March 30, 2022

Prospect Mail: All you need to know about it!

If you're looking for an unofficial Microsoft Outlook client for Linux, Prospect Mail is the perfect solution for you. It comes with all the features you need to manage your emails effectively. Whether you're a PC user or a Linux user, Prospect Mail is the perfect app for you!


Prospect Mail:  

This Mailing tool is an unofficial Microsoft Outlook client for Linux using Electron.  

It can be used to manage your email and calendar, as well as access your contacts and files. 

It supports the basic email functionality and allows for some calendaring integration with Google Calendar, but it does not support advanced synchronization.


Is Prospect mail an unofficial Microsoft Outlook desktop client?


Yes, Prospect email is an unofficial Microsoft Outlook desktop client.


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A brief history of Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook is a computer program for managing email, calendar and contacts. The outlook was first released in 1989 as part of the Microsoft Office suite.  

It has been updated many times over the years and now includes features to help with work scheduling, task management and communication. 

Redmond-based company was purchased by Irish company Autobytel in early 2015 for $1 billion, it is now known as Microsoft Office 365 and is available to both PC/Mac users (desktop versions) and also via the cloud service SkyDrive. 


Is Prospect mail related to Microsoft Outlook? 


Yes & No. While it is an Outlook client for Linux, no relationship exists between the developers of these applications. 

But in some cases, other third-party apps can integrate with MS Office 365 using a bridge library made by ZDEAK Global Inc. 

Some email clients have posted comments about this solution and are working towards integrating their app within the program itself ... so keep those eyes open! 


Is Prospect mail available as a standalone personal email app on Linux, or is it affiliated with 'Microsoft Office 365'? 


There is no standalone personal email app for Linux, but 'Microsoft Office 365' is a popular option and there are many unofficial apps that can be used in lieu of it. 

Skype for Linux has integrated messaging support and also integrates with Microsoft Outlook CALs. 

The '' version of Prospect email is not available as a standalone app but desktop versions are too - and may require additional third-party integration/activation with Microsoft Office Professionals to be used ... so keep that in mind! 


What are Drafts? 


Drafts were first made available in Outlook for Mac and later for Windows, by using the built-in Snippets. Prospect email heavily uses them (many times you'll find a snippet that says "Use [full name of email client]."). 

It takes writing an actual message to be able to reference information from within Outlook but when creating long tasks/workflows this can sometimes become complicated as you cannot always know where you're going, who it will be connected to etc. 

So, Drafts are very useful as they allow Outlook users the ability to compose emails in one step for important tasks, emails and messages related to a particular task or task list. 

Another feature of Productivity tools is their manual drafting functionality which allows them to start working on email drafts with no interruption: 

- whether this means researching those pesky mouse printing options(digits),

- formatting the subject and sending it off,

- scheduling work or just taking a moment to simply put your hands down before returning them up to type at full speed.


What are Snippets?


Snippets are a way to quickly capture and store text that you want to use in your work. 

You can create snippets by saving text as a custom keyword, or by using the clipboard function to copy text and then saving it as a snippet. 

When you need to use a snippet, simply type the keyword or select it from the list of Snippets in your document. Snippets resume items that you previously edited in Prospect email. 


When do Snippets work?


Currently, only draft messages are supported and there is no way to make them available outside of Draft mode. 

However, editing an item within a task as seen on the right will allow Past/Current items to be pasted by clicking Edit > Paste, Normal or Custom toolbar functions (normal paste does not). 

This may pave the way for this useful functionality in Prospect email. 

This feature is still under development, so the next release will have support for tasks and editing task items direct from drafts (unless they are pasted directly into a new message). 

Items can currently be edited within a draft but not saved as such - also noticed when making comments on certain routine/trigged events that don't apply to normal messages/calendar activities. 


How to install this tool on Linux? 


Electron is a platform that runs applications as native web apps in your favourite web browser (Chrome/Firefox). 

There are two ways of installing Prospect on Linux - using Chrome or Firefox browsers. Using Chrome Browser You can use this method only if you are using the Chrome browser on Linux

1- Go to chrome://apps in your web browser, and press the "Add to chrome browser" button which is located at the top of the window.

2- Click the "Load unpacked extension..." link in Finder/ File Explorer pane pop up. 

3 – Choose the Debian package file you downloaded from step 2. 

4 - Use arrow keys (up, left) or click + enter buttons to navigate through the list. 

5 – Select, and click the "Open" button when you find the file 

6- If it's a success, press Ctrl + F7 to close your browser fully. 

7 - Open the terminal or navigate to where you downloaded/unpacked the package from step 2  


How to Install Prospect Mail (Outlook Client) via Snap?


First, open this Mail app on your computer.

Next, sign in to your Outlook account.

If you don't have an Outlook account, create one now.

Now, click the + sign in the upper-right corner of the Prospect Email window.

Select Add a new server from the dropdown menu.

Enter into the Server name field and click Next. Next to the Password, type your Outlook account password and click OK.

That's it! You're all set up. 


Pros and Cons of Prospect mail:



- Can be used for communication with friends and family outside of the Outlook email inbox.

- Easily forwards messages to other contacts.

- Provides a desktop client that is separate from the web version 

- Fast and easy to install.

- Offers an offline email folder for use when you are away from the internet on a computer or device that does not have an internet connection.

- Consolidates multiple emails into a single inbox in search of documents, conversations, and other information/messages. 

- Supports users who use Microsoft Office tools including Outlook's Script Editor (to create custom email messages), OWA for viewing web pages inside your mail client app etc.




- The manual instructions to configure Prospect Email are sparse and it may be difficult for the inexperienced user to navigate through potential configuration issues. 

- Not officially supported by Microsoft Outlook.

- Yet another email client to learn if you're a large user of Outlook.

- Still in beta, so there may still be bugs 

- The free version of this product offers limited basic functionality that is extended by the Pro versions(i.e above-quoted pros and cons)


Prospect Mail Feature:


Prospect Email has many features including support for custom email clients, easy access to Outlook from the command line, sync with Google Calendar and Gmail. 

You can install Prospect Email on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS using its official PPA or you can download and install the program on your own. 


Why is Prospect mail important for you?


Prospect Email is an unofficial Microsoft Outlook desktop client that provides a better experience for users by adding features that were not available in the official Outlook client. 

Prospect Email also offers additional security features and usability enhancements that are unavailable in the official Outlook client. 

Prospect Email can be easily installed, configured and maintained. 

Prospect Email also provides an option to download your emails from Outlook without saving them locally in a package format that is downloaded in subsequent sessions. 

This can be useful when the computer is compromised and an attacker steals your Outlook account credentials.


Conclusion - 


Compared to the official Microsoft Outlook desktop client, Prospect Email is much more user-friendly and efficient. 

Additionally, it offers a number of additional features and benefits that are not available in the official client. 

Overall, Prospect Email is a great option if you're looking for an easy-to-use alternative to the official Outlook desktop client.

That's all for now! See you later with a different topic! Till that keep the conversation going in the comment section below.

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