January 25, 2022

How To Find Salesman Job Without Experience:8 Steps To Follow To Land A Sales Job In 2022

Do you want to enter the workforce? The easiest way to enter the workforce is by opting for a sales job, it doesn't require any degree to be a salesman but it does require experience. Doing sales is not a piece of cake, it's a skill in itself.


Getting a sales job is not easy since you have no prior experience, I am going to be real with you. Sales is a cutthroat line of work, you have to perform in order to succeed or else they aren't going to think twice before firing you.

I will tell you how you can find a salesman job without experience, have patience and keep reading further. If you are patient enough to finish this article you already have one of the necessary qualities needed for sales.


1. Show how your existing skills are transferable skills

I don't mean your Facebook profile picture, what I am talking about is a resume that has everything. If you are trying to figure out how to find salesman job you need a proper resume.

A sales person's skills aren't based on their ability to shout (spokesperson), its base on their comprehensive knowledge and perception of product or initiative related issues relevant to the industry they are assigned in.

To start with, you have to demonstrate your existing skills. My advice is that whenever possible include people who know a lot about the field you are learning in.


2. Do some research (in-depth)

Look it up and look deeper into what you plan on doing, if you have any books or magazines related to your field of work read them thoroughly because here is where a salesperson learns his craft;

By earning money for the people who attended training sessions like online classes there are many skills that will be boosted with those references and I mean this 100%. You may get an understanding about it.


3. Practice your skills (practice makes perfect)

This is very important, you won't become a sales person in the blink of an eye but practice always helps to increase skills and confidence. 

If there are things you don't understand while reading those references; teach yourself by using this age old saying "if you're willing to learn it then be honest with yourself".


4. Be willing to start from the bottom and work up

Another advice is for sales people to have continuous learning in the field, not only be willing to start from the bottom but also execute good work according to your new found knowledge.

If you are wanting top sales positions then a position of delivering mail or answering phones isn't too bad as long as it allows both upper and lower middle classes feel they can keep up with what's going on in their industry; There will be pay raises so that's perfect.

You will be at the top and working on improving while earning your pay. Be willing to ask for help at all times, yes receiving tips and advice is what most people are seeking. 

However, you will want to know the best way of getting that sales job or profit from an investment property in question, if not then do some research on this yourself but always 'time after time ' get a good person who has either been where you are now wanting more than your current state.


5. Do your homework

This is a very important one, Salespeople are always inquiring about different types of properties; however many times you may think that someone has got an answer to everything but they don't.


6. Communicate!

One of the worst things you can do as a salesperson is reactive.

This means if an email comes in first response to it immediately so that other people on your team aren't flooded with emails and website errors due to bad habits. 

This could disadvantage them badly when they have less than five minutes for everything else heading their way.


Follow These 8 Steps to Get a Sales Job


Step 1: Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is a very important thing (the most popular platform to find potential employers). 

Therefore, make sure you fill out your bio with facts that hopefully show how well at this career you are suitable to work in and commit yourself fully towards the job as it's an industry that revives daily. 

Your resume also looks crucial so don't downplay every skill or knowledge point, detail everything absolutely knowing full well there has been other successful candidates before you


Step 2: Conduct research on potential employers 

Going with my initial statement I stated this industry reactivity every day. 

Therefore, staying updated to what properties are generally more expensive than average in the UK and then target these types whether you hope laws may be changed about renting or buying a property so that if you want to trip up for example you have already gotten the job done before committing yourself too heavily.


Step 3: Raise your profile level

Go on strong personal networks like LinkedIn but also go off your own research and subject yourself to a very competitive job market. 

Put up an advertisement to find out whether you can meet professionals before actually applying, this way you won't try too hard at the beginning only making chances of not landing a job.


Step 4: Practice interviews

Even though you go for the same target audience and interest in good companies, remember that first impression is important and try to maintain a decent professional posture through all of your interviews.


Step 5: Find where to look for sales jobs

Sales jobs work well for people who like to connect with others. If you're looking for a job related to sales, you'll have great success by first researching job sites online and by looking in your local yellow pages for companies that have sales divisions.

In your research, you can learn everything you need to know while still ensuring that employees are checked out thoroughly by a test team before even being hired.


Step 6: Apply online

Go to Job sites that accept job applications away from home such as Indeed.com and monster.com, instead of applying for a sales position on an ad visit your local area office and get interviewed face to face by the team there. 

Once you have been through this first application process successfully simply re-apply at any time.

New opportunities arise with those same companies anonymously or switch industries altogether if there are too many strong candidates but still apply for many positions along the way so as to have a chance of winning if only one is left.


Step 7: Practice your answers

If you are applying online, this also means that you should be prepared with information they ask at any time including work experience and where by going it gives more opportunity over others.

 For each position even after arriving onsite make sure to practice your answers to avoid bloopers on your first interview.

Remember that you still need the rest of your team if not everything, at least enough credibility within the industry in which you are working towards a particular position without causing offense though. 

This will be apparent throughout all recruitment campaigns and interviews so it is something worth being aware of.


Step 8: Follow up and be patient

The final step on how to find salesman job without experience you will have to be patient, as I said in the beginning of the article if you have patience you already have one of the crucial qualities needed to be a sales representative. 

Patience is not only crucial till you land a job it is one of the foundations for sales.

If you are not patient then you won't be able to provide good customer service, you have to hear what the customer has to say about your product. 

Listening to the customer is crucial for sales, you have to be aware of their demands in order to be effective as a salesman.

You don't need years of experience to figure out how important patience is for sales. If you don't have patience then you are not fit for a sales role. 

Ask anyone who has sales experience it is a tough task to deal with a customer, they are not always gullible.

You will have to go the extra mile to improve your conversion rate and for that you need a huge amount of patience, but trust me when you will see your performance graph go up it will be all worth it.


How to Find Salesman Job: The Do’s


1. I Believe in People:

Ability to determine, qualify and develop others is essential for salespeople as well as any other role where teamwork is necessary.


2. Attention to Detail:

This Can Be Called up on a Salesman job interview when you are asked how much effort you put into your understanding of the product or service which they offer?

 If your answer isn’t detailed enough then that could be the cause of your woes in securing a sales job.


3. Communication Skills:

Talking to people is the basic way of finding a salesman job. 

It can be difficult for some, especially if you don’t know how to verbally articulate your ideas & thoughts clearly, being able to talk on any topic so naturally makes one more attractive in case of coming across such questions during the recruitment process.

People want talented speakers who are good listeners as well as communicators.


4. Making yourself More Attractive to Sell:

Remember, you are selling your value every time you talk, so make sure that it is worth something for the company itself as well as for people who will be buying whatever product/service from them.

The simple tips about how to find a salesman job can help when approaching any employer looking for a sales role and should definitely let companies know what they stand on which is your value as a salesperson.


How to Get a Sales Job: The Don’ts


1. Don’t Fail to Answer the Question:

Do not lose your confidence because you are having one bad interview session, instead try and stick it out as there will be several before finding that right opportunity for you.


2. Talk Less:

Sooner or later, people may tell if someone starts talking more than they usually do then that is an indication of boredom in their mind at a time when only listening can let them know whether your ability as a speaker is right for their specific product.


3. Don’t Expect anything:

Do not ever feel you are on the inside track of getting that particular position, and neither do you think being accepted in front at absolutely any cost while others are rejected due to something they didn’t get so easily!

Sales jobs aren’t based only upon certificates & qualifications; even if an ad says ‘ never before has a person been as qualified’ and you are the exception to that, it doesn’t necessarily mean they would need you over anyone else.


4. Don’t Lose your Cool:

No one ever gets rejected in real life just because they lost their cool or showed too much emotion, it shows a lack of confidence as well as disrespect for other people and there is nothing good about that at all! Try to act calm no matter what comes into view.




Sales is not for everyone, it requires great people skills and not everyone has it. Not everyone is ready to communicate with hundreds of people only to be turned down. Sales is an art if you ask me, and it's not everyone's cup of tea.

However, that doesn't mean you can't land a sales job without prior experience, in this article I have shared with you how to find a salesman job without any experience. 

I hope it prepares you for the job and gives you an idea about everything you need to be successful in sales. If you did then don’t forget to leave a like and feel free to comment if you have anything to add. 

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