January 16, 2022

How To Write Re Engagement Email Subject Lines That Get Results

Re Engagement emails are a great way to make sure that you are reaching your customers who have left you and could possibly be interested in returning. It is very important to write the subject line in such a way that the person will be intrigued enough to open it. This article will help you to do so.


What are Re Engagement Email Subject Lines?

Re Engagement emails are those that you send to people who have left your list. They can be sent as part of a sequence which is known as the Email Marketing Cycle (EMC). It helps in saving time and money on mailing costs by re-engaging with them again. This will also increase the number of customers visiting your site or product, thereby increasing sales.

Re Engagement Email Subject Lines are just the subject lines for these emails. These Subject lines reflect the message that you have to convey. To help you with the writing of your subject lines, following are some best practices:

1. The Subject Line Should Tell Your Customer Why He/She should be interested in starting to form a connection with you again

Your customer needs to know why they should be interested in this email, and it can only be conveyed by a good subject line that tells them exactly what is going on here right now. This will ensure that there is a real sense of urgency, which will compel them to open the email and read it.

2. Use Keywords that are Specific enough for your Customer's Target Audience to understand what is in this Email Your customer needs to know exactly how you can help him/her with their problem or product by reading this email and therefore should use keywords correctly for his/her audience.

3. Make Sure That They Have Not Gone Through This Process Before and that they will be Interested to do so

This is important as the subject line should not make your customer think of something similar. This can actually work against you because if a person has already gone through this process before, there is no real reason for them to visit your site or product again. Therefore it's essential that they send their email with the correct keywords in order for them to get exposed quickly by those who are interested in the subject matter.

4. Make sure that it's a Subject Line that Your Customer would be Interested to Open

This is also important because the customers who are interested in your product or service will not mind being asked for money and if you do not use opt-in forms, then they won't even get an email asking them for their money! Therefore it's essential to make sure you have used good keywords here as well so that this email will actually be opened.

5. Make sure That they have a Realistic Chance of Success If Your Customer is interested in buying your product, then you need to make sure that they are not going to think the email was just a waste of time and that it's no good making them do this again when there has been previous success with other customers so far which means that their money could go down the drain if theirs doesn't work out too ! Therefore it is essential that you also make sure your customer has a realistic chance of succeeding and not just lost money.

6. Make Sure That They Have the Correct Information on Your Product or Service to be able to Use It

This means they have read through all the information by their keyword before clicking on "Submit". This will ensure they are going to get what they want out of this process because if your subject line is great, but you have not given them the right information and it says "Enter your email here to receive free exclusive e-books" but they don't want a book, then they are just going to be suspicious that this is another scam.

7. Make Sure You Check Your List of Recipients Every Day in order for you To See What Is Going On with All The Emails Sent or Received By Everyone Who Has Clicked on One Of Your Links! This will tell you if or how many emails are coming in and what is going on with them which will help you know whether your email marketing campaign has been profitable, so make sure to do this.

8. Check the Website where they Are Going to Sign Up for Your Email List every day! You should be checking at least daily as well because once someone signs up, then it's easy for them not to complete their signup process and let us say that they are someone who only checks their email 5 times a day. This means that your emails will be lost in the system and not read if you don't check at least everyday on average how many signups, clicks etc. have been made!

9. Make Sure They Complete Their Signup Process by Sending You Confirmation Emails to Let You Know That They Have Done So! This is very important because all of this information can then be used later on to make sure your email marketing is effective.

Who Needs to Be Re-Engaged?

The people who had previously signed up. This can be very hard to do from time to time because people have moved on or used your offer and then not sent you any money!

The people who had previously signed up but never clicked a link that was sent out by email, so it's really important for this kind of recipient to click the links again right away as if they were new subscribers. This is what will get them excited about signing up again. This means more emails and therefore more profit for you!

The people who had previously signed up but never clicked on an email link, so it's really important to get them to click on the links again right away as if they are new subscribers this is what will get them excited about signing up again. This means more emails and therefore more profit for you!

Subject Lines for Re Engagement Emails Examples

The following are a few examples of Re Engagement email subject lines that you can use to get people to sign back up to your services/newsletter/products:

  1. "It's been a while since you signed up, have you forgotten about us?"
  2.  "Hey there, it's been so long since we talked (insert time period) but I wanted to let you know that things are still going great! Have a good day."
  3. "Hey there, it's been so long since we talked (insert time period) but I wanted to let you know that the offer has expired and now things are different. Have a good day."
  4. "Hello !"
  5. "Hey there! Have you heard about the new things we have going on?"
  6. "We haven't talked in a long time, I wanted to let you know that our offer has expired and now it's different. Here is my information so please sign up if this interests you."

So all in all, people need to be re-engaged via email with useful content at least every month or once a quarter, if not more often than this as your service/newsletter/product is most effective when people receive new and useful content on a regular basis.

So the next time your service/newsletter is not working or you feel it's lacking in some way, don't be afraid to do something about it! Don't leave money and profit on the table by simply letting things go as they may stay that way forever while you could potentially get them back with just a little bit of effort.

Key Features of a High-Converting Design of Re Engagement Email Subject Lines

The following are some key features to look for in re Engagement email subject lines:

1. Use "But" to connect the end of your sentence with what you're trying to get across and use it as a transition word when writing the beginning of your first paragraph on any sort of content.

2. Make sure that all information needed is included, so include things like who this person is and how they signed up originally via social media, what their interests and demographics are as well as why they still should care about you.

3. Write a short sentence that explains the benefit of signing up to your service/newsletter again with text like: "Sign Up Now To..." or " Get My Free Report"

4. Use numbers in order to increase open rates by having people count down (e.g.: 10 days 8 hours ), use this kind of wording when writing these kinds of emails.

5. Use numbers to increase click-through rates by having people answer a question that they've helped you get email addresses for (e.g.: How old are you? 10 days 8 hours ), this kind of wording works best when writing these kinds of emails as it's more likely people will read the whole thing and not glance at only one sentence because they're expecting something else entirely, so make sure your whole email is there as well in order to get this kind of response.

6. Make sure that you're communicating yourself and not the company you work for when writing your email, which means making it more personal by using a first-person pronoun like I or We

7. Include something from what they've signed up to so people will feel interested as well as remember why they should continue with their subscription, so consider adding a reminder about what's coming next after signing up (e .g.: "I'll be getting another email from you in two weeks to remind me about...")

8. Have a call-to-action at the end of your text (e.g.: Click here if you'd like more information, or download this report for FREE), also make sure that it's clickable and has no unnecessary wording on it so people will take action right away

9. Include an opt-out link just after the sign -up button that sends them to your opt-out page, so people will remember what they signed up for and be more willing to continue with their subscription

10. Include a call-to-action back in order to tempt the subscriber by having them get something right away as an incentive (e .g.: "And if you want even more information on...")

11. Invisibly add a link at the top of each email which is only visible when you hover over it, this way people will be more likely to click on the link and then get something out of it

12. Invisibly add a small sign-up form at the bottom of each email as well which is only visible when you mouse over that particular text (e .g.: "If you're interested in...")

13. Include links back to your website's landing page from all emails so people can easily find what they want.

14. Consider creating a sign-up form for your emails instead of wondering what to do next

15. Include an opt -out link at the bottom of each email just after the word "unsubscribe" so people won't forget about it and will keep subscribing

16. Add Alt text to any images or videos in order that they are easier readable, this way people can see how important you / them is

17 . Make sure links don't have too many dots, that way they're easier to tap on and click

18. Make sure your links don't have too many red text-decorations (e.g.: "Click here for more information", "We'd love it if you...")

19. Check the spelling of your sign up form in order to make sure people won't mistake it for an opt-out link

20 . Use images instead of text when creating buttons whenever possible.

Re Engagement Email Campaign Tips

The following tips could also be applied to any other email campaigns, as for example a newsletter or even an advertisement.

1. Include messages that are short and simple in order to keep the reader's attention

2. Use different fonts (e .g.: Arial) because it will make your emails look more professional 

3. Make sure all images have high enough resolution so people can see them easily 

4. In terms of length, aim at 100-150 words per paragraph, and make sure your paragraphs aren't too long or people won't keep reading them 

5. Use images instead of text whenever possible 

6. Make sure all links are hyperlinked in order to be easily clickable 

7. Try to avoid using "click here" when linking (e .g.: http://www.example.com/contact-us) because it will annoy the reader.

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