April 5, 2023

How to Buy Instagram Followers: Top 5 Providers

Here are the very best sites to buy Instagram followers and grow your presence on Instagram in simple steps without complicating your life:


If you have been looking for ways to gain more followers because your account has been stagnant for a while and all you get is "post regularly" or "just use Instagram stories," you have probably started to think you're in the dead-end street. Yet, nothing is impossible online, and the same applies to social platforms. All you need to know is how to buy Instagram followers to walk through the success door.

Here are the very best sites to buy Instagram followers and grow your presence on Instagram in simple steps without complicating your life:

1. 1394TA

Grow your Instagram presence with 1394TA.

When you're looking for the best sites to buy Instagram followers, 1394TA consistently rises to the forefront as the leading name in the industry - and for a good reason. It has earned its reputation for delivering outstanding results across several crucial aspects of Instagram growth and built successful accounts with the delivery of real followers.

From their focus on targeted real users to an array of pricing options designed to suit various requirements, 1394TA emerges as the ultimate provider for those looking to buy followers that boost their Instagram audience and genuinely contribute to their account's overall success on the social platform.

It's hardly a surprise that many businesses and influencers turn to the provider to enhance their presence with their high-quality Instagram followers - and other engagement metrics such as likes and views.

Furthermore, their user-friendly interface, safe payment options, and knowledgeable support team just make the IG followers process be the best a client could ever ask for.

Best advantages:

  • Active Instagram followers
  • Affordable prices
  • Instant delivery
  • Attentive customer support

2. Views4You

Boost your Instagram followers with Views4You.

Views4You specializes in delivering the best quality followers and stands in second place in our list for the accuracy of their premise: providing active and real followers. The provider is trusted by many users who have already gained more Instagram followers through their purchases and still continue to gain organic new followers who engage with their content.

Views4You offers the cheapest prices for high-quality followers and furthermore offers growth services for other social media platforms as well to ensure you securely grow your online presence.

Besides, it simply requires you to provide an Instagram username and ensures all your information is kept safe - not shared with any third-party sites. So, you can just pay a little, keep your account safe, and enjoy your Instagram fame as you keep gaining more followers.

Best advantages:

  • Cheap Instagram followers
  • Engagement from real accounts
  • Fast delivery

3. Twicsy

Get followers on Instagram from Twicsy.

Twicsy is another site for those seeking genuine Instagram followers who are not only real but also actively engaging with your content. They primarily focus on Instagram and Threads, ensuring they sell followers acknowledged by the platform's algorithm to ensure a seamless and safe experience for account growth.

In addition to Insta followers, they also provide a comprehensive range of Instagram-related services, such as likes, views, and comments, and their prices vary based on the service you purchase. They also offer various payment methods for clients to have a smooth experience throughout their stay on the website.

Furthermore, they take pride in showcasing customer reviews and testimonials on their website, allowing potential clients to gain insight into the quality of their services. These testimonials serve as their proof and help new visitors build trust in what they offer.

Best advantages:

  • Real Instagram followers
  • Affordable prices

4. Social-Viral

Buy followers from Social-Viral at competitive prices.

Social-Viral is another site that provides followers packages that deliver real followers to your Instagram account. They offer various services to accommodate different social media goals and help you improve your engagement quality and credibility.

They divide their focus on purchased followers into two categories: High-quality Followers and Active Followers.

The difference between these categories is based on their quality and delivery time - so clients can choose the best option that aligns with their social requirements. Additionally, they offer discounts to ensure people with all kinds of budgets can purchase followers to grow their accounts.

Best advantages:

  • Premium followers
  • Competitive prices

5. BuyCheapestFollowers

Become next Instagram influencers with BuyCheapestFollowers.

As its name suggests, BuyCheapestFollowers provides cost-effective follower packages for users to enhance their Instagram page.

While there are still alternatives that deliver more competitive pricing, they maintain their reputation for their high-quality followers and other social media services tailored to popular social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and more.

They also consider the requirements of those on a budget and offer a "Spin the Wheel!" section where visitors can earn a free bonus. This helps them to buy IG followers with a discount.

Best advantages:

  • Variety of social media marketing packages
  • Genuine followers

Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers?

If instead of how to buy Instagram followers, you wonder why you should buy followers, there are several compelling reasons, including those that enhance your Instagram marketing strategies.

Overall, there are three main benefits:

Instant Instagram Growth

Building an organic following can take months and even years of consistent effort, and even then, there aren't any methods that guarantee success.

Purchasing instant Instagram followers, however, allows you to see a significant increase in your followers and engagement rate almost immediately.

In addition to saving you time and effort in the initial stages of growing your account, it also creates a positive first impression for your Instagram profile visitors - eventually leading them to become your new followers.

Social Proof on the Platform

A high number of followers serves as social proof of your popularity and credibility on the network. Furthermore, people are more likely to follow social media accounts that already have a substantial following.

It ensures other Instagram users that you post relevant and quality content that deserves a follow. Therefore, buying followers isn't a temporary solution, as it draws more organic followers into your account and enables rapid growth.

Increased Engagement Rate

Having a more extensive follower base helps you boost your visibility on the platform and Explore page, which naturally leads to more Instagram engagement with likes, comments, and shares.

Thus, when you buy real Instagram followers, they engage with your posts and increase your presence.

FAQs About Buying Instagram Followers

Here are frequently asked questions about Instagram services:

Is Buying Followers on Instagram Safe?

Yes, buying Instagram followers can be a safe option to have a high follower count. That's if you choose reputable services that provide real and active followers. You need to avoid services that offer fake accounts, as this can result in account suspension and further negative actions against your reputation on IG.

How to Buy Instagram Followers Instantly?

The best way to buy instant followers is to work with a reliable Instagram growth service provider. Not only are their purchase methods smooth and fast, but they also enable you to expect to see an increase in your follower count almost immediately, depending on the service or package you choose.

What to Consider While Buying Instagram Followers?

While it's beneficial to buy Instagram followers to support your account growth and marketing strategies, it's essential to consider specific factors, such as:

  • Quality of Instagram followers
  • Ability to reach your target audience
  • The delivery time for followers
  • The service prices and your budget
  • Reviews from previous clients and the site's reputation

These factors can help you to make an informed decision, find a site that sells followers, choose an ideal package, and watch your Instagram success thrive.

How Many Followers Can You Buy for Your Instagram Account?

The number of followers you can purchase depends on the provider and your requirements. Generally, you can buy hundreds to thousands for various prices.

How Do Fake Instagram Followers Affect Your Account?

The main risk in buying fake followers is that it can harm your account's reputation in the community and lead to penalties from Instagram. Fake or bot followers don't provide organic engagement, which is something the Instagram algorithm highly favors. Thus, purchasing them might increase your follower count but, overall, affect your account negatively.

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