January 15, 2022

B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing: What is it and Why Should Marketers Care?

B2B lead generation outsourcing is a method of generating leads for B2B marketing campaigns. Lead generation outsourcing allows the companies to outsource their lead generation efforts to an external agency, which can provide them with an excess amount of leads that are not enough for their needs. This article will discuss what B2B lead generation outsourcing is and how it can help your business.


When you are in charge of generating new business for your company, it is important to understand the best ways to generate leads. 

There are many different methods, but today we will discuss the B2B lead generation outsourcing strategy that helps companies scale up their lead generation without a lot of effort.

What Is B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing?

B2B lead generation outsourcing has been increasing in popularity for several reasons. One of the main ones is that it removes the burden of worry from the marketer and allows them to focus on more important aspects of their business. 

The third party can also offer guidance and knowledge about what works and what doesn't, which can be extremely beneficial for marketers who are new to this area. 

By outsourcing, the marketer has someone who is more practiced when it comes to B2B lead generation and can help them find the best way to get their leads to sell. 

Since the explosion of the internet, it's become easier than ever to find out about B2B lead generation. A great way to get started is by simply searching online for some B2B lead generation companies.

The first step to finding the right B2B lead generation company is deciding what kind of lead generation you desire. Some companies specialize in field sales, and some are solely focused on generating qualified leads from a website. 

Some companies will already have a large database that you can use to get leads, while others will generate new customers for you. The key is finding the right fit for your company, so that you can generate a huge amount of leads as quickly as possible.

To create new sales opportunities from your website, you must create content that will draw users in. If you have a lot of free content available online, these pages can be used to capture the attention of visitors. 

If you don't have a lot of free content, you can try selling your services as an affiliate for another company. This can be a great way to get more money for your services, as you can use the sales page of another company to sell your own products and services. 

It can be done by creating a landing page or sales funnel of the products and services you have to offer.Just think about how much time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day.


Which B2B lead generation methods work best?

A good lead generation strategy should be able to generate a high volume of qualified leads in the shortest amount of time. While all B2B marketing methods are not created equal, there are some that work better than others when it comes to generating sales-ready leads. 


When it comes to lead generation, there are a number of B2B marketing methods that have been proven over time to be effective. Some of these methods are:


1. Email Marketing- Email marketing is a proven lead generation method that works well for B2B companies because it allows them to reach potential customers in their inboxes, and not on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter


While email marketing can be used across all industries, it is especially effective for B2B companies because they are often more focused on their customers' needs and wants.


2. Paid Search Marketing- This method of lead generation works well in industries that have a high demand for products or services, such as higher education, healthcare, technology and software development. 


Paid search marketing is also effective for B2B companies because it provides the ability to target specific keywords, phrases and geographic areas.


3. Social Media Marketing- Social media has become a popular way for B2B companies to market their products or services. However, social media can be an expensive form of marketing because it can require a significant investment in time and resources. 


Social media marketing is often used by B2B companies to generate leads through the use of social media advertising, which allows them to target specific demographics with their message.


4. Search Engine Marketing- Search engine marketing (SEM) has been used for several years by B2B companies to generate leads through the use of paid search advertising. 


SEM is a type of online marketing that allows businesses to target potential customers based on their needs and wants, as well as geographic areas.


5. Direct Mail Marketing- Direct mail marketing has been used for decades in B2B companies to generate leads through the use of mass marketing. 


While direct mail is still effective for generating leads, it can be expensive because it requires a significant investment in time and resources.


6. Telemarketing- Telemarketing has been used by B2B companies to generate new business since the early 1900s when telephone calls were first made from one company to another. 


However, telemarketing is an outdated method of lead generation that does not provide any additional value beyond what would have been generated through email or social media campaigns alone. 


While there are many forms of online advertising that B2B companies can use to generate leads, they should be aware of their limitations. 


For example, a company that is using social media marketing may want to target the wrong audience or geographic area if it doesn't have an existing relationship with them. 


A company that is trying to get new business from its customers through email marketing will probably not know who those potential customers are because many B2B companies don't track customer data for this purpose.

Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation

An outsourcing lead generation agency such as TopRank Marketing can provide a number of benefits for marketers looking to grow their business. 

The most obvious benefit of outsourcing is that it can drastically reduce your costs by eliminating the need to manage in-house activities such as lead generation, sales, web design, and social media management. 

It can also be beneficial because the specialized team at an agency will have experience with a wide variety of marketing tactics and methods which means they'll know what type of leads are likely to convert. 

This means that when outsourcing you're likely to be getting targeted leads which will allow your business to be more profitable.

Why Is Outsourcing Lead Generation Important For Marketers?

When it comes to lead generation, companies can take a few different approaches. Some companies choose to outsource their lead generation because they do not want to be overwhelmed by the task of managing a lead database on their own. 

Outsourcing gives them more time to focus on other aspects of their marketing strategy. Others choose to outsource because they want an outside perspective on their marketing efforts. 

Outsourcing can help you identify areas of your marketing strategy that are working and those that aren't, so you can make changes quickly before losing customers.

Outsourcing companies have access to an enormous database of leads which means they'll be able keep up with the latest trends and techniques when it comes to lead generation. 

They will also know how best practices work for different industries, so they're likely going to give more accurate results than if you were trying them out yourself. 

How Much Does Outsourcing Cost? 

The price of a lead provider will vary depending on the size of their databases, but there are also some general costs associated with this type of service as well. 

Some of the most common costs associated with outsourcing lead generation include: The cost of accessing their database and mailing lists.

The time it takes to access these databases, which can take anywhere from a couple hours up to several days depending on how large they are.

The total number of leads that you receive per month, as well as each individual lead's quality (the higher the quality score is for an email address, the more likely it will convert into a sale). 

Before signing any contracts or making any commitments with your outsourced company , be sure to do some research first so you know exactly what you're getting into. 

You'll want to make sure that it's worth the money, and also be certain that they have a good track record of providing high quality leads for other businesses.

Examples Of B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing

B2B lead generation is a critical and challenging task. B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing is a service that helps marketers with lead generation through the use of external vendors. 

Marketing companies can outsource their tasks like customer prospecting and generating quality leads to allow them to focus on their core business or product. 

The key behind outsourcing is that marketing companies can rely on these vendors to provide high-quality leads. There are many benefits including cost savings, time savings, and improved customer satisfaction.

Potential Pitfalls With Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation Services

A lot of marketers today are outsourcing their lead generation services and hoping for a quick win, but what they don't realize is that without proper planning and strategy, outsourcing could cost them more than if they were to do it in-house. 

Marketers should take a step back and evaluate the cost-benefit analysis before taking on an outside partner, as trust can be an issue. The other pitfall is that outsourcing could end up costing the company more in time and money. 

If a lead generation service provider does not deliver, it can cause serious damage to your brand reputation. 

A good example of this is when one of my clients outsourced their marketing budget for several months because they thought that it would be cheaper than investing in their own team. It ended up costing them $300K over the course of six months!

How Do You Know If An Agency Qualifies As B2B Lead Generation outsourcing?

There are a few things that you can check to see if the agency is qualified.

  • The lead generation team should have experience in B2B marketing and not just online marketing. They need to be able to do their job without making mistakes on your brand's reputation. 
  • You must contact them first before signing an agreement with them, as they will likely want proof of who you are and what your needs are before they decide whether or not it makes sense for both parties involved 
  • Always ask how long has this company been around? If there hasn't been any information about them on the web, it's probably best to stay away from this company.
  • Always look at their portfolio to see what they have done in the past and how effective these campaigns were. If there are no testimonials or results that have been posted online, then you should consider staying away from this company as well. 
  • A good lead generation agency or vendor will be able to demonstrate a track record of success for your industry by showing case studies and client references 
  • Always ask about pricing models before signing an agreement with them; if they charge upfront fees but don't deliver results, then it's not worth the money.
  • Always ask them how long they have been doing this for and what their plans are to expand in the future. If they haven't made any progress or if there is no plan of growth, then you should consider looking elsewhere as well. 
  • Never agree to pay upfront fees without getting results first!


Outsourcing your lead generation process may seem like an easy way to save time and money, but it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. 

It will take some time and effort to see the benefits of outsourcing your lead generation process and it is important to keep in mind that these benefits are not always instant.

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