January 18, 2022

12+ Types of Sales Communities: The Unique Ways They Help Business

Sales communities are a great way to help sales teams collaborate. There are different types of communities, and they all offer unique benefits for your business.


Some communities exist to help salespeople with their day-to-day sales. These communities often focus on the nuances of sales in specific industries, or they can be centered around a particular type of sale like closing deals. 

Another category of sales community is geared toward helping small business owners and entrepreneurs with their sales efforts. This type focuses more broadly on marketing tactics, social media strategies, and generating leads for your company.

What are sales communities?

Communities are sales professionals who come together regularly to share best practices, ideas, and resources. 

There are many different types of communities quickly to identify potential customers and partners easilyfound on the internet or in person. The focus is always sales-related, but they have other purposes and unique roles in each marketing strategy.

A sales community is a group of sales professionals or sales-minded people who share their stories, insights, and tips to help each other grow their sales. Communities are one of the best tools for salespeople that have been shown to increase sales by up to 500%.

Communities are a great way to network with sales professionals in your area. They can be a powerful tool for sales growth and help you expand your sales pipeline. This blog post will explore the different types of communities and benefit businesses today.

What are the benefits of sales communities?

The benefits of sales communities are vast and varied. Communities can help salespeople with their day-to-day sales, networking opportunities, generating leads, and more.

Here are some of the most notable benefits of communities:

Sales Professionals Can Share Best Practices And Get Ideas: When sales professionals come together in a group setting, they can share best practices and get ideas from each other. 

This is especially helpful for those struggling with a specific aspect of sales. By sharing what has worked well for them in the past, salespeople can gain valuable insights to help them close more deals.

Networking Opportunities: One of the most significant advantages of joining a sales community is the opportunity to network with sales professionals in your area. It is an easy way to meet new people and expand your sales pipeline. 

Communities are beneficial if you're just getting started in sales or looking for a different approach that will help take your business' sales efforts to the next level.

Grow Your Pipeline: By joining communities, salespeople of all experience levels can access qualified leads they would not have otherwise had without participating in these groups. 

The more connections you make, the stronger your network becomes over time, which means it's easier than ever before to generate organic referrals from trusted sources within this community when needed. 

Gain Access To Expertise And Resources: As part of a larger group of like-minded individuals, salespeople can also get access to sales tools and resources that they might not otherwise be able to afford on their own. 

Sharing best practices is an excellent way for sales professionals of all experience levels to learn from one another. Communities are the perfect place for this type of collaboration and cross-promotion.

How do communities help businesses?

A sales community allows you marketing departments or small business owners with an opportunity to tap into its members' expertise to generate leads. 

Salespeople who regularly participate in these groups quickly become experts at generating referrals which means it's easier than ever before for your business to find new prospects without having your team spend hours doing research online or cold calling customers.

Having such a strong network already in place also allows salespeople to easily identify potential customers and partners. 

With so many qualified leads being passed around daily, it's easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to find high-quality prospects that are a perfect fit for their products or services.

Communities have quickly become one of the most popular tools sales professionals use today to help them grow their sales. 

By joining a sales community, salespeople can gain access to valuable insights, networking opportunities, and resources that will help them take their business' sales efforts to new heights. 

Not only do communities provide an easy way for salespeople to connect with other sales professionals in their area, but they also offer members access to expertise and resources that would be difficult to find elsewhere. 

If you're looking for a way to improve your sales skills and grow your sales pipeline, communities are the perfect solution.

Communities come in all shapes and sizes and offer vast and varied benefits to their members. 

By joining a sales community, participants can gain valuable insights from other sales professionals and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals. 

Communities are also an excellent place for businesses of all sizes to generate qualified leads they might not have otherwise had access to without participating in these groups. 

In addition to this, salespeople who regularly participate in communities can also gain access to sales tools and resources that they might not otherwise be able to afford on their own. 

Having a solid network of sales professionals makes it easier than ever for businesses to identify potential customers and partners. 

With so many qualified leads being passed around daily, it's easier than ever for salespeople to find high-quality prospects that are a perfect fit for their products or services. 

If you're looking for ways to improve your sales skills and grow your sales pipeline, communities should be at the top of your list. 89% of sales professionals say sales operations business’sa critical role in growing their business

Communities exist to help salespeople with their sales. They play a unique role in each business’s marketing strategy by increasing sales by 500%. Another sales community focuses on marketing tactics, social media strategies, and generating leads for your company. 

Communities can be found in person or online, where people regularly come together to share stories, insights, and tips to grow their sales. 

Different Types of Sales Communities:

There are different types of communities that have been shown to help businesses achieve success. We will explore the 12+ types of neighborhoods below:

- Traditional networking groups centered around specific industries like financial services or legal advice where members gather at meetings hosted either by associations or companies so sales reps can exchange leads

- Virtual communities are online groups that allow salespeople to connect from around the globe, share best practices and collaborate on deals.

- Sales focused social networks like LinkedIn Groups or Yammer, where members join discussion forums and post questions/answers or articles related to sales topics

- Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups of sales professionals who come together to learn about a particular product, service, or sales technique. CoPs usually have an expert leading the group, and participants often share relevant case studies or examples

- Online marketplaces like Amazon Marketplace, eBay, and Etsy allow businesses to sell their products directly to consumers through these platforms. These marketplaces also provide access to communities that are specific to the product

42% of sales leaders say the ROI of their sales analytics platform was significantly higher than expected.

- Forums, Q&A sites, and online discussion boards where salespeople can share ideas or post questions on sales-related topics. There is also another group of sales professionals who meet up in person at these forums/discussion boards

- Social media groups like Facebook Groups allow members to discuss sales-related topics with one another. Some groups even hold live events for their members through social platforms like Google Hangouts or Twitter Chats

- Online lead generation tools like Sales Navigator (Salesforce) allows sales reps to find new opportunities faster by sourcing leads from LinkedIn's network of millions of users - Community driven websites & blogs run by industry experts focused around sharing knowledge about a particular topic; 

for example, SalesFuel is a sales community blog run by sales experts that covers topics such as inside sales, sales enablement, and account management

- Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo allow businesses to raise money from the general public to fund their product or service. 

Some crowdfunding platforms also have built-in communities where people can pledge money to help fund a project and then receive updates on the project's progress.

- Trade shows & conferences are live events where businesses can exhibit their products/services and network with other attendees who could be potential customers or partners. 

Conference organizers often provide a list of registered attendees, including their job title, company name, and contact information.

- Local Communities: These communities are typically made up of salespeople who work for local businesses. This type of community is perfect for salespeople who want to connect with others in their area and share best practices.

- Niche Communities: Niche sales communities are focused on a specific topic or industry. For example, there might be a sales community for healthcare professionals or technology enthusiasts. 

This type of community is great for salespeople looking to build relationships with like-minded professionals.

- Company-Specific Communities: These communities allow salespeople to interact with others in their company or industry that they wouldn't typically have access to outside of work. 

This is perfect for sales professionals who want a more laidback networking experience and don't want to deal with competition from other companies at events hosted by their community. 

Another benefit of joining this type of sales community is that it makes it easier for businesses to find new leads since everyone within the group will already be working toward similar goals, so there's no need for additional research on your part before reaching out.

- Private Membership Groups: If you're interested in building an exclusive network where sales professionals can interact and share sales insights, a private membership group might be right for you. 

This type of sales community offers the best networking opportunities since everyone in attendance is highly qualified and has similar interests.

- Online Communities: These communities are hosted entirely online, which means that salespeople who live or work too far away to attend local meetings don't miss out on anything! 

Whether you want to join an active forum where members regularly contribute new content or prefer interacting with other sales professionals through platforms and groups, there's something for every sales professional here. 

One of the main benefits of participating in these communities is that they offer tools and resources at no additional cost – it doesn't get much better than this! 

As communities grow in popularity, sales professionals can expect to see even more benefits this year.

The 12+ types of sales communities that we've explored can play a significant role in business growth by helping sales reps to connect, learn about new products/services, and share sales tactics. 


Communities are a great way for sales reps to connect and learn about new products/services. By leveraging these communities, businesses can increase their sales by 500%. 

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, sales professionals who participate in communities can expect:

- Increased productivity as a result of learning from others' experiences

- Greater insight into how customers operate

- The ability to more easily identify potential leads

The bottom line is that communities provide significant value to businesses and should be considered to identify potential customers and partners easily in any sales strategy. With so many different types of sales communities available, there's sure to be one that meets your needs!

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