April 19, 2023

JavaScript Company Insights: Hiring Developers

The price tag on hiring a dedicated JavaScript company can vary significantly. Often, salaries for these experts can be on the steeper side, particularly for mid-level and senior developers


The price tag on hiring a dedicated JavaScript company can vary significantly. Often, salaries for these experts can be on the steeper side, particularly for mid-level and senior developers. One major factor dictating the cost is the developer's geographical location. This is because living costs fluctuate worldwide, playing a role in determining the average wages.

Regional Cost Dynamics

  • North America: Generally, developers here demand some of the heftiest salaries. For instance, in the U.S., a JavaScript developer might earn around $98,500 annually. Meanwhile, Canadian and Mexican counterparts earn $73,300 and $32,700, respectively.
  • MENA: Here, a developer's average yearly compensation hovers around $32K. Yet, some outliers like Israel see salaries skyrocketing to $106,200. The UAE also stands out with a $58,900 average. Conversely, an Egyptian JavaScript professional might earn less than $5K.
  • South & Southeast Asia: This region is popular for remote hiring. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka offer some of the most affordable rates, around $3K yearly. Countries like India and Indonesia typically see salaries between $7-8K. Singapore, however, demands a heftier $54,400, and Malaysia's average is around $23K.
  • East Asia: On average, hiring here will cost about $39K annually. China's rates are slightly lower at $35K, while Hong Kong and Taiwan ask for around $53K and $50K, respectively.
  • Australia & New Zealand: IT outsourcing here might be pricier, with New Zealand's average at $61K and Australia's at $71K.
  • Western & Northern Europe: Rates swing dramatically based on the exact location. For instance, UK developers might cost around $73,200 yearly, while those in Lithuania come at a bargain of $12K.
  • Eastern & Southern Europe: Known for a blend of quality and affordability, countries like Ukraine offer JavaScript expertise at roughly $11,200 per annum. Other nations, such as Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland, fall within the $17,500 to $40K range.

Different Flavors of JS Developers

JavaScript's versatile nature means that developers can specialize in various areas:

  • Front-end Developers: These professionals focus on the user interface and experience. Familiarity with frameworks like React, Vue.js, and Angular is often essential.
  • Back-end Developers: Essential for crafting server-side functionality, these developers often leverage tools like Node.js.
  • Full-stack Developers: A blend of both, they can handle a project's front and back ends, ideal for projects with uneven complexities.

The Outstaffing Model: Pros and Cons

Outstaffing can be a boon or bane, depending on your needs.


  • Expertise Assurance: Custom hiring processes ensure genuine talent acquisition.
  • Team Engagement: Dedicated developers are wholly focused on your project, fostering better communication and feedback.
  • Control and Flexibility: You maintain overall control, with the bonus of scalability and minimal administrative hassles.
  • Data Security: Regulations keep your project data under wraps.


  • Higher Costs: Compared to freelancers, outstaffing can be more expensive due to overheads.
  • Communication Barriers: Intermediary managers might hinder direct dialogue.

In conclusion, always weigh the pros and cons based on your project requirements. Should you need more insights or assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with experts like us at Aimprosoft.

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