January 16, 2022

Best Practices For Creating Effective Real Estate Email Subject Lines

Real estate professionals should always keep an eye on their email subject lines. The subject line is where buyers and sellers first engage with your message, so it’s important to set the right tone. Here are a few tips on how to write effective real estate email subject lines that will improve your conversion rates.

The Best Real Estate Email Subject Lines for Marketing

Email marketing is a tremendously effective way to get your real estate message in front of potential clients. The problem is that most real estate marketers don't know how to write effective real estate email subject lines. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the best email subject lines for your Real Estate emails and show you how easy it is to improve your marketing with good copywriting.

What Is A Good Email Subject Line For Real Estate?

Tips To Write Better Real estate Email Subject lines are important because they allow people to filter emails based on their interests. They also help people to understand what they can expect from the email. This is especially important for those who don't have much time on their hands, and are constantly busy with work or activities like traveling or going out of town.

It’s always best to make your subject line as specific as possible when writing it for an email marketing campaign that you want to be effective in sending your message across various platforms – email, social media and phone. One of the best things about writing a good copy is that it can help you increase sales. This means that if you know how to write effective email subject lines , your chances of making more money will be increased by at least 50%.

Best email practices for Real Estate Email subject lines

Here are some tips to help you write better email subject lines for real estate:

1. Use a Subject Line that is Relevant

Most people will not read past the first sentence of any message, so it's very important that your content has relevance in order to capture their attention and make them want more.

2. Don't use Outdated Information

One way writers get caught up in writing copy can result from using information that may be dated or inaccurate about your real estate market. It's always best to use information that is current and accurate so you can reach your target audience in the most effective way possible, without being too promotional or putting off readers by using outdated data.

3. Use Emotion

When writing Subject Lines for Real Estate Emails people are more likely to click on an email if they feel a sense of urgency or need as well as feeling curious about what will be contained within it when received at the other end.

4. Don't be too Salesy or Self-Promotional

While it's ok to include a brief promo in your Subject Line, don't overuse the words "sale" and "buy". According to research from Kenshoo, 74% of consumers are more likely to click on an email if they see that subject line is about a product or service rather than one that is trying to sell them something (a tactic known as "salesy marketing"). A good rule of thumb is to avoid using words that are more likely to be used in television commercials rather than product and service descriptions.

5. For maximum effectiveness, follow a Specific Format

Use the Subject Line format below when writing your email subject line: <Property Name> Type Your Email Address Here The reason why you should use this format is because it's one way writers can quickly identify which property they are trying to promote and direct their readers accordingly.

6. Include a Link to Your Website in the Subject Line

Another way you can draw more attention to your subject line is by including an URL for the property or service with it so people will be able to get directions when they visit your website from which they read that email's subject line, then click on one of those links for further information about what's contained inside this particular email.

7. Make sure You Highlight the Benefits or Features of Your Property

Include a call-out at the end of your Subject Line to show what in particular people can expect from reading this email. For example, if you're writing an email that provides tips on how to write a popular blog post.

8. Don't Use Emojis excessively

While emojis are fun to use, their main purpose is for quick and easy texting. If people read your subject line (and now they may also see it in the email's body copy as well), then they'll be annoyed at having to wade through all of those emojis just so you can tell them what a great blog post or other product or service that you're trying to sell looks like.

Tips for Beating Spam Filters

I still tend to get a lot of spam in my inbox. In fact, it's hard for me to believe that we're at the point where most people don't know what "filter" means and are using those words interchangeably with their new favorite terms: "spam," "filters," or even just simply thinking someone is trying to sell them something.

How can you ensure your email isn't going to get rejected by the spam filters?

Here are some tips for doing just that:

1. Make Sure the Subject Line is Relevant and Specific

2. Don't Use Excessive Abbreviations

3. Avoid Using All-Uppercase text

4. Be sure Your Email Address is Not Spam 

5. Remove Advertisements from Links in Your Emails 

6. Include a Call Out at the End of your Subject Line

Which words should be avoided in real estate emails?

First, make sure that you include your name in the middle of each subject line. This will help people know who it is from so if they want to click on "Read More" more often without losing their place, they can simply go back and find out what the email was about by checking its Subject Line first.

Second, avoid using keywords too many times in a row within your body copy as well. If two or three words come up too often in your body copy, it will be too easy for email filters to flag them. Instead of "dear seller," why not try something like "Hello Mr XYZ" or something similarly less spammy? Other words you might consider avoiding that are common spam keywords include the following:

· For Sale · Homes Sold · Houses SOLD · Property Services / Service

Instead, use a different keyword like this instead: Homes For Sale in the Fortitude Valley.

Third, avoid using all-caps text in your subject line because it could easily be flagged as spam by a spam filter. This is especially true if you do use abbreviations that are commonly used to represent words found in the real estate industry (like "APN" for acreage and property.) Or better yet, make sure that no abbreviation gets added at all when creating your email.

Fourth, make sure that your email doesn't contain any advertisements for yourself or for others. For example: "Seller is a Licensed Real Estate Broker/Salesperson." This will also apply if you are trying to sell something and have it directly tied into the subject line of an email. If you're selling real estate with someone else, don't tell me about how great their business is in the body copy of this message by saying something like, "We have sold two homes in the past 12 months!"

Fifth, avoid using all caps or bold text in your email body copy as well. All-caps text is easily flagged by filters, and many people do not read it at all, so you may be missing out on important information! Bolding anything can also make a message appear to be spammy because of how closely related it is to other messages that are commonly marked as spam.

Sixth, try to keep an email short and sweet so that it will be easier for your reader's filters to determine if the message is safe or unwanted. A few other good things you can do include using active voice (instead of passive); being specific with your language; using English spellings instead of slang; avoiding punctuation (as much as possible); not capitalizing words like "I" or "the"; & avoiding excessive use of keywords.

Subject Line Mistakes: Things Real Estate Marketers Should Never Do

So, you've decided to send me an email. You're excited and want it to be perfect so that I'll look at the subject line instead of tossing it aside as spam or junk mail (or worse yet, delete your unprofessional message.)

Here are some things that real estate marketers should never do in their subject lines:

Include too many words – The more words there are in a subject line, the higher likelihood it will get marked as spam. This is especially true if you're including common misspellings of your name or a nickname for yourself that some people may not understand so well.

Include too many numbers – People have become really smart at identifying fraudulent messages, and we've seen an increase in the number of reports that are generated from emails with excessive amounts of numbers. For example, they might report any email which contains more than 6 digits but less than 9 (this includes any email which includes a long number in the subject line at all).

Include emails that aren't yours – If you receive an email from someone offering you anything of value, don't open it. As we saw with many mail-order schemes and Internet scams where people sent out thousands of messages to as many people as possible, most recipients didn't even realize they had received a scam until it was too late. And if your name is on the email, do us all a favor and don't open it.

Include an obvious misspelling of your name – This is obviously something that should never happen, but we've seen some crazy ones as well (e.g., "Slamming Smooch", "Golf Bums" or even more creative ones like "REAL ESTATE SWEET TIPS"). These are just bad ideas on so many levels because real estate marketers have no business sending out emails to anyone in the first place, so why would you make yourself look bad by using a misspelling of your own real name?

Include any common words – We've seen some really creative email subject lines on occasion (e.g., "Ebony's Eyes", "Spend Real Money") and we don't recommend that at all because they can easily get tagged as spam. This is especially true if you have a common brand name.

Include anything that sounds like it's spam – We don't want to discourage your creativity but please keep in mind that there are certain topics (e.g., payday loans, free lottery tickets) which should be left alone because of the massive amounts of spammers who will send emails about them just as soon as they get wind of some new promotion and people aren't likely to think twice before opening them.

To summarize, real estate email subject lines are a tricky business. Make sure you follow the guidelines, and the do's & don'ts that we've provided in this article.

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