January 25, 2022

Blissful Prospecting: Everything You Need To Know

Blissful prospecting is an online course that can change your prospecting skills. It has shown results and promise by giving numerous success stories. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Blissful prospecting.


What Is Blissful Prospecting?


Blissful prospecting is a method of sales call prospecting that does not require cold calling and instead sees the sales team approaching their targets using personal connections, ranging from emailing current clients or running a Facebook ad.

Blissful prospecting provides a more personal approach to selling than cold calling which requires less time out of the day. By leveraging relationships, the prospecting team is able to build up initial trust. 

Once the team has built up a small amount of invested interest, they are then presented with specific offers and introduced to new sales opportunities via their personal link - either by phone or face-to-face.

This process helps potential sellers collaborate with people who can help them meet their goal faster than traditional cold calling methods; having proved an ability to communicate in more detail on what is available through use of social media.


Blissful Prospecting Details 


As with cold calling, different methods of blissful prospecting have been used over the years along with refined approaches. 

Testing different ways to approach leads can help sales teams as a whole progress more fluently through their own understanding and improvement of these new systems. 

However, holistic business owners know that by applying practices like effective self-talk (SIT) which many Blissful Prospectors practice, it is possible for success to be achieved both personally and professionally. 

As with any successful method, there are certain techniques that can increase the effectiveness of blissful prospecting for everyone involved: Have a "Whale" - In online sales it is important to have direct and fast communication with your whale. 

Be intentional about reaching out- Make Good Choices Explore customer personas Analyse Strengths & Weaknesses Appreciate successes Encourage failures Get B2B Best practice. 

This involves approaching people who are in the sales process, typically according to sources such as: 

Salesforce CRM Social media LinkedIn Business contact databases Microsoft Outlook This enables you and all future prospects to be a creditable part of your continual personal improvement.

Contacting Good Prospects To avoid repeating yourself or being too loose with clients while they're still at their initial stage of researching new possibilities becomes important here. 

It is essential that business owners understand how it is that these leads are being filtered and defined.

Stress testing - this involves using certain tactics like prospecting cold, before activating a warm lead or even purchasing any kind of list activation tools. 

Be consistent in your choice to contact good prospects. 

Make the systems you use work for all walks within the business Following best practices when making new sales people aware of their influence.


How It Works

Blissful prospecting starts with what mainstream sales people try to achieve - they continue to focus on finding new opportunities and improving the services being provided by existing clients. 

Bloosey, in contrast; is focused more evenly across all three main areas of business life:

In traditional methods of activity there are a wider variety of tools that individuals who subscribe can use for this purpose. 

But most often it's only one or two which have been successful, working on the basis that they are well-known by prospects. 

They do this because sales professionals have spent years developing and honing their skills in these tools to achieve best results; 

Meaning that more generally fewer individuals use them than should be at work within such a field and similar industry - meaning it's harder for new ones who provide better ways of prospecting to break through into public awareness unless they're marketed heavily via some sort of marketing campaign which usually makes them difficult to find.

Bloosey's concept of Prospecting suggests that many more prospects are made available through much easier means than before as a result - all with vastly better results; because the 'way things used to be' is over. 

The reason for this is simply due to its simple and straightforward, yet very effective layout which should prove quite desirable amongst other sales people who wish it function within their teams or businesses.


Framework For Everything

In a world that increasingly demands work to be done quickly with high expectations, there's always demand for something - and many ways to provide it. But how does one know what services are needed? 

Employees aren't paid as much per hour anymore in lower skilled jobs such as sales and marketing; yet their needs are more than ever before... but where do you start if your company doesn't have the expertise or time required?

The Blissful Concept of Prospecting shows how a company can develop an environment in which everyone knows what services are demanded and it will work effectively too. It provides a simple way to uncover the true value that buyers expect.

Whether they're prospective clients or current customers; so your product needs more sales, yet lacking the fully developed appreciation of need it may seem there is no point trying to change this perception at least not alone.


Eager Followers

Eager to be your best salesperson, eager to raise their game in the new era of Prospecting; put yourself out there Ready for more.

The Blissful Concept of Prospecting suggests that it is much more effective and very different - putting all we know about selling into practice in an entirely genuine way when using this Approach. 

Using a simple but extremely detailed layout which shows how you're doing.


Stables For Everyone 


Whether you 'like' selling or not: Don't be afraid to try this Approach and see how it will work for your business - 

As a specialist service provider in any field, there are always sales opportunities in need of developed appreciation - This approach will help you develop a system in which your prospects and customers work together.


On-Demand Content

The Blissful Concept of Prospecting shows how almost everyone seeks, wants and expects help from sales people...or at least wants something. 

Returning to the marketing concept of 'free to good home'; and many business owners want a return on their initial investment; Blissful Concept of Prospecting shows how you can use that free help.


One-To-One  Vs. One-To-Many(Or Fewer)


As a business, you can get one source to provide the same service - and customers generally prefer this pricing arrangement or unless your competitors are offering free support arrangements.

Live Training & Coaching 

Customer's nowadays are increasingly interested with free help, training materials and 'specials' of an educational variety - 

Blissful Concept of Prospecting shows how you can use a live online platform that assists in your sales development plans using this Approach.

Blissful Proposes Future Developments Prospecting Perspective takes an alternative approach to introduce some ideas for possible future development in the use of these sales skills ("Blissful Concept"). 

Sales Funnel Approach, to some, if we include Prospecting & Attraction in the sales funnel then it is a completely different approach - although (as Blissful Concept demonstrates) with a sensible mix of prospects & customers. 

Prospecting and Prospecting Support


In the following discussion & example, we'll view prospects within general terms of a sales approach but according to Blissful Concept you don't need no-one else; that is unless they are providing free support (aka: "Fee For Service" or a 'receivables' pricing model).

Playbook Creation 


In the ever-upgrading online world, Keep Up with Ahead could be a useful way to keep track of what is happening in your Prospecting World. 

A "playbook" will help you pick, choose & examine prospects according to all things that matter; and given new ideas such as personalised - free advice from Blissful (aka: "Blissfest").

So depending on how well you can use Past Present Tense then it may or may not be time for you to consider using a "Workbook" approach; this seems most appropriate. Generally unless the 'Tone' is negative, Prospecting & Attraction are both very useful sales skills. 

Whilst the general selling approach under consideration here is using Prospecting & Attraction to reach out for new customers by exchange of sales messages, you could however consider that this represents an "advanced option". 

And so we can understand how one might look at these skills from a similar perspective. In keeping with the Unpredictability of Prospecting & Attraction then it may just be worth "Letting Things Happen", and that is not exactly true. 

Other than on a very personalized level where you don't need one or any-one else to help if you put busy as some kind of question mark next to Help. 

However, prior to this we'll continue only using general terms such as 'new prospect' for simplicity due to lack of time or better things. 

On the subject of "Attraction" then you could wish for that too, but unless it can be treated as Prospecting on a very direct level (aka: "Spam"). 

Attraction goes nowhere that is new in your direction; where other people turn up and place/hold you forward so it's not as loosey-goosey perceived. 

And this creates another problem, as people tend to put out false words of appeal for your consideration so that you bend over backwards and "Try '' hard to make it work for them; this is both the Life-Cycle Problem and a Type-Inference problem .


How the course can help you

1. Take control of your time and what you do with it - get things done instead of just dreaming about doing them.

2. Do work that generates sales income; if the result is a new customer, you'll make money off their business Spending Basket every month (or more often).

3. When you create value for a customer, they buy anyway; and when they do it will be more than once in the first 6 months of use!

Once your short-time objective has been achieved, there'll always be an opportunity to earn money from their spending basket.

4. The result is, you do your own Friday-night ritual / daily lunch routine (the rest of the week).

5. You keep yourself and all this extra income very busy; even after a month or so - because it keeps motivating you to get things done. 

6. You don't spend too many hours on your project - as it's still an exciting to-do & not a "Been There Done That" goal yet.


The key lesson: Good projects are worth doing on their own merit , which will make good money when they succeed...and give great life satisfaction in creating something that has value to others .

Build your confidence and exit with a battle-tested game plan for landing meetings on a routine basis


- Having a simple and clear game plan can be helpful in your career

- Your business is more than just using your network of contacts to call people and set meetings

- Offline hustling should be a big part of every job seeker’s skillset

- Routine meetings are key to building a pipeline of clients/taskers

- Business development calls can take on many forms, so define the best way for you to connect with the other side

- Call in advance to verify availability and schedule time synchronistically (not 4 hours apart)

- It's best to do business development calls when it makes sense for that person, their responsibilities and your agenda; this will have a higher probability of success if you are scheduled correctly.




Blissful prospecting is a very great course that you can take up as it will help you a great deal. I hope these tips helped to make this article worthwhile.

If you want to know more about Blissful prospecting you can listen to podcasts on Spotify or you can visit Blissful site. If this article helped you don't forget to leave a like and if you have anything to add feel free to comment down below.

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