January 25, 2022

Fanatical Prospecting Audiobook: The Ultimate Guide You Will Ever Need For Sales

Fanatical prospecting audiobook is one of the best selling books on social selling, it can help you improve your sales by 100% if you stick to the laws and sales tricks mentioned in the book. The book is available in the form of an audiobook on audible. In this article, I will tell you about everything this book has to offer.


Fanatical Prospecting Audiobook

Jeb Blount is a bestselling author of this book and he has expressed his ways on how to build sales by giving him inspirations, tips and tricks. This will help you improve your skills in selling.

The subject matter that the salesman gets includes a very valuable process for them as well as having set-up plans about what are pursuing prospecting packages which includes audio CD’s. There are several success stories by Jeb Blount in this book. 

That's why you must understand what we are talking about here and these things can’t be buried because everybody wants to know the information that will help them create the whole sales process. 

I want to mention this book for everyone because making a decision to make your business is not an easy task and you need information that can help in the overall knowledge. 

It should be a trustworthy source where you will get rewarded with the best possible thing or services that other persons are presenting on the internet / print media.


Why Do You Need Fanatical Prospecting Audiobook?


I believe there may be several reasons even after reading right here why this audiobook created such a great thing as it is. You need to try new things which are very carefully selected and this way you will be able to achieve your goal in the market successfully . 

There was a family - friendly spoken word that makes reading with relaxation circumstances for example one hour is enough for listening each time on a daily basis just listen to our podcast called "Fanatical Podcast".

It tells a lot of information that you need to know when you are really starting up in the business and the answer is pretty big as each topic was handled very accurately and properly. 

They all belong together which comes a little bit difficult but instead there'll be some solid tips that will make things easy for those who have any idea about getting started an online shop on their own or just start into pick making business. 

This book includes enough knowledge without fail to make your word become a perfect source for you.


How Can This Audiobook Improve Your Sales?

Using this your digital store may be improved and increase the number of store traffic you will have. 

You definitely need to do regular marketing which is very essential in the world where competition takes place among other similar businesses. 

It includes a huge impact within business because when you are doing the best thing or service then only customers learn. 

"Fanatical Prospecting" audiobook can help for this purpose as well. 

Such kind of time consuming activities like social media marketing should be happening on an hourly basis accordingly to reach your saying without fail. 

Many of them have cases where they download this book from various websites but it looks like doing business with money. 

This audiobook covers some crucial sales topics such as how to start a sales conversation, Cold calling, Leveraging social selling, how to improve your callbacks rate, law of replacement, law of familiarity, the 5 C's of social selling and much more.


Starting Sales Conversation 

A sales conversation could be the best way to get businesses and establishments looking for people with a high aptitude. You can use these techniques from this Audiobook and earn more profit. 

With your chances of getting leads increase greatly, you will definitely have an advantage by hiring those skills or knowledge in the beginning stages of starting off business. 

Because on-line strategy is always changing so you must keep yourself updated about what's going on if not then it will be very hard for one person to climb over the others

It is necessary to write a sales conversation if you want to get business soon because on-line strategy is always changing

Planning perfectly for your sales conversation. It is necessary to write a sales conversation if you want to get business soon because on-line strategy is always changing.

It is always important to write a sales conversation because on-line strategy is always changing. Smartphones have been around for ages and the internet has grown in popularity, becoming more of an integrated part of daily life. 

With this change, the way conversations are made has also changed a lot.

The advent of smartphones plays a significant role in sales conversations because today's buyer pays attention to material things like design and experience most likely. 

Because of technology, face-to-face conversation is more like a video chat than a verbal one where we cannot offer gestures and voices.


Cold Calling

Cold Calling is a technique to obtain or create new contacts without any previous relationship by the job seeker. 

Cold calling can be divided into two main categories, first-time calls and long term approaches where each of them has advantages and disadvantages below are explained:- 

Cold calling, cold-targeting has been the most effective method of contacting a potential target and has to be cold (at first) - so feel no discomfort with messages as it’s real – because only you know what will work in this situation being professional. 

Employer, who called, carefully chose your name from our database Bionics, which helped us learn about you more in detail for better planning of new consultings questions.


Leveraging Social Selling

Social Selling is a term used for the way of selling that has been influenced by social media. It consists of advertising, brand awareness and referral marketing. 

Social Selling can be implemented with increased targets increasing in distributors or customers when using mass messaging features at no cost to their business model i.e idealistic sales skills need not apply anymore since there are many tools available to do it free.

It encompasses all social means: word-of- mouth, web, content marketing and word of search. This process is used by organisations to expand brand awareness effectively beyond their own websites. 

It can be done via creating a more efficient loyalty program that makes these products available through family and friends waiting for them at home or on the go which in turn increases consumer's exposure over competitors with less incentivisation.

Companies can also implement Sourcing, hence expanding the reach of their marketing campaigns by broadening opportunities to gain information on customer concerns, needs and buying behaviours creating positive interactions in order to build trust.

Build brand recognition for a company socially with ease thanks to social media platforms taking the privacy fears off of personal identity & trust.

All you have is what others say about your business when sharing news articles & review via other means besides purchasing companies marketing reoccurring sponsor content - referred to as "sponsored stories" on Facebook, for example.

Social channels can also be used to serve target markets and clients better so that they are targeted with messages along the lines of their specific needs. 

Taking care of concerns such as people feeling self-conscious about how much money & time goes into products that end up all being a waste in this day in age where we buy instant gratification over quality always at the expense of time, effort & craftsmanship.


Law Of Replacement


The Law Of Replacement states that you should replace anything you're losing to make sure your current personal capital is as high as possible. 

In prospecting, this could mean stopping if the door numbers indicate a drop off in quality and buying into another area of the company instead. 

It could also be logging on to Facebook and announcing your intent to marry someone new so you can keep your engagement ring in the closet.


Law Of Non-Alignment 


Larger businesses have more options when determining who they go to for help and advice. 

You should also be willing to consider working with companies that are not already a part of your established network as long as you find it mutually beneficial and the fit is right.

This strategy helps build up new networks on social media & makes cold calls even easier from powerful sample mass email invoices, information lists, and other prospecting content.


Law Of Familiarity 


Making initial contact with professional titles & the messenger will make friends and relatives more likely to invest in you; this means you need to network like mad when cold calling. 

Become known as a power caller by getting personal connections. Knowledge and credentials are more powerful when presenting through shared experience, as opposed to your one time annual report.


Law Of Perspective Shopping

The Law of perspective shopping states that if a person buys their product, they will always buy what is the best deal according to their lifestyle. This law does not compete with the law of representative sampling. 

If someone is buying a product such as a car for example, and it operates based on different financial values, but only trusts that its manufacturer year sells cars for so much and when comparing different models. 

This individual will more likely purchase from the company that has the best prices and will make more decisions based on recommendations of people they already trust. 

Therefore buying from that company even though they might have got a bargain deal at another manufacturer.


Law Of Mass Marketing & Attraction 


This law states that: when someone is in need to fulfill this need, whether it is physical or mental (like shopping), the amount of fat under their skin can be used as common understanding. 

Instead, to try and meet this need, they are more likely to buy the products that offer what they already want.


The 5 C's Of Social Selling


It can be difficult to maintain a conversation in social selling, especially when you are competing with people who simply want to reach their everyday needs. 

Typically the people you meet at different places will not be professionals, I.e sales reps or potential customers either.

They don't expect a call from your company and when they see one on their Facebook newsfeed, it causes nervousness because an expectation was created first of seeing some ads from them (your competitors).

When we sell directly to someone in person for example by going face to face, it is very hard to sell if the person you are speaking with doesn't buy. 

So social selling avoids this a lot of times because when they post marketing articles and great offers on other networks people cross over from that network into your own and take action immediately using their brain's natural tendency. 

Seeing these posts along with remarketing methods but in their actual environment where they don't expect anything.



community includes Social media sites, blogs and websites etc. This website deals with the concept of how your audience ,sales reps, leads and brand-loyal customers can be reached by using various tools such as social network marketing (SMM). 

It explains why these people should support you adding more value to their day rather in an exchange for something they need or seasonably craving yours.



Collaboration is a process of sharing resources in such a way as to produce greater output (result). In social networking, the tools and information used for collaboration can be developed by you. 

They are available online due or no cost at all; they are easily accessible through click of mouse. Collaboration often occurs during site development that generates ideas on how to improve your brand presence online or offline .



contribution occurs when you give something of value to another person, group or company. It can be done in social networking via creating new content on your website's blog . 

Through a combination of writing and images with (listing) links for some products , services and people/ brands that interest specific niche market segments as well as subject matter experts here readers. 

They will also come up through promotional materials such mass advertising campaigns advertisements expect media execution.



Commenting is a tool in Social Media used to involve others with your business through community participation, engagement and social proof of the day. 

It's first approach (in terms of usage) was simply people writing comments on webcam. 

Live video hosted websites such as Ustream, Viddler etc but later there became more advanced ways for moderating effortless content storage secure sharing workflow as well individual user profile development/ creation.




The topic of fanatical prospecting deals with how investors should typically go about their business. It is a concept that many in the investment community believe is applicable to any financial industry, such as real estate investing or personal finance.

Fanatical prospecting regains its name from an adage that promises great success when applied properly. 

The idea behind it is simple: never stop looking for new opportunities, with eagerness and efficiency. Fanatical prospecting audiobook is the best selling book on this topic and I highly recommend you give it a listen.

I hope this article helped you get an idea about the book and if you want to check out the audiobook you can get that on Audible or you can buy the book from Amazon. If you liked this article then don't forget to leave a like.

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