May 16, 2023

Get Inspired: 15 TikTok Video Ideas

Like the other social media platforms, TikTok has now integrated into our lives with its engaging, popular lip-syncing videos, dance videos, funny clips, 1-minute recipes, and exciting social media challenges.


Like the other social media platforms, TikTok has now integrated into our lives with its engaging, popular lip-syncing videos, dance videos, funny clips, 1-minute recipes, and exciting social media challenges.

While being captivated by and spending hours on it is easy, as well as recording and posting TikTok videos, creating engaging, interesting, and fun TikTok video content may take work.

You may have started a TikTok account from scratch or bought a TikTok account and posted a few videos and need some inspiration;; we will help you kickstart your TikTok video ideas creation. We have covered you and will share the 15 best TikTok video ideas for you to try in this article.

TikTok Video Ideas You Will Need for Your Content

First, your TikTok content should be relatable, inspirational, and entertaining, whether a cooking or a funny clip. Still, the kind of content is also essential. So, here are some TikTok video ideas to post on TikTok:

1. Dance Videos

You must have seen a TikTok dance video that has gone viral before. Since the platform is filled with dance videos, it is one of the best TikTok video ideas that has the potential to go viral.

If you can create your dance, it is excellent because your fame will spread quickly. Alternatively, you can increase your visibility by using a trending sound for dancing in your TikTok video.And for those looking to accelerate their journey to TikTok stardom, consider maximizing your reach by purchasing TikTok followers. With strategic moves like these, your path to TikTok fame is within reach!"

2. Music Videos

We mentioned dancing to a trending song on TikTok. The other alternative is using trending sound clips to create lip-syncing videos. If you do not have dancing skills or are shy, you can make song imitation videos. So, you may get featured on the TikTok Discover page.

3. Lip-Syncing to a Dialogue

Lip-syncing is a classic move. Still, it is a fun option on TikTok if you consider that this social media platform is filled with lip-syncing and dancing videos. Lip-syncing videos can also be made for famous movie dialogues.

Either go it alone or get the help of some friends. To attract more tiktok likes from viewers, take a dialogue and interestingly reenact it. Use a trending sound clip, lip sync to it, and see how it goes.

4. A Day in the Life Videos

Another TikTok video idea is da-in-the-life videos. In this type of video content, you can share your daily routines or share your travel to your favorite city, etc. So, you allow your audience to look at your experiences, friends, and activities of the day. These videos can significantly boost your TikTok views by providing relatable and engaging content that resonates with a wide audience.

This content type is popular among prominent TikTok influencers. However, if you want to create these kinds of video clips for your small business, the emphasis usually has on the behind-the-scenes of the business. Videos of your business' daily routines show the audience how work is done there. It is best to create videos featuring everyday tasks related to your business, like behind-the-scenes videos, which will bring potential customers.

5. Life Hack Videos

There are endless life hacks you can share on your TikTok account. Share your helpful tips and tricks with your audience if it applies to your niche. If you do not have any life hack to share, you can test one you have seen on your FYP. People search for "life hacks that work" because they don't want to waste their time. So, putting a viral hack to the test while referring to the original video is among the great TikTok ideas.

6. Short Tutorials

Giving your audience tutorial videos is a great way to interact with and educate them. However, we recommend that it would be better if they are short because most TikTok users prefer short videos even though now the video length limit is up to 10 minutes.

Also, your tutorial content should depend on your niche. For instance, you can create educational TikTok videos and experiment tutorials on your account. Or you can create content based on beauty, like makeup tutorials. It is all up to your audience.

7. Get Ready with Me

Another TikTok video idea is to shoot a GRWM video, "Get ready with me". People love to see other TikTok users' routines somehow. In these videos, you can select your outfits for the day, show your skincare and makeup, and finally pose in front of the camera for just a few seconds to show the result. It is one of the most popular TikTok videos and is easy to shoot and edit.

8. Workout Videos

If you love spending time at the gym or you are a professional, it doesn't matter. What about sharing your daily workouts with your audience? Still, remember that you know what you are doing even if you don't have to be an expert when creating workout videos. You can share your routine to encourage others and build your community.

9. Cooking Videos

If you are interested in cooking, for instance, maybe you are trying new recipes constantly for fun, let's share your experiences with others on TikTok! You can share detailed videos or skip the commentary, speed up videos, and make self-explanatory short videos.

If cooking is not your area, but you still want to share cooking videos, you can share what you eat daily; people love watching that, too.

10. Duet Videos

TikTok's duet feature allows you to collaborate with another TikTok creator. If you cannot find the inspiration, you can build on existing videos, which is also a great TikTok idea. People love to see your reactions to another creator's video. Duet video is a way to share one person's TikTok video placed alongside your video. You can add your narrative to different videos.

The stitch feature allows you to share another person's video, and then you can upload your video, too. A larger audience can be reached by using these video features.

11. Cute Animal Videos

There's not much you can go wrong with cute pet videos. If you have a pet, go on and shoot any moment of your pet. You can share funny moments with your pet or a special activity you do with your pet.

Furthermore, if you are new to TikTok, you can turn your account into a pet's account! You share every moment of your pet and engage your viewers because who can say "no" to pets? People can’t get enough of funny videos of animals.

12. ASMR Videos

ASMR videos stand out on social media platforms, catering to a particular audience. "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" (ASMR) refers to the relaxing effect you experience while listening to particular sounds. Examples of the sounds that provide this calming sense could be the light tapping on a surface, packaging, brushing sounds, etc.

13. Q&A Sessions

You can gather questions from your followers or the comment section. Then, you answer questions on TikTok videos. Or you can answer them by going live.

14. Instructional Content

Creating educational videos on TikTok also elevates visibility and is one of the best TikTok video ideas. The thing is, you should know how to balance. TikTok is much more than dance and lip-syncing videos; it is a great place to create educational content. You should integrate educational and fun content into each other.

15. Art Videos

This one is for all the artists. You can share your creative process with your audience on TikTok. People love art content on social media because, first of all, it is appealing to the eye. You may also use this to promote your work on social media, which will help you obtain more visibility.


How the TikTok Algorithm Works to Determine A Viral Video?

While people are captivated by your TikTok video, they likely begin to interact, comment on, and ultimately share it. The TikTok algorithm rewards user interaction. So, the interaction here is the key since it improves the chances for your video to go viral. TikTok algorithm considers:

  • User interaction
  • The number of followers you have
  • How many posts have you made and recommend similar content
  • Average watch time
  • Video information

So, you should encourage interaction and post videos as much as possible. Think about how you could use these factors in your TikTok video ideas to improve the performance of your content.

Tips Help Your TikTok Videos to Go Viral

There are some things you can follow to make your video go viral:

  • You can start your videos with a hook. So that people continue to watch your video.
  • Post regularly.
  • You can add subtitles for users who are deaf or hard of hearing. Also, it caters to people who want to watch without sound.
  • Get your audience involved.
  • Use hashtags so that TikTok algorithms can identify your content.

Should I Add Live Videos to TikTok?

You can post live videos to your audience on TikTok. Live videos provide you the chance to interact with your audience in real-time, and you increase engagement. So, it would be better to include it in your TikTok account.

How Often Should You Post Content on TikTok?

It may be better if you post at least 1 – 4 times per day on TikTok.

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