April 20, 2021

Ice-breakers for Busting the ice in your Sales Pitch

The sales game is tough. Salespeople are constantly meeting new people and trying to get them interested in their products or services. This can be a daunting task, especially if the person you're talking to isn't looking for what you have to offer. 

Sales icebreakers are an excellent way to make this process easier by giving the other person something they want---- information about themselves! Sales icebreakers give salespeople a chance to find out more about who they're speaking with before jumping into the hard sell, which can help them close deals faster and build better relationships with clients.

How you can enhance your sales pitch

The best way to break the ice is by creating a great sales pitch and a great sales pitch is the product of your creativity. So before you start experimenting with your Sales Pitch, make sure you keep the following things in mind building a sales pitch.

  1. Asking questions: Asking a customer what they would like to be doing in ten years. Can provide valuable  insight into their personality and ultimately determine whether you will make a good connection with them and how much personal interest your client may have in any product or service you can offer them. 
  1. Obtaining feedback: If there is another employee within earshot of the conversation, ask where that person shops for shoes, clothes, etc., because if they think about it for a moment (and look at the other person's clothing), they may see something that stands out as unusual/unique enough to warrant complimenting such as "I love the style of your shirt." This can be a great ice breaker in situations where you are introducing yourself to someone who may not know much about what you do, but need to sell something that will change their lifestyle. This would allow you to create rapport with them by complimenting their fashion sense which could lead into revealing just what it is that you actually do and how it can benefit them or even better "how I can help".
  1. Asking insightful questions: Asking someone if they have any pets or are planning to have one, may provide you with insight into their personality and ultimately determine whether you will make a good connection with them. This may lead into sharing stories of your own experience such as how you came up with this product.
  1. Talking about yourself: For example, if someone asked you what you do, saying that you're a sales representative will not only give them a clear understanding of where your company is located but also give them an idea as to how many years of experience you have been in this field before being promoted within the company. This may help them feel more confident about their decision to allow you to provide them with more.

How to make create an Effective first impression during a Sales Pitch

The first impression that you make on a potential client is crucial, as it could mean the difference between making or missing out on a sale. How do you ensure that your icebreakers for sales pitch are going to work? Here are some suggestions:

-A great sales ice-breaker is small talk about things relating to their city and the weather. For example, if they mention having just gotten back from vacation ask them where they went and why they chose this destination. This will help ease any tension there might be before getting into business related topics. 

- Try asking open-ended questions instead of yes/no ones to break the ice. Asking someone how their day was without expecting an answer allows them to decide what information to give you in response which also makes these types of conversations flow more smoothly.

- Lastly, try to avoid the temptation of asking about any major changes in their life. People tend to get uncomfortable when asked this question so you don't want it coming off as too invasive or prying into other people's lives.

How to break the ice with prospects

I know how daunting it can be to start talking to a complete stranger. Whether that's in the workplace or at an event where you don't know anyone, I've been there myself and found ways of starting up conversations with other people without worrying about what could go wrong. 

Here are our top three tips for overcoming this problem:

  1. Make them laugh- It doesn’t matter if it’s not particularly funny but as long as they chuckle then we feel more comfortable around someone else so you have already started your relationship off on a positive note.
    It can help you get to know your customer and create a relationship. By making them laugh you are getting rid of the initial tension between you and increasing the chances of your prospect getting interested in what you have to say.
  1. Be interested in them and ask questions- (but not too many!) This is key to building rapport with someone quickly but make sure you don’t do it at the expense of your own interests or needs otherwise they will see that as selfishness and become uninterested themselves. For example, if they say that their favorite food is pizza then ask them why? Have they tried any different toppings? What would be their dream pizza creation? Once again this makes people feel good about themselves which means we are more likely to want to talk with them further so take advantage of this! Just remember: ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar' so keep things light and friendly rather than grilling someone for information.
  1. Show them what you do- Whether they ask or not it is always good to tell people something about yourself so that they can get an idea of your personality and interests. If you are at a networking event then it might be worth mentioning this in the conversation rather than just telling them straight away but if you're speaking with someone within work then try to show off your accomplishments (and don't forget the small ones too). A few examples include: "I'm currently working on X project" or "This year I've been promoted twice". This shows that we have drive, ambition and most importantly experience which means our new acquaintance will see us as useful even though we may only know each other for five minutes! Try these three techniques and you will see your relationship building skills improve immediately!
  1. Another great Sales Icebreaker is asking "What's your typical day like?" This question can be very insightful because you will learn about how much time your prospect has for new projects or if they're too busy, this may mean that it isn't a good fit. If you are looking for long term relationships with your prospects then you should consider asking questions that will help you understand whether or not you both can be a good fit for one another. It is  important in the long run because working together successfully is often more beneficial than simply making a one-time sales deal.

You can start by asking these questions 

  1. "What do you like most about your business?"
  1.  "How would that benefit your business?"
  1.  "Where did the idea come from to start this company and what kind of problems were you hoping to solve when creating it? (customer discovery question)" 
  1. “What is one thing you'd love to see improved in our industry/product category?"
  1. “If we had a magic wand, what changes would you make? Who or what inspires you professionally and personally?”

How to establish a great Rapport and Break the ice during your Sales Pitch

As a sales person, you want to engage your customer and establish rapport. There are several ways of doing this before you even get started with the pitch itself. If successful, selling will come naturally as both parties feel comfortable enough to trust one another. 

Here's how:-

  • Be enthusiastic about what you sell or provide - it's infectious! You want to be excited and passionate in your pitch because this will make the customer feel more comfortable. They can sense when a salesperson is not interested in their product, so don't fake enthusiasm if you do not have any!
  • Be prepared to answer any questions that may arise before or during the sales pitch. This includes knowing your product's features and benefits, as well as having knowledge about what you're selling in general (e.g., compare it with a competitor if there is one). It helps set up trust between both parties from the get go if they know they are going to receive accurate information provided by someone who knows how to do their job. They will feel confident in your abilities and this leads to a better sales pitch down the road.
  • Introduce yourself properly at the start of your meeting - give them enough time to assess whether they like you or not. No pressure here though! It's important for both parties involved in any encounter, business or otherwise, to get off on the right foot so starting within these first few minutes is essential. This means introducing yourself calmly with confidence while also letting him/her know how happy you are that he/she agreed to meet with you.
  • Build trust between you and your customer right from the start, which bolsters their confidence in you. This leads to far more success when they are confident that what you're saying is accurate.
  • You come across as a likeable person who has genuine interest in what he/she does for work (if it pertains to why you're there) or how his/her day is going so far if not business related - this will make them feel good about themselves, especially during tense sales meetings!

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