January 25, 2022

Enterprise Software Sales Salary: Learn How Much You Can Make As A Software Salesman

In this article, I am going to tell you about enterprise software sales salary. Learn how much you can make by selling software. It is a very specific niche in the salesforce. However, it is very well compensated if you perform well. Stay tuned and find out how much you can make as a software salesman for big enterprise.


Enterprise Software Sales Salary


The Average Salesman will make about $58,000 to start with the main goal of starting salary and bonuses. They usually have an average annual income of more than $160,000 a year in terms of cash flow. 

To get up there fast you need to perform better than 37th percentile which is around 50% higher in financial performance measures over pre-selection evaluations from prior sales positions when looking for your first big company selling job after college . 

You should consider your skills, education and experience when looking for a sales job figuring out an enterprise software sales salary. 

Because in this market borders customer relationships are more important than product knowledge making all of it about the customer's needs not delving deep into system documentation. 

I will give you some useful tips on what to expect as far reaching products along with Microsoft Windows operating systems and Unix based solutions among others.


Enterprise Software Sales


Enterprise Software Sales Executive, IT Systems Analyst and Generalist Representatives (we will mention the common job titles) usually have some educational background in the communication arts field such as the English language. 

Microsoft office such as PowerPoint or Word, Unix type applications other than Windows version. Enterprise software sales salary can be really good given you keep up the sales volume. 

No matter what position you join please keep up your selling skills because a high volume of sales is essential keeping all products ranging from hardware to software equally important. 

Since this gives you almost seven opportunities to make a sale from every eight that passes your desk. The top selling product will depend on the sales manager you work for. 

For example a large media player can be very convincing in this type of environment but since it's mainly used by teens that don't use the software or care about such things an entirely different approach will be held to turn out good results. 

When working at these types of companies where system users are not contributing into their systems as much. 

Continuing with why would we still need In a high volume selling environment as well with this example have someone trained in the field that can receive input from system users about what's wrong or needs fixing. 

Being able to take notes for later on and maybe give us some insight into how we could improve things since it does not go like clockwork all of sudden.


Search Enterprise Software Sales Job Openings

Job Openings for Sales Representatives at various technology sites, such as Enterprise Software. 

Search open positions with multiple fields in different technology sectors through portals like job portal and careerbuilder dedicated to the IT industry or read on using this list of top CEOs who you can learn from based on their experience as an executive. 

Job Openings for Sales Representatives at various technology sites, such as Enterprise Software. Explore the different education requirements.

The lists are filled with job openings from all disciplines in information systems and many sectors like sales executive, software development manager or client support representative.


Career Path for this job 

You might be interested in career paths such as Software Development Manager or Computer Systems Engineer depending on your specific skills and opportunities that can suit you. 

The list is filled with job openings from different cities across America but open positions are offered online so it's very accessible also for those just starting out their careers, no matter where you currently live. 

Choosing a particular field like Management Information System Consultant will require training after college level, following the suggested job path will give you an opportunity to learn the latest technologies and how to use them. 

The following job openings are available depending on your background and preference, any of these positions can connect you with companies that fit your career interests or provide future prospects for employment growth.

Software Development Manager Demand for technical professionals keeps increasing and there is always a new position open at each company. 

Join the many newly graduated college dropouts working as software developers, currently looking for positions in technology websites like job portals or career builders.


What does an Enterprise Software Sales do?


An enterprise software sales is responsible for sourcing new sales opportunities. 

They generate interest in a software solution, negotiate and close sales discussions with potential clients, and provide the software negotiations through enterprise software companies to facilitate the transaction.

A career in software sales can open up two different working environments. You will most likely be proficient in both verbal and written communication skills. 

The interfaces between technology projects and other departments are vital to any organization's operations or growth plans.

Provides direction on the overall delivery of products from concept through development activities.


Similar Jobs to Enterprise Software Sales


Software sales: 

The role of a software sales consultant is to help customers make informed business decisions regarding the selection and implementation of IT products by providing independent, impartial advice.


Enterprise applications specialist: 

Specific roles within the application support sector can be applied across ranges such as technical services, global service management (GSM), global outsourcing centres and enterprise systems integration.


Enterprise sales engineer: 

An application management and support role that takes charge of a specified technology area or service line. The technical skills obtained within this career can include the following;

Maintaining software systems and appliances. Assisting end users with problems regarding hardware, configuration issues, updates to existing programs etc. 

Communicating product information such as new features/enhancements to improve overall product value for customers. 

Adhering corporate policies required for technology justification and compliance Obtaining persuasive arguments supporting the product requirements.


Software sales manager: 

Developing a product catalogue to include new solutions and solutions that meet their customers’ needs. 

Distributing this information to sales organizations such as in-house sales channels and direct marketing companies Training the personnel for an internal contact line, online ordering software etc.

Vetting clients or potential suppliers before entering into negotiations Securing business from hardware/software integrators (B2B) Providing technical support services on new products and solutions offered by their clients through remote dialogue. 

Telnet and secure FTP technologies Maintaining client relationships until completion of the sale.

Developing customer relationships with large organizations within financial services, manufacturing (through business process outsourcing), insurance etc. 

Who use specific software applications to maintain internal records/data or significant investments in IT hardware & telecommunications Networks that encompass sales channels such as external agencies (Mercer Consulting is an example).


Enterprise software sales representative:

Developing quality requirements for the sales team and their management by applying these to workflow Management-level representatives. 

Utilizing heavy utilizations of technical networking groups such as MS Exchange, SQL databases and e-mails (Microsoft Outlook) Setting up a flow chart or session logic that provides an integrated solution from start until finish with easy tracking.


Technology service sales executive: 

Technology service sales professional’s main responsibility is to provide technical services that enhance the value of an organization by rebuilding broken processes. 

In addition, technology service professionals are regular English speakers with excellent communication skills who can communicate effectively and interactively in meetings.

Enhancing customer satisfaction through innovation Maintenance or training support for existing products. 

Expert knowledge on internal databases & systems Integration between applications or their follow up due to user behavior Problems encountered on database maintenance/ upgrades or system administration. 

The overall performance of the organization includes all functions Internal data and systems.


Level of Education 

Entry level sales positions work on a company’s sales team on the front line. Depending upon the size of your organization, these types of roles may require specific educational requirements. 

For example, small or mid-size firms often employ sales associates with a college degree. 

These professionals might never be promoted to management but they still remain on one of the company’s most important selling teams and skills are needed in order for them to perform at their best.

Large scale companies prefer candidates that have undergone formal education. 

However, it does not necessarily require an advanced specialized program as many employees may keep up the network understanding regardless which platform is used to collect and process data.

Whichever the case, this position is one that requires certain behaviors as well additional certifications along with a higher degree of achievement in specific areas such as marketing or sales. 

There are many levels for each title within Information Technology field which may be contingent on age level and industry but common titles include:

SVTP - Senior Vendor Technical Professional (Level 1):

A more specialized training focus provided by a vendor for their own systems.

STP - Senior Technical Professional (Level 2):

A more technical focus on the hardware, operating system and software than a standard sales professional. Successors from 

SVP to this title may be elevated professionally with some form of training for specific roles or programs across an organization during the transitional period between an SVP in charge role as well as later promotion within that same position based on age level.

SVP - Senior Vendor Professional (Level 3):

This individual has a more technical focused position with a very limited scope to teach but may be modified on an organizational level as part of future expansion. 

Within standardization processes and systems malfunctions during penetration testing when required.

Typically this title will not include specific university education unless it was gained through entrepreneurship or some other platform which did not graduate past the junior level such as intern programs where technical training was given more in depth.


Average Base Salary for Enterprise Software Sales


53% of enterprise software salespeople are paid between $50,000 and $80,000

The average base salary is computed to be $100,683 dollars. 

With the median U.S. salary of approximately $35,500 per year working full-time, salaries range from about $28,733 to over $158,333 according to the last two turns of the inequality equation: 

(Base Salary - 50k) (Income/50-100,683)=Median Base Salary s=34%

Contributing to the inequality is hours worked. 

Enterprise software professionals work over 100 combined hours on average during a typical week according to a report by IT jobs website Monster: 

In a study by research firm PayScale.com , the number of hours worked per week varied considerably among their enterprise software sales professionals: average was 181, with the highest at 219 and the lowest at 157.

Aside from business sector specific perspectives towards compensation levels these findings offer an interesting benchmark when considering salary. 

In general perspective as many early-career years are spent establishing base level revenue streams before advancing to operational "senior" roles.

In summary - Base salary (as defined by Equal HR as 50% of annual income) is typically less than what is earned in the next highest category depending on years credited to experience. 

Our data shows that top earners often make over 90 times their average beginning salaries, but seldom exceed 200 or more times. 

Even those numbers can be misleading with smaller companies and indy recruitment programs making it much harder to break into the upper reaches of our current field earning ratios. 

They reveal a more nuanced situation when factoring in salary by years at the company, bonuses and other larger forms of compensation such that although for many analytics professionals base is less than 100k plus benefits total income.

To achieve those performance levels can be much higher over three or four years (averaging 2-3 times average annual pay after taxes).




Software sales is a very particular niche but it is one of the biggest industries that is focused arounds sales. In this article I have talked about enterprise software sales salary. 

The job requires you to be exceptional in sales and well versed with computer software.

I hope this article was helpful and it educated you about this field. 

If you want to look for jobs related to software sales you can apply on sites like indeed.com, monster.com and LinkedIn. If this article was helpful don't forget to leave a like and share it with your friends who might be interested in sales.

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