January 11, 2022

Apollo IO Review - Is Apollo io Really Worth Investing In?

The Apollo IO platform is a cloud-based marketing automation software that helps users manage their own marketing efforts in an easy and effective manner. This Apollo io review compares the pros and cons of the Apollo IO software to other platforms in the marketplace, as well as identifying some of its advantages and disadvantages.


Apollo is one of the best engagement available, in this apollo io review we will take a close look at it’s features, pricing, benefits and more. 

As the demand for AI-powered tools have evolved in recent years, so has the market. What was once a tool only available to big players with deep pockets is now available to anyone who wants to use it! 

This can be a great thing for marketers and content creators, but it does come with some risks. One of those risks is that you might not really know if the tool can really deliver what it promises.

However, before you try it take this quick apollo io review and then decide for yourself whether or not Apollo Io is worth investing in?

Apollo io Review: Overview

Apollo io is an automation software that will revolutionize the way businesses operate today. It can automate tasks such as web scraping, email marketing, and content creation without having to recruit a team of employees or hire someone else to do it for you. 

Apollo io can run on any web server or cloud server, as long as it is accessible with an HTTPS connection and has a PHP library installed. Its modular architecture allows for scaling and customization to fit any business’ needs.

Apollo io Review: Why Use Apollo?

There are a number of automated services that are available today, and most of them are either too expensive or not flexible enough to meet a small business’ needs. 

Apollo io is the perfect service if you want to automate your business but are not interested in spending a lot of money for a service that is not flexible enough. Apollo is simple to set up and use, and it works for both small and large businesses. 

For example, if you have 500 employees, you will receive more than enough benefits. No other service allows you to configure and manage your employees the way Apollo does. Moreover, the software will feature different workflows for different types of business. 

As such, you can let your employees enjoy features like remote working or free phone calls. In short, Apollo is a great tool for small businesses and self-employed online workers.

Apollo io Review: How Does Apollo.io Work?

Apollo io automates your work. With the AI-powered smart features, you can easily handle repetitive tasks like scheduling posts, commenting on blog posts, and especially marketing automation with an inbuilt algorithm for tracking your performance. Apollo io is based on the revolutionary Solstice Framework.

The framework is known for its powerful features, easy-to-use interface, interesting design and most important, its highly advanced technology. 

The Solstice Framework is a powerful, flexible and customizable open source framework that offers you all the features you need to build a powerful custom website. The framework is built on top of the latest and greatest Sass, LESS, Smarty and Compass , which means your website will run at blazing speeds. 

Aside from that, Apollo.io has a powerful Analytics feature to track every single action on your website. This will help you to build a well-designed website that attracts the right audience at just the right time. 

Apart from that, Apollo io features a powerful affiliate program, which will allow you to earn money with just a few clicks of the mouse. Although it might not be as big as Google AdSense, it is a solid alternative. 

Last but not least, Apollo.io has a powerful keyword tool, which will give you the exact keywords that people search for when they visit your website. This feature can help you to optimize every single page of your website, and make it convert more efficiently. 

If you consider the Apollo.io review to be helpful, then you can join their affiliate program . This is the easiest way to earn money with this platform.

Apollo io Review: Features

The Apollo.IO platform offers the following features : 


1. Social Media Management: Apollo.IO is the only social media management platform that can connect to all of your social media outlets including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn , Twitter and Instagram . 

It allows you to schedule posts across multiple networks at once and monitor content performance using real-time analytics reports.


2. Sales & Business Development Engine: The Apollo.IO sales engine has been built by marketers for marketers with a focus on helping businesses grow their revenue through more effective marketing campaigns targeting specific prospects based on criteria such as budget allocation or geography.

This means that in addition to managing your email marketing campaigns , you also have the ability to create and manage a sales pipeline.


3. CRM: Apollo IO is built on top of an open source CRM platform called Salesforce , so you can use it alongside your existing customer relationship management software, or if you prefer to work with something completely new then there are no restrictions in terms of how many customers you want to track.


4. Analytics & Reporting Tools: The analytics tools within the Apollo.IO platform give businesses all-inclusive insight into their marketing campaigns including social media statistics (such as number of followers and engagement), email stats such as open rates , click rates , unsubscribes and bounces, as well as conversion rates.


5. Website Management: The Apollo IO website management tools allow you to create a custom URL for your business that can be linked directly from the platform so people who are searching online will find it more easily. 

You also have the ability to manage social media profiles for all of your clients on Facebook , LinkedIn or Twitter which means you can use these platforms alongside each other in order to build up a complete picture of what's happening with your customers online.


6. Customer Support: The Apollo.IO customer support team are available 24/7 (or 7 days a week if you prefer) to answer any questions that you may have about the platform or how it works.


7. Integrations & Add-Ons: There are several integrations and add-ons available for use within the Apollo IO platform which means businesses can integrate their own tools with it including MailChimp , Hubspot , Google Analytics and SalesforceIQ so they can gain access to even more information about their customers' behaviour online.

User Interface : The user interface of the Apollo io platform is very easy to use and intuitive. The dashboard gives businesses all of their analytics in one place and allows them to easily set up email campaigns, social media campaigns as well as create landing pages for their online business .

Apollo io Pricing Plans

Apollo.io offers three different pricing models:


1). The free version - The free plan provides 50 credits per month and provide basic features like Basic Sequence Automation (2 Sequence Limit), Basic Filters, LinkedIn Extension, and HubSpot & Salesforce Integration (Pull Only)


2) Apollo io Basic Plan - $49/per user and is billed monthly. This offers advanced features like Advanced Filters, Advanced Reports & Dashboards (Pre-Built), Integration with All Email Providers, Custom Fields, Opportunities, Rules Engine Process Builder, Advanced Salesforce & HubSpot Integration (Bi-Directional)


3) Apollo io Professional  Plan - $99/per user and is billed monthly and offers premium features like No Sequence Limit, Uncapped Sending Limits with Sendgrid, A/B Testing, Manual Tasks, Dialer, Call Recordings, Custom Stages


The basic plan is pretty much the same as every other SaaS service out there in that you pay for what you use plus an additional monthly fee per user if your company has more than 5 users at any point during the billing cycle; it's really just another way of saying "pay as you go" or per user.

The Professional Plus plan is a little different though; it's billed monthly and you can't use any of the Basic Plan features until your subscription has been active for at least 1 month.


That said, there are some nice things about this pricing model:

  • You get to pay only once per user.
  • The billing cycle is longer 
  • You get a free license for every user you bring on board

So if your company has 5 users right now and you want to grow that to 10 or more, then this is probably the plan for you. 

The only downside is that it's not possible to use Apollo io Basic Plan features until after month 1 of your subscription period - so if all goes well with getting new users onboarded, then by the time they're ready to start using Apollo io things will be pretty much settled in terms of usage at least from an operational standpoint (you can't do anything about growing the user base).

What I Love About Apollo io

Apollo io is very user friendly for people who aren't familiar with spreadsheets or databases . They've made everything so simple on their website , which makes it easier than ever before! 

It's also extremely customizable if there's anything you don't like about their dashboard.

I love that they have a section on the homepage called "The Apollo Way" which explains everything in simple terms and gives you tips & tricks to make your life easier with Apollo! 

It's also very easy to use, even if I'm not familiar with spreadsheets or databases . They've made it so straightforward for everyone (even people who aren't as tech-savvy) and have lots of great tutorials available online. 


What I Don't Love About Apollo io 

Apollo.io is a very easy to use service and I love that it's so straightforward for everyone, even if they're not as tech-savvy! 

However, there are some things about their website which I don't like: - They only have one free plan (which is great) but their pricing plans aren't explained anywhere on the homepage or in any of the tutorials.

It would be nice if you could see how much each plan costs rather than having to go through all of your emails and searching through tons of links before finding out what they cost.

  • On my dashboard view , I can't see my contact's emails or phone numbers.
  • They don't have a section on the homepage where you can sign up for their newsletter, which is annoying because they only email out once every 2 weeks (which isn't that often). 


These are some of the things that I wish were different about Apollo.io but overall it's an amazing service and has helped me save money by organizing all of my finances in one place! 

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