January 25, 2022

How To Personalize Outlook Email? 12 Ways To Make Your Outlook Email Stand Out

If you have any experience in customer service you know how crucial it is to make the customer/client feel welcomed. Now there are various ways you can achieve that, and the simplest amongst them is by personalizing your emails.


How To Personalise Outlook Email?

Personalizing an email is a crucial step towards making anyone feel more valued, taking care of what they like and dislike speaks volumes about your customer service. If you have no idea as to how you should personalize outlook email then this article is for you.

Here is an overview of some expert tips and tricks on how to personalize outlook email, we will discuss them in detail later in this article.

1. Identify your customer's persona and use it to personalize your emails.

2. Include a call-to-action in the subject line of your email.

3. Use images in your email design to engage readers and increase clickthrough rates.

4. Personalize emails with data from their profile or company website to show them they are not alone in their struggle to overcome email non-deliveries.

5. Personalize your subject lines to match too for a seamless and effective mail merge, i.e 

“The funniest thing happened this morning so the office seems friendlier today – A happy tale from home” will be different than: "Pizza is coming on Tuesday- delicious news!"

6. Recommend products via social media such as Google+, Facebook or Twitter by typing @ +

Now that you know tips on how to personalize your outlook email, you must be wondering why it is important to begin with. Well let me help you with that.


Why should you Personalize your Outlook emails?


1. Want to attract clients

2. Get your message across more effectively than otherwise if you send the same email from different yet similar users; 

It will only get played a second time around, with repetition of content and most importantly a lack of audience engagement meaning less sales from your retargeting campaign too!

3. Increase customer service effectiveness by sending an attractive mail with proper personalization for specific customers before they expect such an offer.

4. Provide better product messaging, which entices customers to buy and gives them trust in your brand as well.

5. A mail without personalization is not unique at all thus less effect on the recipient and so it also receives low download rates from SPAM filter too.

6. Can serve more than one purpose but has minimal chances of doing that effectively: like 1) marketing, 2) private communication among friends (discussion about a movie or book for example), and 3) tools.

7. Personalization allows you to personalize your mail according to the recipient’s name, location and birthday if it has been set up correctly at the time of writing an email program for this purpose only (which is almost never done by tech savvy users).

8. Not all emails should be personalized. Most businesses will create invoices from automation triggers once which get sent out over their mass communication lists without any need.

Now that you know how to personalize outlook emails, let me tell you the changes you need to make in order to achieve, I have compiled 12 ways through which you can personalize your outlook emails. Stay tuned and keep scrolling to learn more.


1. How to change the colour and design?

Your outlook has automatic setup for the colours of your email so you have to just change them and add some new ones as per their colour requirements. 

You can also use your colour choices for the occasions, such as for a professional business related emails and floral ones. 

You can also add additional colours on top of it to make your outlook email more colorful in order to attract customers towards them better. 

Adding New Pictures  Adding new and better pictures would be a great idea for your email if you want to create more attraction value and draw readers closer. 

Don't forget to put some relevant features on the picture such as text, social media links or contact information in case of any promotions or offer details. 

The main point is don't forget not all clients have good internet connection speed so only few can view these longer images attached in their emails.


2. How to move the reading pane


You can move the reading pane to one of two places, either right or left location. 

Also you don't need to switch these options in outlook configuration, My users have access option in their email account and they are allowed to change them whenever they want it set on some other side. 

You might wonder why this is good so let me tell you clear details about every movement factor here: 

By setting your word processing applications as default landing spots for all your messages, you have the option for more information about every email contents.

For example if it is a professional or business related topic, that allows clients to view only the content of their emails as they prefer and not any external pages from outsourced books or social media sites which add unwanted background noise on these messages while reading. 

Also most people see an unrequired person's name at the bottom left corner where they can click the link mentioned below this item to read some additional information about the topic of that email.

In case you have this feature enabled, all yet unread messages will display a small menu on your main reading pane where you can easily open it or switch other tabs or applications until finishing them completely then moving to the next one if still not finished with the last previous message if any.

Now chances are many people like having their emails displayed in a newer way and possibly a clear and clutter free look too and to make it look more realistic and professional. 

I think that you can understand adding sumptuous graphics at the bottom left corner of the screen which is a very handy way for your recipients to know about other related topics or additional information without being read too.


3. How to change the view of the Navigation strip


Within the Navigation Strip there are two kinds of either three or four buttons arranged in a circle (called as Circle Mode) allowing you more options for changing list order. 

Whenever desired like when ordered by date sent or received within a certain time span or even alphabetically by title. 

This is very handy in some cases but sometimes these buttons can cause confusion which emails have been read and whether accepted, marked as junk etc. When to use Circle Mode of Navigation Strip? 

The best time to follow this procedure is when you are using folders instead of sub folders both inside default account messages folder with Inbox/All Mail folder and official exchange server corporate mailbox structure like Sent Items, Trash etc

When you got comfortable enough and learn a lot of things about emails, then it is time to remove unwanted items from the Navigation Strip.

If you have chosen the sender's name as email header text instead of going for colored background style or for different fonts (Why?) In many platforms there will still remain a faint outline image when the recipient also confirms that they accepted .


4. How change view of a folder

There are mainly three types of folder views: Light, Dark and a kind of mix which require you to use double-click. Let's see each one separately.

Please note that all the following instructions are case sensitive by default and need to be changed accordingly whenever needed! 

Light view of the Navigation Strip is the default look. You may change it in the following manner: Right click on a folder and select either "Folder options..." or "<" then uncheck option(s) of each View category such as Date viewed, To/Cc:, Name, Size etc. 

In this way you can revert back to Light mode whenever needed again except for those viewing tokens (default in all cases unless changed elsewhere.) Modify a visual appearance of your Navigation Strip: 

Set color anywhere in the personalize window for the current cursor position. You can also see "Custom" menu item under tools menu and shortly explained from there:

The option you are looking at is Sweep Channels as a toolbar which contains a field that shows/hides folder geometry depending on background color set via Options Window (located above options pane).  

Buttons have been designed to work with various folder views to implement the theme.  You may refer to the user manual for details on background color options.


5. Changing the appearance of messages and notifications

Personalized window for messages and notification contains not only color categories but also controls to change font ranges or other settings such as delay before responding. 

More about Background color for folders Light view When showing the background, set it to any color of your choice topmost link in bottom list if context menu item is on.  

Also this way you can specify a different hue using tool tip trick which will show automatically when cursor hovers there: 

After that file folder geometry layout will change its lightness depending on your background color and other settings such as delay before responding or others etc. 

Dark view when showing the background, set it to any color of your choice then select option "Contrast and grunge": 

The effect should be working: If you will find no difference or have issues with contrasts please see this YouTube video . 

Also mind that when resetting only geometry for folders are modified not cursor position so if you would like to keep everything else. 

After that file folder geometry layout will change its darkness depending on your background color and other settings such as delay before responding or others etc. 

After that file folder geometry layout will change its darkness depending on your background color and other settings Hide/Show Drive icon Hide drive icon If there is non-system drive shown in the "New Folder" panel. 

You can slide an arrow to the bottom right corner of New Folder but it should not be necessary so I've added this option which allows hiding the network drives by sliding an invisible link with the same name.


6. How to remove a created font-size rule


Create a new font-size rule with similar properties: Set custom cursor s and XAML, but do not place it in any list and also don't set additional child nodes to remove this font size. 

Then at top right you see two input boxes ( Language(s) ) where each new language game should be loaded separately. Select one on the left then type its name into "Localized Title" field of pane on the right: 

Also since you have several font-size rules created, in bullet points of each rule set "Save locally to XAML file" switch. 

Now create new list (C#: GameFontSizeSettings) and add a new Font size property with similar properties as your other one but do not place it on the same level. 

After registry editing (F4 -> Normalize app settings...)  you see probably two lines for fonts under selected languages . After that I've added a configuration page with a font-size setting of the selected language.


7. How to change the appearance of Plain Text messages


Press F3 and select Plain Text Messages. This setting affects only messages with plain text . Messages will appear differently even in the notifications tray. 

If you want to change the shape of the message (e.g clicking on the  text and selecting different fonts, adjusting size) do not bother about this option. 

You can also change font size of each message individually and move it to the desired part, or you could use a list of different title texts.

Exit from this settings. Then after that in  Fonts  window " styleBmpText="true" . Default setting: false with no effect but for purposes I've changed true here. 

Otherwise retaining a custom cursor will cause searching issues which already happened when adding new fonts (it was not searching with cursor) and even after installing 16 new fonts and removing old ones, custom cursor did not show up.


8. How to assign a category to all new mail messages


Hold the Ctrl key down and select a new message in Inbox.  Now put your cursor to the border of the selected text "mail" field and hold down the Alt button while clicking on it.  

Now you have a menu context-menu where you can rename contact, folder or whatever other factors there are that affect search results too but here I'm going to assign a category. Select the assigned category . Then enter your well known categories.  

Now click on the "add" button at the end of the new message window to save the setting. All new mails that you send in future will be assigned this category .


9. How to modify the separator line between messages


Also hold the Ctrl key and select new mail.  Then put your cursor to borders of the message window near top/bottom buttons, yours may be different than in pic so mine is slightly lower: 

You should see a dotted line (use application settings if it's not there) or lines instead between messages themselves.  

Pressing this button creates a vertical separator line that starts at left with the first message then goes up to right until the second messenger /subject.   

To delete that separator line, just press again in its place of the first text button.  

You may need to adjust top and bottom boxes on right or left if your window's width is wider than shown here but it looks OK after those adjustments.


10. How to modify the Message Preview pane


The MessagePreview pane is a tab on the top right side of the messages in outlook. To customize this pane, simply move it using your mouse and feel free to change its size. 

If you wish to customize the preview pane and your saved settings in all email programs, simply click on the "Configure" button.

If it does not appear (admins don't see any customizations for example) add new user or two users with same name as yours and change those names in .userconfig folder: edit them both by opening UserCP file from each specific username; 

Go editing tab of options first then Tools menu > Options button - smartcrict mailing tab of services controls should appear; change "UserCP '' name to something else for example SmartCitsIMailAgent. 

Make sure the toolbar is enabled on the left side in this case other mail clients will not be able to read it or nothing or you see similar objects appearing and disappearing with background color while creating a new account.  You can also add more advanced separation lines (merged conversations). 

They may help even if you save the email messages in separate folders or groups but you will catch all old conversations after moving them.


11. How to change the order of messages in Message Preview


The order of messages in the Message Preview pane can be changed using its drop-down menu. If it seems impossible to move this pane, check that .userconfig settings is properly set with correct folders and user's tile name too:

In the address book section press the "Edit" button on the top left side will appear a list box like shown above overflow  as response message sender type.

You need Content Source section array similar items as those shown as pictured below with an empty array entry.  You need to click on the value shown and choose a name for new messages.


12. How to change visual notifications for incoming mail


You can configure whether to display these notifications or not by clicking tools button at bottom and choose 'Options & Appearance'. 

These visual cues are shown when you open an email; they will even appear over the e-mail client you use along with the Gmail interface which may be confusing for some. 

The easiest solution is simply to unselect all references in this menu, assuming that none of your friends wants their mail read out loud (non-verbal signals carry more significance, after all).




These were some tips on how to personalize outlook email and make your receiver feel more valued. These are some common changes that you can make to any microsoft office email platform.

I have shared with you the tried and tested ways of personalising an email, make sure you thoroughly go through each of them and understand them before executing them. 

I hope this article proved helpful to you if it did don't forget to leave a like and comment if you have something to add.

If you have any further queries regarding outlook default settings and accessibility you can ask for help from Microsoft support system.

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