March 3, 2022

The Email Subject Lines That Wins Customers

Email subject lines are what gets opened. This is why they are so important. A message with a high open rate tends to be read, impacting your reputation and deliverability rates. Here's our list of professional email subject line examples that we've seen work well for businesses in the past.


Good Subject Lines For Emails You Need to Know

Best email subject lines to increased response, time on site and potentially conversions.

News sites and change resolutions are too unusual for search engines to index properly. Why? Good clicks on a domain that otherwise would have almost zero online exposure because of its position in the bottom crawl tree where it's challenging to get good ranks, leading to irresistible subject lines.

Best way to start your day (Keywords).   In order to write Best email subject lines simple and memorable phrases that you can use even if they are too lengthy or confusing when used in the body text of an email, such as "The best phrase is always the title.". 

Bonus: You get any word thrown at YOU like [best], [owns] etc. Continue reading to know more about Best email subject lines but we'd prefer Best Ewe ever! 

Don't get carried away with spamming on search engines. Get a fun name for your site and use it somewhere in the body text of emails to help people remember you—parenting website (Keywords). It helps grab attention with keywords and has an excellent [click] rate because the parent's generation is still using email, so this catches their eye even if they're not logged on or at home…

Summarize a news story that most read online without getting too technical or fantastical in an email. It's not just any information - but one that is easy to digest, helps you make a quick decision or action and doesn't require extended reading/thinking (Keywords):  Alerts are happening! Cell phone alerts trigger others' cell phones as well!

The subject lines of your email are the main thing your recipients notice when they open your email. It can make or break the email's effectiveness, sometimes even more so than your content. So what makes a great subject line?

Create a new about us with each product.

Getting an alias to start the search produces much better results than if you don't give it one at all:  

Keywords :  [check] [safe]. Use more than one word - they're still known as keywords, so find some good ones (Keywords).Below we provide a list of professional email subject line examples that increase open rate.

Subject Lines Writing

When writing your email, one of the most important things you can think about is the subject line. It provides an excellent first impression for your recipient and should be used as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

You don't want a generic 'Product announcement', or even someone saying "I have awesome news" - your message must indicate what they are going to get, and in doing so can allow it to be an offer that proves most appealing. Use the correct language of headlines for email subject lines:

How To (Subject Line). It's more than just a question - but it's also not passive. A quick lesson on [type] completely changed my life! This is more functional than contrived...

Also, it must contain two words or fewer that, when put together, express more meaning in combination:  Learn [something] completely changed my life! 

Keywords: Get rid of your frustrations and learn how to do things you want rather than those that are required ;-). When the body receives this, they will instantly know what is going on and can judge whether they want a deeper understanding.

Titles Matter Captivating titles will make your chatbot stand out from the field - you are no longer talking in plain English but commanding them with their own vernacular. Titles have been seen as promotional and manipulative before, objecting at first because 'it's not like writing'. We now know this is far from accurate.

We use good titles now because the reality is that a title can enhance recognition and retention rates for your chatbot. They trigger an emotional response in users, making them more active in learning from you and caring about what is being said. 

In this pursuit of talking to people better, 'titles' are our new words - if I could only have one thing fall into my hands, it'd be titled! Try using powerful verbs such as educate, captivate and intrigue. A good title is always under construction. It must never feel like a finished product (Neil Gaiman).

Emotional Responses are Crucial As our concept of chatbot evolves from promotional to expecting more 'authentic', we have lost the frontiers that used to separate scams from genuine communication; people will begin voting with their wallets based on how they feel about interaction, so you need two sides- the 'you' [your bot] and the user . 

With that, we must adapt our language so it is instant to understand; in addition, you can use emoticons to show areas of concern or anger but be aware this will only extend what a smiley face would say into something more.

Bear in mind other states as well - if your interaction ends with an upset feeler, leave them positive feedback even though they had negative feelings- the primary purpose was to improve with your bot, and they are a valued customer.

Robust vocabulary is critical, an essential aspect of using strong language in your titles. Strive for words such as 'listen' rather than "what?". 

This ties into a debate over negative versus positive training: whilst you might expect users to moan about how you're not listening all day, it's better to understand (Randal Olson) - don't get me wrong, I love a good moan, but they are helpful to allow you to tune your chatbot with input from the public.

Customers want to feel that they're speaking with a person- be it an agent (like McAfee) or an inveterate money lover like me. This can help keep the anxiety at bay, knowing how many people are interacting with your brand, and while we all love critics, I wouldn't use someone's name if you've done so already! 

Titles like "Hi, how can we help you today?" or words that sound unnatural and show no attempt at communication such as Netflix's 'Ask' will do nothing (Paul Yukari) - keep it simple and speak of something in real life that is easy for users to understand (HOES or HOS ).

The subject line should be enticing and intriguing in a way that makes them want to click on it more than once, so be sure you're using these tips when crafting yours.

Introduce yourself   (your bot) in such a way that it feels like you are familiar and welcoming them as old friends rather than seeing people they don't know.

The tone of your text should reflect the content of your title, so consider using relevant keywords to attract responses and be sure not to excite or hyphenate titles; this is just intelligent brand management.

Consider even occasionally playing with acronyms- although remember acronym charades is a bit of an old hat, why not take inspiration from the marketing world by using emojis or hashtags as a form of reinforcement.

Most important, though, is to think about your customer first, rather than yourself and make it clear that you sincerely want them to be part of this process! Try leaving out some bot specific language altogether, because if done carelessly in conjunction with these tips above might result in disappointment for all involved :-).

Oh, a recommendation for you all that I feel is worth mentioning: Our team use in our work as well, and they are excellent, really top of the game! Below is an example of what their bot looks like when I reach out to them directly…

If you're considering a more personalized experience, considering a custom ChatGPT bot could be a smart move for unique needs and audience specificity.

The Good Subject Lines For Emails

Professional email subject line examples can make or break your email marketing.

The main thing your reader notices is the email subject line, and they should quickly identify what you are mailing them.

Quick Tips for Good Subject Lines for Emails that are worth knowing 

  1. Ensure all of your emails contain an 'r' somewhere in their title- this way, it's less likely they will delete/archive left field spam-like newsletters, bulk mailers or general copy paste instead, they may take y, which then ranks higher on their list because presumably there's something of value in there? (and create a more attractive subject line accordingly)
  2. Keep titles professional and concise. In order to write good subject lines for emails using keywords similar to the message body helps to ensure relevance - although removing pseudo-lingo like 'headlines', 'best', or any other variation thereof is generally common sense. Using these words also make your emails harder for email filters to track/perform analysis on automatically, so you're less likely that they'll be detected by these systems and passed to individual contacts you'd like.
  3. Include an explanation or summary of your message in the email subject line - a quick sentence with general details is usually enough. If it's not, then make something up! For example, Recruitment Procession!! A brief update on our annual recruitment process (although I suspect this may have been done too early/too often)Continue reading to know more about good subject lines for emails to ensure that FLEXO do not tag and pass the title in Blocked-Sender Roster, I have/will be using this template: <STRONG><FONT COLOR=" #008000">Good News!</FONT></STRONG> to identify my emails.
  4. Verbalize brand-related content in your email subject line - for example, a company update is more relevant when worded "Notification Regarding Market Expansion" than just plain notification. Personal health-related updates are also a good bet or any other common phrases in your industry - the idea is to only use content from specific publishers/ egos involved with what you're trying to promote.

They are the gateway to whether someone opens your email, clicks a link in your email, or unsubscribes from your list. Below are some of the best subject lines you can use to increase sales and build an engaged audience.

The majority of messaging systems consume the subject line as a significant factor in whether they open/read an email - therefore, having great ones makes marketing campaigns easy! It does no difference whether you feel your email is beautiful, hot, or funny.

All that matters is the content and how it compares to your competitors' emails (above).

Professional Email Subject Line Examples

Subject lines that work for professional email marketing campaigns can be challenging to craft. However, it would help if you had some key phrases and ideas in mind when crafting your subject line.

These are important because they will help pull in the call-to-action ("action" is an imperative word that speaks to people's interests and triggers them to take action on what you're offering) and make sure your email makes a good impression.

We've separated the subject line from email content to emphasize how much effort we should put into crafting it for better results.

Why You Need Good Email Subject Lines

Your email subject line is one of the biggest words in your brand strategy. It’s what prospective customers or clients see first after reading your message, and it can make all the difference between someone opening—or not opening—your messages.

10 Best Email Subject Lines

#1 Fear of Missing Out

Here are some professional email subject line examples for emails that use the fear of missing out.

"Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring."

"You're missing out on points."

'You've got ONE DAY to watch this…."

"Your 7-figure plan goes bye-bye at midnight…."

''WEEKEND ONLY, grab this NOW before it's taken.''

"Mary, Earn double points today only."

"Tonight only: A denim lover's dream."

#2 Curiosity

Here are some fascinating examples of subject lines that will keep you curious.

"Don't Open This Email."

"The final Day To Find Out What This Mystery Email Is All About"

"10 bizarre money habits making Millennials richer."

"Check out my new "man cave" [PICS]."

"Is this the smartest career in marketing?"

"What They Eat In Prison"

"9 Disgusting Facts about Thanksgiving."

"Hologram Shorts?!"

"A faster donkey."

"A surprise gift for you! {unwrap}"

#3 Funny Subject Lines

Here are a few humorous email subject lines to get your subscribers to smile.

'Where to get Beer Right Now' (posted at 6:45 a.m. on a Wed.)"

"Licking your phone never tasted so good."

"Deals That made Us smile (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)"

"We Like Being Used"

"Pairs nicely with spreadsheets."

"As You like" (A reference to the film "The Princess Bride."

"Need a day at the beach? Just scratch n' sniff your way to paradise…."

"Boom shakalak! Let's get started."

"On New Year's Eve, aim to dodge these 27 people."

"Yes, I'm fat." "You Can Quit Staring At My Belly Now."

"NEW! Vacation on Mars"

"See what you got, you small jerk," (This is a reference to the movie "Home Alone." ( We think.)

#4 Vanity

Here are a some examples of clever email subject lines that exploit vanity to their full potential:

"Don't wear last year's styles."

"These Workout Pants Will Make Your Butt look fat!"

"How Have You advanced Since the Third Grade?"

"Gift inspiration for the discerning cyclist"

"Age-defying beauty tricks"

"Get Ready. Keep the Pie Off Your Thighs Returns."

"As worn in the World Tour."

"Products the celebs are wearing."

#5 Greed

Few great email subject line ideas for reaching your subscriber's "greed" button:

"Meet your new jeans."

"Get a head start on summer."

"Flash. Sale. Alert."

"New must-haves for your office"

"A new product you won't pass on."

"25% off your favorites"

"Two for two"

"A little luxury at a great price"

"Complimentary gift wrap on all purchases"

"Get priority access."

#6 Sloth

Here are a few fantastic examples of email subject lines that will get sloth happy:

"The 63-Point Checklist for building the perfect Optin Form by..."

"These 30 content upgrade ideas will help you build your email list 10X faster."

"How to email a busy person (including a word-for-word script)"

"Steal these email templates Now!"

"A local Ad in 60 Minutes or Less' is a popular short film targeted at a local audience."

"192 blog post Outline"

#7 Pain Points

Here are some examples of email subject lines that bring out the subscriber's pain points and offer a solution…

"Feed your guests without breaking the bank."

"Where do all these toys go?"

"These simple fixes will help you get more kitchen space."

"Stop wasting money on ink."

"Your beauty issues solved"

"Since we can't all win the lottery…."

"How to Survive Your Next Overnight Flight"

"Cute and affordable fashions."

"Stop wasting time on mindless work."

"Only 5 minutes per day can you study a language."

#8 Retargeting

Here are a few excellent examples of retargeting email subject lines:

"How you can pay for Your first 10,000 Readers (closing tonight)"

"Hey, forget something? Here's 20% off."

"The price for something in your cart was sunk."

"Mary, your Envira account is on hold!"

"I'm deleting your Envira account."

"Offering you my email."

"Did you lose out on some of these other features?" he asked.

"Good News: Your Pin's price dropped!"

"Unroll. I have stopped working"

"We are not going to let up on You!"

#9 Personal

Here are a several examples of personal email subject lines that receive a lot of attention:

"Mary, check out these hand-picked looks."

"Happy Birthday, Mary – Surprise Inside!"

"Mary, do you remember me?"

"I didn't notice your name in the comments," he responded.

"Are you coming?"

"You've Changed."

"So I'll pick you up at 7?"

"Crazy Invitation, I'm coming to Buy You Lunch!"

"Vanilla or Chocolate?"

"I love you."

"Seriously, Who DOES This?"

"Quick favor?"

"Are you free this Thursday at noon PST? [guest blogging class]."

"? your detailed results…."

"300% increase in revenue with a single option + a neat growth trick from my mastermind!"

"Thanks for helping us."

"Two razors for your friends (on us)"

#10 Straightforward

Here are a few examples of email subject lines that come straight to the point:

"Yes, this is a fundraising email."

"Best coat ever."


And these "average subject lines were the most popular among 40 million emails, with an open rate of 60-87%…

"[Company Name] Sales & Marketing Newsletter"

"Eye on the [Company Name] Update (Oct 31 – Nov 4)"

"[Company Name] Staff Shirts & Photos"

"[Company Name] May 2005 News Bulletin!"

"[Company Name] Newsletter – February 2006"

"[Company Name] and [Company Name] Invites You!"

"Happy Holidays from [Company Name]"

"Invitation from (Company Name)"

Top Subject Line Keywords

You should use your subject line keywords to drive your subscribers towards a specific landing page. This is one of the most popular methods for turning email subscribers into leads, and it can be achieved using good keyword research.

For your subject line to be as powerful and effective, you need to use it correctly. The most important thing is that the right people see the subject lines! Here are some things we want your subscribers returning to:

People who Join Your Network …your email list should have an ending point (i.e., what will happen after they reply), when a prospect's first response comes in, or an options opportunity such as a gift.

People who Click on Your Links …you want your subscribers to be clicking through on links we provide and finding the products, videos or special sales that produce tangible results for them. If they don't click through, you could lose a potential deal (and trust) with someone you were trying to market to! With all of these factors in mind.

After being at the top for so many years now, proven email campaigns can affect your leads and sales in a very positive way if done correctly. If you don't have time to write and send personally signed email blasts, I suggest you look at the ZOO Virtual Member management site.


The top subject line keywords for open rates were found in another study from Alchemy Worx, which estimated 24.6 billion emails.





Email Subject Line Best Practices

There are 5 email subject line best practices for email subject lines that you must be familiar with to get the most out of your email marketing. Let's go over them below.

1. In email subject line best practices Focus on the customer's problem. Say that again, "Focus on the customer's problems." It's a simple message, but one of the biggest mistakes SMB marketers make when email marketing is writing subject lines that are too general and not targeted to your audience or reader group (often called an "audience segmentation" strategy). For example:

How Does Your Company Reduce My Tax Bill? You'll Get Potty-Proof Disposable Underwear??

It is not going to be listened to by the right people. Instead, rewrite this subject line: How Does Your Company Reduce My Tax Bill? Decrease Tax Outgo and Improve Profitability? Finally, I can Have a James Bond Bathroom Cleaning OD on my Timeshare!!! You get the idea!

2. The second one is a little more targeted but still original and exciting; you could even make it personal like Hey Mr or Mrs Greenleaf, Your Check for $20 Million has been Paid Out!

3. I bet you never thought of these two little words together but making the subject line such a long sentence makes it so much more exciting and increases open rates dramatically: Swing by Teddy's Thrill Hounds Variety Store for Free Gift With Purchase Coupon -or-Make an Appointment Today. Is your time worth $600?Read full to know more about email subject line best practices.

4. I've seen this strategy a lot as well, and it will increase your open rate; if you're like me, then that means every time I read something about direct mail, email marketing or advanced copywriting, I get interested and sad at the same time! Well, try one of these for size: The Great Adipose-Lingua Scam -or- Clean Your Life Out With Cheaper Game Cards. S uck it!

5. I love the rewrite of this subject line, but I just replaced "The '' with "US" in email subject line best practices And if you wonder who Teddy's Thrill Hounds Variety Store is, then read some about alternative online coupon sites here. My favorite example would be: Flower Shop Coupons for America Buy Direct -or Macy's Paperless Shopping, or can we buy shoes from a flower store already?

Funny Email Subject Lines

When in good humor, it's no secret that people are more prone to purchase more. It makes no difference whether you are selling apparel or coffee; you are golden if you can get subscribers to feel good when delivering your emails. Brooklinen is one of our favourite brands utilizing humor to its advantage. 

Using funny email subject lines OR curse words , the retailer writes funny subject lines to differentiate itself from the many other emails in the reader's inbox. It does. 

Humour may not work for your business, but don't be afraid to press the envelope if it works. People notice it. Humor goes beyond this post, but you can't be wrong by analyzing and picking from our favorites funny email subject lines listed below.

Funny email subject lines:-

"How d'ya like your socks in the morning??"

"Does this come in black?" 

"It's finally (mostly) sunny!"

"Great, another email!"

"Call me Thigh Fieri"

"Ahhhhhhh."—Your feet Beardbrand: [True or False]: Your beard loves to lift, bro.

"SALE! Extra 40%! Sorry for yelling!"

"Forget Your Troubles; come On, getting Matchy!"

Answers You Are Looking For!

1.How do you create a good email subject line?

You need to keep a few things in mind when creating an email subject line.

The first thing is to make sure that the subject line is catchy and easy to remember. It should also be relevant to the email content to open it.

Another critical factor is to make sure that your email subject lines are not too long or too short. They should be between 1-3 words long, and they should be clear and concise.

2.How can I make my emails more interesting and catch the attention of my readers?

There are a few things that you can do to make your emails more exciting and catch your readers' attention.

One way is to include images in your emails. This will help break up the text and make it easier to read. You can also use different fonts and colors to make your email look more appealing. You can also include links to interesting websites or articles that you've found.

In your email so that readers can learn more about what you are talking about.

3.Why is it essential to have a good email subject line?

A good email subject line can help increase the chances of a person opening your email.

Subject lines should be catchy and exciting, and they should be relevant to the content of your email.

Some examples of good email subject lines include: "5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign" or "How to Write an Eye-catching Email Subject Line That Gets Results.

4.What are the best Christmas sale email subject lines? 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best Christmas sale email subject lines will vary depending on your business and the products or services that you offer.

5.How do you write an email subject?

To write an email subject, you need to come up with a catchy and relevant phrase that will grab your recipients' attention. Try to be as specific as possible when writing your subject so that people know exactly what they will receive.


In conclusion, subject lines like these are more likely to be clicked.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when creating your email subject line.

  • Make it catchy and attention-grabbing.
  • Find keywords that are related to the content of your email.
  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • Make sure that the subject line is appropriate for the email content.
  • Avoid spammy or offensive language in your subject line.

Email subject lines can attract leads and increase conversions. And you can see the entire sales journey of every lead in a place with the help of Cliently. You will also enjoy the power of AI. To subscribe to Cliently now.

We don't only provide one form of communication; we also provide two other forms of communication. Mix it up and keep in touch with your contacts. AI Magic is used by Cliently to join the dots from lead to sale and increase conversion rate by providing your clients with a more personal experience. How do you increase engagement? Send more than JUST email. 

Unlock the power of personalized automation to its full potential.

Starting up a campaign in bulk is easy. Do you need to get it up with email, video, and direct mail? Even better to transport. Even once it's started to become even more personal, you can still customize any flow at any time. And a lot more.

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