vibrant sales area, you should use colors other than white. This is because the color white can make products look dull and less appealing. Colors such as red, yellow, orange, green ,etc., are great options for sales areas because they attract customers' attention and help them find their way around easily!
  1. Using an organized display - When displaying items in your sales area it's important to keep things in order so that customers won't get confused when looking at different sections of the store. Placing similar types of products together will also draw more attention from shoppers which gives you a higher chance to turn them into paying customers. For instance, in clothing stores, you might want to group pants with pants. And if you're featuring specialty items like leather pants for men, it's wise to highlight them in a distinct section or alongside complementary products, ensuring they stand out. Similarly, pairing skirts with skirts can create a cohesive shopping experience.
  2. Using signage - Signage is an important aspect of sales area design because it can provide a lot of information to customers about the products they are looking at. It's also a great way to direct customers towards specific sections or products. For example, if you have a sale going on, you could put up a sign that says "Sale" and list the items that are discounted.
  3. Using Mannequins - Mannequins can be a great tool for sales areas because they allow shoppers to see how different clothing items look on them. If you don't have mannequins, try using mirrors near the fitting rooms so customers will know what they're going to look like in certain clothes before purchasing them!
  4. Placing mirrors in fitting rooms - When customers are trying on clothes they often want to see how they look in them. Mirrors placed near the fitting rooms give people the opportunity to do just that! This makes them more likely to buy the clothes they're trying on.
  5. Playing music - Music has been shown to affect moods in positive ways, so music is another way that sales area design can influence customer behavior and make your sales area more inviting. Most people enjoy listening to music while shopping which makes it easier for salespeople to engage with customers and turn their attention towards specific products or deals. Make sure not set up any speakers right by the door though as this may discourage some customers from entering due to the noise level!

Easy ways to ensure that your sales area is designed to sell products and draw in customers

  • Using bright colors to create a vibrant atmosphere - In order to create a sales area that is inviting to customers, you should use colors other than white. Colors such as red, yellow, orange, green etc., are great options because they attract customer's attention and help them find their way around the store more easily!
  • Making your sales area more inviting - There are several ways you can make your sales area more inviting for customers: using signage; placing mannequins or mirrors in fitting rooms so customers can see how clothes look on them before purchasing; playing music which creates positive moods, etc.

Who takes care of a Sales Area

Stores typically employ sales area Associates to take care of the sales area. They are responsible for tasks such as cleaning, organizing, and displaying products in an appealing way to customers. sales area Associates may also be responsible for answering customer questions, providing assistance in the fitting room, and ringing up sales.

The role of a sales area Associate is important because they are the ones who directly interact with customers and help them find what they're looking for in the sales area. It's important to have employees who are friendly and knowledgeable about the products so that customers feel comfortable making purchases from your store.

The person who is in charge of all these associates is known as a sales area leader. The leader is responsible for creating and implementing sales area plans, training employees, and ensuring that the sales area is running smoothly. They work with store managers to make sure that the sales area meets customer needs and helps to increase sales.

Look at the sales area through the eyes of a customer

When you walk into a store, the sales area is one of the first things you see. It's important that this area be designed in a way that makes customers feel comfortable and encourages them to explore and shop.

So how do you view the sales area from the eyes of a normal person who has come to shop. Well, though beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, there are some standard tips you should follow to make your life on the field much easier, such as:

  1. Take feedback from employees - There are things that most people will agree on, but there is also a lot of variation in what works for each individual customer or employee because everyone has different tastes! So be sure to take feedback from employees and customers when putting together any plans for your sales areas.
  2. Take feedback from your customers - Just ask them. Most will be happy to help. Inquire whether they would like milk to be placed in the back of the store or on an aisle for easier access, or if they want the meds section to be closer to the front of the store.
  3. Provide a welcoming environment - The sales area should be inviting and comfortable for customers, as well as easy on employees who will be spending long hours working there! Make sure that your sales area is clean and brightly lit, which can make it feel more open, spacious, and less crowded. In addition to having an attractive layout with good organization throughout the sales area, you may want to try adding some plants or other décor in order to brighten up the space even further. Also keep things like trash cans hidden behind curtains so they're not visible – this way people won't have their shopping experience interrupted by them being too full or messy.
  4. Create a sense of urgency- Customers are typically drawn towards sales to save money, so sales are a good way to encourage them towards buying. Keep sales in plain sight with large signs in order for customers to see the sales easily when they walk in and feel like they're getting great deals! You can also hold sales items that you know won't last long or will be popular (e.g., seasonal clothing).
  5. Give your sales area personality - The sales area is where most of your business takes place, so make it fun by adding some décor and color! Add small décor pieces here and there like pillows or artwork in fitting rooms; make sure employees dress up nicely on days when it's busy; add flowers throughout the store if possible (they'll brighten things up without costing too much money); etc. These little touches will make your sales area stand out and give it some personality, which can really improve customer satisfaction!
  6. Greet customers immediately - Customers want to feel like they are important when entering a store, so be sure that the first associate to greet them is someone who can help get things started by asking if there's anything in particular they're looking for or need assistance with. If you have more than one sales area employee available, then this person should stay at their post while directing other employees towards patrons that could use their service. Make sure also to acknowledge returning customers! After all, your repeat business is valuable and shouldn't go unnoticed just because the same person happens to visit often - anyone would appreciate knowing how much their continued patronage is valued.

There you have it – some tips to make your sales area more inviting for customers and employees! By following these simple guidelines, you can create a space that is both functional and attractive, encouraging people to stay longer and spend more money in your store. Good luck!

What kind of behavior is appropriate for sales associates?

Sales associates should keep these tips in mind while dealing and interacting with customers:

  • Always be polite and respectful
  • Be helpful and offer assistance when needed, but don't overstep boundaries - let customers explore the sales area on their own if they're not looking for help
  • Stay positive, even when a customer is angry or frustrated
  • If you don't know an answer to a question, find someone who does - never try to bluff your way through it
  • Keep sales floor clean and tidy
  • Always be on the lookout for sales, but don't try to pressure customers into buying them if they're not interested - this will only turn people away!

What kind of behavior is NOT appropriate for sales associates?

  • Never take personal phone calls or text messages during work time (both you and your manager want you at full attention during working hours)
  • Avoid gossiping about other employees, managers, etc. behind their back; it can end up hurting others' reputations without anyone else knowing who said what (plus nobody likes gossip!) Don't ask intrusive questions like "how much money do you make?", as this is considered very rude.
  • Do not touch sales floor items without asking first - you need to make sure that customers are able to try on clothes or use equipment before they buy it, but never touch anything unless the customer is not around. Never leave food and drinks unattended as this can lead to accidents like spills (and nobody wants a sales associate with stained clothing!).
  • Don't try to sell someone something they can't afford or don't want, even if it's a great deal.
  • Never use sales floor items for personal reasons (e.g., clothing racks should never be used as clothes hangers) - this is just inconsiderate and will reflect poorly on you when other customers notice what you're doing!
  • In sales floor settings, sales associates are expected to have proper etiquette, which includes knowing how to behave in the right way. Customers want sales associates who will be helpful and show respect at all times; this is why it's so important for sales associates to keep these tips in mind while dealing with customers!

Creating a sales floor that is both functional and inviting can be challenging, but with a bit of creativity you can create a space that customers will love!

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