February 7, 2022

10 Lead Generation For Technology Companies Tricks For Best Sales

These days, the leading tech companies are making a name for themselves by developing and deploying technology-based products. But how do you go about generating leads for technology companies? This article will help you figure out how to generate leads for technology companies in a digital age.


Lead Generation For Technology Companies

Technology companies need leads to generate sales.

Lead generation is the process of generating interest in your company, product or service and encouraging people to take action by contacting you for more information.


There are many ways technology companies can generate leads. These include:

• Advertisements in online publications like magazines, websites, newspapers, etc.

• Ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

• Cold calling (outbound) with an offer of a free trial period or some other incentive.

• Or simply promoting your product or service on your own site.


Ways To Attract New Customers

There are many ways to attract new customers who might just be interested in a trial, but without any offer of some other incentive (like money) they will not sign up immediately.

These include:

• Sending out a newsletter to existing customers who sign up for it.

• Communicating with your current customer base via email, Facebook and Twitter.

• Sending coupons to customers via email.

• Documentary style marketing such as an inside look of the day-to-day activities at your company or highlighting a particular product in detail.

Other techniques include events, virtual meetups, markets outside of major cities and even social toy robots who promote them with dolls like Ollie Mini Robotic Huggable Doll that talks when you hold her hand.

Lead generation is just one portion of the overall lead management process. The fact that you are willing to generate leads does not mean that your company or product/service has value and will be successful in generating leads by itself.

Leads can be used as a vehicle for building relationships with important decision makers, colleagues and clients. When the relationship becomes significant enough then they may behave as customers themselves when it comes time to buy from a technology business or buy a new product/service from one.


Lead Generation Tools

A Lead Generation tool is a software that helps in converting traffic into leads.


Lead generation tools for technology companies are available to help generate leads for the sales team and increase conversion rates by providing a customer experience that is different from what most websites offer.


Here are some of the leading lead generation tools:

1. LiveChat

LiveChat is an online chat solution that offers powerful features such as customized forms, integrations with CRM, live chat, webinar, email marketing and more. With LiveChat, you can track visitors' actions and conversions so you know exactly how your efforts are paying off.


2. Intercom

Intercom is an effective customer service platform designed to help businesses grow their business through personalization and customer satisfaction. This platform provides advanced analytics and insights on how customers interact with your brand to understand what they need better than ever before!


3. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is an excellent tool for webinars, email marketing and live chat support systems. This includes a suite of advanced tools to help you maximize the effectiveness of your personalization and lead generation efforts on Intercom!


4. Lead Nurture Engine (LNE) by NetSuite's Partner RocketMailer  –   A powerful system for getting your leads the constant attention they need.


10 Lead Generation For Technology Companies Tricks For Best Sales


A lot of companies want to increase their leads and conversions. Here are 10 lead generation for technology companies tricks that can help you to improve your sales.


1. Ask for referrals: People will recommend your company to their friends, colleagues, and family members who may be in need of what you offer.


2. Promote on social media: Social media is a great way to promote your company or brand online and get traffic from people who are actively looking for the same thing as you do.


3. Find influencers: Seek out experts in your industry who have an audience that would be interested in what you have to offer, then reach out to them with a proposal about collaborating with each other on content creation or promotion opportunities.


4. Create videos: Videos provide more content than any blog post could ever hope to achieve, which means they're more likely to go viral if done right! There's also no better way of driving traffic back into your website than by putting it all up on YouTube!


5. Create infographics: Visuals like infographics work wonders when it comes to getting people engaged and sharing information about the things that matter most- which is why they're one of the best lead generation tactics around! The key here is finding content that resonates with the audience so make sure you know what they're after before making something up!


6. Make a landing page: A 'landing' is the space you create for visitors on your website or online store where users are encouraged to make contact with you. This could be anywhere from an email address to social media bio, so if something doesn't look quite right make sure it's user-friendly!


7. Update and refine your promotional material: Highlight key news events that affect people in similar industries, also be mindful of what 's happening right now. Don't be afraid to stay on top of current events, research and share updates as they happen!


8. Utilize forums: Check out industry-related sites where there are people thinking the same thing you are in every day, i.e.: businesses looking for similar products or services and discussing them online (which is another way to get leads). 


9. Use social networks: Social media is a great resource for potential leads and one that you won't find to be as impersonal or spammy applying personalization with comments and engagement!


10. Utilize blog commenting : Blog commenting provides another platform where users can engage with your content, also if done right makes it easier for people to decide whether they want more of your work, so don't forget about this opportunity!



Technology companies are searching for good sales leads and the process of finding them is extremely tedious. We have outlined 10 Lead Generation For Technology Companies Tricks For Best Sales to help you in this process.

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