October 11, 2021

Dumb Marketing Jokes for Smart Marketers

We know you’re smarter than the average marketer, but you probably don’t get a chance to practice in a real-world environment. Even if you do, how often is your team really looking for a good laugh? Here are a few dumb marketing jokes to help give your team a break from being so serious all the time.

Have you run out of topics to discuss with your family this fall? Do you want to make a good first impression on your boss? Do you need a fantastic one-liner to start your next speaking engagement?

Why not start with a laugh?

Nothing makes me laugh like a good joke — unless it's a fantastically corny joke. And that, my friends, is all we have for you today. My fantastically stupid marketing colleagues sent me ten marketing jokes. To be honest, I could read a few hundred more of these, so please share your corny (or truly funny) marketing jokes with us in the comments for the love of marketing!

1Q: How do you fix a broken chocolate bar? 

A: With Marketing!

2Q: What does Marketing do when her computer freezes? 

A: Marketing restarts it. Marketing is all about rebranding problems.

3Q: Why are Marketing teams always on LinkedIn? 

A: To update their Company page. Marketing teams are known for updating posts to keep up with the latest Marketing trends. Marketing is just a compound word of Marketing and it's all about marketing your brand on social media, otherwise known as SMM!

4Q: What do you call a Marketing executive who cannot walk? 

A: Marketing! Marketing execs are known for getting out into the field and building relationships. Marketing is all about meeting potential customers and engaging them online, otherwise known as EGO!

5Q: What do marketers put in their bodies to give them energy? 

A: Marketing Moxie! Marketing executives need to be full of Marketing energy, otherwise known as Marketing PEP!

6Q: What kind of Marketing do you need to do in the jungle? 

A: High Marketing. Marketing execs are always working on their social media presence and building relationships with people online, otherwise known as Marketing 2.0!

7Q: Why did Marketing miss his Aunt's birthday party? 

A: Marketing forgot! Marketing execs are always so busy Marketing online that they forget about the other things in Marketing life, otherwise known as Marketing balance!

8Q: Why was Marketing late for her appointment with a doctor? 

A: Marketing needed to find a parking spot. Marketing execs know how to effectively market online and Marketing their brand, otherwise known as Marketing SEO!

9Q: What type of Marketing did Marketing do after she broke up with her boyfriend? 

A: Marketing rebound! Marketing execs know how to pick themselves back up, get re-Digital Marketing!

10Q: What did Marketing tell her boss?  

A: Marketing told Marketing that Marketing had Marketing plans. Marketing execs are known for making time for work, even when they have other things going on in their personal lives, otherwise known as Marketing commitments!

11Q: What kind of Marketing does Marketing use to show content? 

A: Social Media Marketing! Marketing execs know-how!

12Q: Marketing said she would ask for a pay raise. What did Marketing do first? 

A: Marketing googled "how to ask for a marketing." Marketing execs know that they have to understand their audience's needs to Marketing their product, otherwise known as Marketing objectives!

13Q: Marketing saw a frog. What did Marketing do? 

A: Marketing laughed and Marketing it! Marketing execs know how to engage with people online and tell a story, otherwise known as Marketing funnel analysis!

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