December 16, 2021

Sales Accelerators: 12 Ways to Increase Your Sales

Every business wants to increase their sales and revenue. Of course, there are many ways that you can do this. But the one thing that every successful business has in common is a commitment to using sales accelerators. This blog post will discuss 12 of these strategies for increasing your sales - some are time-tested while others are newer concepts, but they all work!


It's no secret that many businesses want to increase revenue and make more money. One of the most important ways to do this is by selling more products, but with so many options out there it can be hard to figure out how!

We will share 12 tips with you on how you can increase your sales through "sales accelerators." These are strategies that have been used by some of the best sellers in the world, including Steve Jobs!

What Are Sales Accelerators?

A sales accelerator is a tool that can triple your sales team's productivity. The majority of sales organizations don't have the budget to hire enough salespeople to keep up with their quotas, which is why these tools are so helpful.

Accelerators fall into two categories: quota-based and opportunity-based. Quota-based accelerators require reps to hit a certain number of calls per day/week/month in order to receive credit for that day/week/month. 

Then they receive commission on all new business that comes from those calls, new customers added, increased product revenue, etc., even if they didn't make the initial sale. As long as the rep made the call(s) needed to qualify for commissions before securing any other business, they're eligible for a payout.

Opportunity-based accelerators work similarly but are focused on increasing the velocity of deals, not just the number of calls. 

Reps earn credit for every new opportunity they create that closes within a certain number of days/weeks/months and receive commission on that deal regardless of who closes it. This type of accelerator is great for companies with shorter sales cycles.

There are several benefits to using sales-accelerators:

  • They motivate reps to hit their targets and close more deals.
  • They help increase the overall productivity of your sales team.
  • They can help you overcome budget constraints by allowing you to hire fewer salespeople.
  • They encourage reps to focus on quality over quantity.

There are a few downsides as well:

  • They can be difficult to implement and manage.
  • Reps may become complacent if they know they can earn commissions without doing much work.
  • The payout structure can be confusing for new or inexperienced salespeople.
  • It's important to make sure the accelerator is aligned with your company's values and goals.

Are Sales Accelerators Worth The Investment

By now I'm sure most of you have heard of or even used accelerators like, Clearbit, and LeadIQ. But what about lesser known tools like, Yesware, or Mixpanel

In the vast majority of cases, these types of tools offer a tremendous return on investment (ROI) for companies that are willing to take the time to learn & use them.

Let's look at some reasons why accelerators are worth your investment:

1) They help develop your reps skillset- Leads are the lifeblood of any sales organization, and the more effectively you can distribute them to your reps, the more successful they'll be.

They help improve lead distribution by making it easier for reps to find & qualify leads, as well as develop their skills in using specific tools. This helps improve their overall productivity and effectiveness.

2) Sales-accelerators improve lead distribution/efficiency- Not only do they help develop your reps skillset, they also improve lead distribution/efficiency by making it easier for reps to find & qualify leads. 

They do this by providing instant access to information about your prospects such as social profiles, email addresses, and company data (employees). This makes the sales process more efficient by shortening the amount of time sales reps spend on research.

3) Sales-accelerators help improve overall sales performance- Like we discussed in reason #1, better lead distribution and improved skill set development all combine to help make your reps more productive and effective at their job. 

Improved productivity and effectiveness helps them land more deals and close those deals faster than ever before. And that's good for everyone!

4) Sales-accelerators offer a high ROI- It's no secret that they offer a high ROI. In most cases, the benefits listed in this article far outweigh the costs of implementing and using them. But don't just take my word for it, do your own research and find out for yourself.

5) Sales-accelerators are easy to learn and use- Unlike some traditional sales tools, they are typically very easy to learn and use. They're often web-based applications with clearly labeled buttons and menus, making them user-friendly for everyone on your team. 

And since they're constantly updated with the latest features, you'll never have to worry about being behind the curve.

6) Sales-accelerators are constantly updated with the latest features- Many of the best tools are constantly updating their platforms with new features, often for free! The more advanced ones offer a low monthly subscription fee, making it easy and affordable to stay on top of your game.

7) Sales-Accelerators Offer More Value than Traditional Sales Tools- Although this article is specifically about sales-accelerators and how they help develop skill sets and improve lead distribution/efficiency, that's just scratching the surface in terms of all the benefits they offer. 

In conclusion, sales-accelerators are definitely worth your investment. They offer a high ROI, are easy to learn and use, and are constantly updated with the latest features. Not to mention, they offer more value than traditional sales tools. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

12 Ways To Increase Your Sales

1) Use Social Proof- One of the best ways to increase your sales is by using social proof. This means that you show your customers that other people have already bought and are happy with what they purchased from you. 

You can do this by having testimonials on your website or by sharing pictures and stories of people who have used your product or service. When people see that others have had a good experience with you, they will be more likely to buy from you too!

2) Offer Free Shipping- Another way to increase sales is by offering free shipping. This is a great way to get people to buy more products since they don't have to worry about the cost of shipping. 

It also makes your customers happy since they are not paying to get their items delivered. If you do this, make sure that the free shipping is worth it! You don't want to offer something for "free" only after several days of waiting.

3) Create a Fast Checkout Process- One way that you can increase sales on your website is by making it easy for people to buy things quickly and without hassle. This means creating an online checkout process where there are few or no questions asked. 

You also need to have clear payment options so it's simple for people who want to pay with debit cards, credit cards or PayPal accounts. Consider offering discounts if someone chooses to use one of these methods instead of another form like cash in person.

4) Use Urgency in Your Sales Pitch- When you are trying to increase your sales, it can be helpful to use urgency in your pitch. This means that you make people feel like they need to buy something right away or they will miss out on a great opportunity. 

You can do this by creating limited-time offers or by saying that supplies are running low. When people feel like they have to act fast, they are more likely to buy from you!

5) Have a Clear and Concise Sales Message- One of the best ways to increase sales is by making sure that your sales message is clear and concise. This means getting rid of any unnecessary information and only sharing what is important. 

You don't want to overwhelm your customers with information, so only share the facts that are relevant and have a big impact on their decision to purchase from you or not.

6) Make Purchasing Easy for Your Customers- One way that many companies increase sales is by making it easy for people to buy what they need, whenever they need it! This means creating different payment options as well as delivery methods that work best for them. 

For example, if someone wants something delivered in three days rather than overnight (which can be more expensive), make sure you offer this option when possible! 

If people find it difficult to make purchases on your website or in-store because of how confusing things are, then chances are high they will go somewhere else to buy what they need.

7) Use Scarcity in Your Sales Pitch- Another way that you can increase sales is by using scarcity in your pitch. This means telling customers that there are only a few items left or that the offer will expire soon. 

When people feel like they might miss out on something great, they are more likely to buy from you! You can use this tactic with both physical and online products.

8) Stand Out From Your Competition- One of the best ways to increase your sales is by standing out from your competition. This means making sure that you have a unique selling proposition (USP) that separates you from everyone else. 

What do you offer that no one else does? Why should people buy from you instead of someone else? When you can answer these questions, it will be much easier to convince customers to purchase from you!

9) Use Social Proof on Your Website- One way that you can increase your sales is by using social proof on your website. This means showing your customers what other people have said about your product or service. 

You can do this by adding customer reviews or testimonials to your website. You can also share information about awards that you have won or any media coverage that you have received. When people see that others have had a good experience with you, they will be more likely to buy from you too.

10) Make it Easy for Customers to Get in Touch With You- One of the best ways to increase sales is by making it easy for customers to get in touch with you. This means having a customer service phone number as well as an email address that they can use. 

You should also make sure that your website has a contact form so people can easily send you a message if they have any questions or concerns. When it's easy for customers to reach out to you, they are more likely to buy from you!

11) Offer Customer Loyalty Programs- Another way that companies increase sales is by offering customer loyalty programs. This means giving customers rewards for continuing to purchase from you over time. 

Some common examples of loyalty programs include points systems, discounts, and free products or services. When customers feel like they are getting something back for choosing to do business with you, they are more likely to come back in the future!

12) Use Eye-Catching Graphics on Your Website- One way that you can increase sales is by using eye-catching graphics on your website. This means adding images and videos that will capture people's attention. 

You can also use interesting fonts and colors to make your website stand out from the rest. When people are attracted to your website, they are more likely to stay longer and take a closer look at what you have to offer!

Bonus Tip

Make it Easy for Customers to Navigate Your Website- Another way that you can increase sales is by making it easy for customers to navigate your website. 

This means using a logical layout where people won't get lost or confused while looking through your products and services. You should also make sure that everything on the site is relevant and helpful so people don't feel like they are wasting their time when browsing around!


Overall, sales accelerators are a great way to motivate your sales team and help them achieve their targets. They're worth the investment, especially if you're struggling to keep up with your quotas. 

Just make sure you choose a tool that aligns with your company's values and goals. And set the right KPIs so reps know exactly what they need to work on in order to succeed.

If you truly want them to become engaged and productive members of the team, treat them like people and give them a product that they love. 

You can't just sit around waiting for great ideas to occur - go out and find them!

As Henry Ford once famously said: "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." 

So get out there, share your idea/product with the world, and make something happen!

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