April 12, 2021

Best Sales Books To Boost Your Sales Game

Knowing how to close a deal with confidence is one of the most important skills for any salesperson. Sales books can often be an excellent resource for learning new strategies and techniques. Here are some of the best sales books that will help you become a more confident, successful salesman.

A good salesperson is like a great riverboat captain: he knows the river, navigates upstream and downstream with ease, is comfortable going fast on a calm day or slow in a storm. You can't learn all this on your own, but there are a lot of books out there that will at least give you enough knowledge to float along on your journey.

Sales is one of the most important factors in business. Salespeople are some of the hardest workers and they will always be a necessity for any company to grow.Sales is a tough field, but it can be made easier if you have the right knowledge.

How do you become a better salesperson? Sales books. Sales books can help to improve your skills and teach you the correct strategies for success, but which ones should you be reading? This post will discuss some of the best sales books on various topics that are sure to make you a better salesperson!

Best Sales Books To Make You A Better Salesman 

What follows is a list of some of our favorite sales books. These are best seller books on sales which provides you with critical components like, managing the client's state of mind, analyzing what you sell and many more such things. These books have taken some people’s sales career to the next level.  These books provide practical insights that enable individuals to attain success in life and work!

  1. How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling- The title says it all! Harold D. Herstein has written a book which is known as an 'immensely successful' one with millions of people having bought it worldwide. It is not just another sales book; it is also a motivational book for those who are looking forward to making both their professional and personal life better. This self-help book teaches you how to lead your life by taking charge rather than letting circumstances control. A very simple text, the author has made it a point to write this book in such a way that everyone can be able to benefit from it. You might even find your life changing for the better after reading this 'motivational manual'.
  1. Secrets of Closing the Sale- One of the best selling books, Zig Ziglar's 'Secrets of Closing the Sale' is one that you must not miss out on. Rest assured, by reading this book, you will learn about what all salesmanship really means and how important closing deals really is. The author's vast experience shows through his words as he tries to teach people pitching sales techniques. If there was one sales book which could give you an idea of how sales happen and how to outdo your competitors, this is surely it. It has been written in such a way that the author ensures his readers receive complete value for their money.
  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- Powerful Lessons in Personal Change- One of the best selling books of all times, Stephen R. Covey's 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' is a true masterpiece. It has been translated into 38 languages and sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. This book is not limited to just being a sales book but it has something for everyone no matter what profession they are in. The book imparts lessons on how you can increase your efficiency, effectiveness and also teaches you how to be responsible towards yourself as an individual while dealing with others around you. You will learn about some very important ideas which may change your entire perspective about life! If there was one book which could change your life for the better, this is it.
  1. Secrets of Closing a Sale- Zig Ziglar's 'Secrets of Closing the Sale' has been a hot favorite of salesmen and managers alike who not only want to do well in their jobs but also become successful. As one critic puts it - "This book is like vitamins--you can't overdose on them." This best selling author talks about his philosophy and shares with readers some very practical ideas which he has put into use during his days as a salesman. If you were looking forward to learn how exactly closing deals works, this is just the book for you!
  1. Think and Grow Rich- "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill was written over 70 years ago but its wisdom still rings true today. This self-help classic teaches how positive thinking can bring about personal success and wealth if applied correctly, using anecdotes from famous historical figures such as Andrew Carnegie' Henry and Thomas Edison to illustrate his points. Though not strictly a sales book, it does contain many examples of how effective salespeople think and behave.
  1. Sales Magic-  Another old but very effective sales book is "Sales Magic" by Ron Willingham. This book looks at one key principle: success in business comes from emulating successful people and their habits – rather than trying to reinvent the wheel yourself. Aimed primarily at beginners, it highlights strategies and tactics that will help you close more deals and develop long-term relationships with those clients who buy from you time after time' such as showing empathy and understanding your clients' needs more closely, thereby avoiding mistakes like selling the customer something they don't actually need.
  1. People Buy People-  "People Buy People" is one of the best sales books available today thanks to its emphasis on people skills – an important element for any sales professional who wants to win more business. Written by Dave Stein, this book is based on empirical research which shows that winning customers' trust and persuading them to buy your products or services is all about demonstrating genuine interest in them and their needs. Stein provides clear, practical strategies for creating useful connections with potential clients that will greatly increase your chances of selling successfully both now and in future.
  1. The Psychology Of Selling - This book will teach you how to understand the psychology of your prospect. You will learn why people buy things? When people say no for your product or service what exactly does it mean? What are the different ways in which you can be persuasive enough to sell your products or services?
  1. The One Minute Sales Person -  This is a best selling book for sales executives who want to get an edge over their counterparts by learning about effective strategies of winning new clients or closing big deals with existing customers. If you are looking for career advancement then this book will teach you a few things which only successful people know about!
  1. How To Master The Art Of Selling - Another great book for newbie sales professionals who want to learn something beyond what is taught in the classroom. This book will definitely help them transform into a professional sales person!  Author Anthony Iannarino provides valuable insight on mastering the art of selling. This book reveals why the majority of people fail at their job and how it is possible for you to succeed in spite of all odds!
  1. Secrets Of Power Selling - This is a best selling book that teaches individuals about the best strategies for maximizing your income by acquiring new customers or retaining existing ones. You will be able to find out various ways to increase your chances of closing a deal & getting a greater return from each sale!  This book helps people focus more on things which matter while going after long term goals.

And with that we have reached the end of our list but remember the secret of becoming a great salesman is often mistaken as learning complex ways to read people and adapt to whatever the situation calls for. In reality, everything that makes a great salesman can be summarized into one simple rule~ In order to become the best salesman you need to know how to sale yourself

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