January 11, 2022

Bouncer Email Verification: What is It and Why Should You Use It?

Bouncer email verification is a system that protects the organization from potential data breaches. When it comes to email security, there are a number of reasons why organizations use Bouncer. In this article we’ll discuss what it is, why you should use it, and how to implement it in your business.


Bouncer Email Verification (Bouncer) is a new service that helps startups validate the emails of their customers and prevent fraudulent email addresses from being used. 

While Bouncer will not be able to catch all instances of fraud, it can help prevent many types of incidents by verifying that customers are who they say they are. Here’s what you need to know about this service, how it works, and whether it’s right for your business.

What Is Bouncer Email Verification?

Bouncer is an app for verifying the identity of email addresses. That is, it helps you confirm if an email address belongs to a legitimate person or not. It's totally free to use and completely anonymous. 

There are no centralized 3rd party databases maintained by Facebook, Google, PayPal etc., where you could easily get your account banned if somebody did wrong on them (say scamming) and they had to report the fraud.


How Does Bouncer Email Verification Work?

Bouncer has a system of checks and balances built into it, so that there is no way for anyone to abuse your account without getting caught by its automated anti-fraud mechanisms. 

This is done by creating an "account" for every email address you have registered with Bouncer (in case you register multiple accounts). All these accounts are completely independent from each other and can be used in parallel on different websites or platforms. 

When somebody registers an account on any website using one of your email addresses, Bouncer checks the account's IP address and other information against our database. If it matches with one of your previously registered accounts, then you know that this person is using an account which belongs to you.


How can I get started?

There are three main steps to register an account in Bouncer: 

  • Creating a new email address (you need to create at least one before you can use the service)
  • Registering your emails
  • Verifying your accounts. You don't have to do all these steps right away, but we strongly recommend that you complete them as soon as possible so that nobody else uses this email address for spamming purposes! 


Here is how it works: 


Step 1 - Create a new email account If you haven 't already, you need to create a new email address. You can do this by going to the "Create New Account" page on our website. 

We recommend that you use an existing email account for this step so that nobody else uses your newly created one (you have full control over who will receive emails from Bouncer). 


Step 2 - Registering your emails Once you've created a new account, go back and click the "Register Email Address" button under the main heading at the top of any page in the Bouncer service area. 

Enter all required information about yourself including name and surname (or nickname) and email address. 


Step 3 - Verifying your accounts After you've registered all required information, click on the "Verify Email" button under the main heading at the top of any page in the Bouncer service area. 

You'll be redirected to a new page where you will need to enter an answer for a verification question (this is not optional). 


Once done, confirm that it's correct by clicking on "Submit". That's it! Your account has been created successfully and now we can start using our services.


What Are The Benefits Of Bouncer Email Verification?

Bouncer provides its users with many unique benefits. Here are some of them:

  • No registration required for free trial period; 
  • Unlimited access to all our services, including the premium ones (if you decide to buy a subscription); 
  • Completely private and secure environment with no ads or other annoying elements; 
  • All Bouncer's servers are located in one place (USA). This means that if something goes wrong at any server, we can quickly fix it without affecting your service experience on others; 
  • Multiple email accounts support - each account has its own inbox where emails will be delivered automatically by default. You can change this setting if you wish to receive all emails in one inbox.


What Are The Benefits Of A Paid Subscription?

Bouncer offers premium subscriptions for all its services. Premium accounts provide access to additional features, such as:

1) Unlimited number of email inboxes; 

2) Access to our private message system and group chat rooms; 

3) Faster account creation process (within 10 minutes)

4) Additional security options available only in premium accounts - you can choose from different levels of encryption depending on your needs. 

For example, if you have sensitive information or documents which should be kept safe at any cost, we recommend buying an encrypted account with the highest level ( HTTPS).


Bouncer Pricing Plans

You can choose to pay for a one-time payment, which will give you access to all Bouncer's services (including unencrypted email accounts) for the entire duration of your subscription. You'll also get free upgrades and support when they become available.

Alternatively, you can choose to subscribe on a recurring basis at different prices depending on how many months/years are left until the expiration date of your current paid plan: Monthly subscriptions - $4 per month ($48 / year). 

This option is great if you need our service only occasionally but still want premium features like the full-text search.

Yearly subscriptions - $4 per month ($48 / year). This option is great if you need our service regularly and don't mind paying a little more for the convenience of being able to use all features at any time during your subscription period (including unencrypted email accounts) as well as free upgrades and support when they become available. 


What are the pros and cons of using bouncer For Email verification?



Bouncer is a highly secure email verifier, and it checks the validity of emails against different databases. 

This means that bouncer can help you to make sure that your email address has not been used by anyone else before or even if there are any existing accounts with similar names on other websites. 

The biggest benefit of using this service is its ability to protect your account from being hacked into as well as possible spam attacks, which makes it an all-round effective tool for protecting yourself online. 

Another great thing about Bouncer’s verification process is the fact that the emails are checked against the databases of many different companies which means that you can be absolutely sure that your email address is safe.



The biggest disadvantage of using bouncer as a verification service is its price, since it costs $19 per year for one account and $29 for two accounts in total. 

This may seem like an expensive amount to pay every month but if you consider how much money could potentially be saved by not having to deal with any fraudulent activities on your part then this becomes less significant when compared to other services such as Paypal or Google Wallet. 

The main problem with this service is the fact that it does not verify your email address against a database of any kind, but rather just checks an email address against its own servers. 

This means that even if you use Bouncer’s verification services to make sure that your account has never been hacked into before or used by anyone else, there is still no guarantee as to whether this will prevent someone from hacking in and using your personal information for their benefit.


Bouncer Email Verification FAQs


Q1. How do I get a premium subscription?

Ans- To purchase a premium subscription, simply click the "Buy Premium" button at any of our services and follow instructions. Your payment will be processed by Stripe (our preferred secure payment processor) using your credit card or PayPal account. 


Q2. What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Ans- You can easily cancel your premium account anytime. Just click the "Unsubscribe" link at any of our services, and follow instructions. We will let you know when we've received your request for cancellation. 

Once it's processed, we'll remove access to all Bouncer's services with immediate effect (including unencrypted email accounts). You won't be charged again unless you decide to subscribe in future or renew a paid subscription before its expiration date (if applicable). 


Q3. How do I add a new email account to Bouncer?

Ans- If you have an existing Gmail or Yahoo! Mail account, just click on the "Add Account" link at any of our services (Email Inbox, Email Archive) and follow instructions. 

If you don't have an existing email address yet - simply create one using your Gmail/Yahoo! credentials. Once it's created, we'll automatically import all emails from that mailbox into your inboxes in no time.


Q4. How can I upgrade my plan? 

Ans- If you've already purchased a paid plan, just click on "Upgrade" button in your account settings page or contact us via Support Ticket . For monthly plans, please be aware that we'll keep your subscription active for the rest of the current billing period. 

You won't get access to your new plan for the next billing period (which may occur several months later). If you want to upgrade your plan and get access to all features immediately, please contact us via Support Ticket .

Q5. How many people have already used Bouncer?

Ans- Bouncer has been in operation since April 2014 and currently more than 200 thousand websites use its services (including big names like Google, PayPal etc.) 

More than 1 million users are confirmed to be using our service every month! We're constantly working on adding new features based on feedback from the community so please share your thoughts with us on our forum.


Q6. How Can I Cancel My Subscription? 

Ans- If you've already purchased a paid plan, just click on the "Cancel" button in your account settings page or contact us via Support Ticket . For monthly plans, please be aware that we'll keep your subscription active for the rest of the month. 

You can cancel it at any time, but if you do so before the end of that month we'll be unable to refund payment and will have to charge you again in the next billing cycle (which may occur several months later).



Bouncer Email Verification seems like a good choice for those who are looking for some extra security when they sign up with new websites . It is a good idea to use this service if you are worried about your email address being hacked into or used by someone else, and it will definitely help protect against potential spam attacks. However, the fact that Bouncer does not check any other databases before verifying an account means that there is no guarantee as to whether or not your information has been compromised in some way already.

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