March 8, 2023

An Innovative Guide To Build Better Customer Loyalty


Every business aims to build better customer loyalty because it’s the key to higher traffic and sales. If you have many loyal customers, that means business longevity. More people will patronize your products and services because your loyal customers refer them through word of mouth. However, tough competition and rapid customer and market changes make attaining this goal challenging.  

The good news is you can leverage technology and other effective strategies to gain more loyal customers. Read this innovative guide to help you build better customer loyalty for your business. 

Launch A Custom Membership 

Custom memberships can help your business grow revenue and strengthen client loyalty. It involves creating customized plans to meet your clients’ goals, providing them with great value through paid membership. This innovative and compelling strategy gives more reasons for your customers to stay loyal to your business.  

The following are some of the basics you need to know about custom membership: 

  • Structure: Generally, custom memberships allow businesses to offer a membership option with a payment plan. A custom membership includes the amount, the number of payments, and the end date of the membership.  
  • Best Candidates: Service companies, such as studios, hair salons, and aesthetic businesses, are the best candidates for custom membership, helping them build customer loyalty. 
  • Key Benefits: Businesses can entice people to try new products and services with flexible, custom memberships. For instance, if you launch a custom membership to your aesthetic practice, you can increase treatment plan compliance and earn satisfactory recurring business revenue because your customers have already added value to their membership wallet.  

Click here to learn more about custom practice memberships through relational commerce. 

Create A Mobile App For Customer Rewards  

Do you want to keep up with the latest innovation in building customer loyalty? Mobile apps are accessible, making them excellent tools for launching customer loyalty programs like rewards. Engaging in mobile application development not only facilitates the creation of loyalty programs but also opens avenues for personalized communication and enhanced user experience, fostering a deeper connection with the customers.

Many companies have launched their reward mobile apps to show customer appreciation. These apps have QR codes, making them scannable at point-of-sale terminals in stores or online. This way, loyal customers can earn points whenever they buy items or pay for services.  You too can boost purchases using QR codes, as generating them online takes no time at all, and it’s easy to customize them to fulfill whatever requirement you have, whether that’s app-related, linked to a loyalty program, or simply a product page promo.

Loyalty mobile apps help create extraordinary customer brand experiences, boosting customer retention and loyalty. They promote better customer communication, collaboration, and bonding through well-thought personalized and push notification messages. 

You can provide non-transactional and transactional value to customers through loyalty mobile apps to build better customer loyalty.  

  • Transactional Value: It involves benefits directly related to the company’s product or service. Examples include freebies and voucher codes. Many customers love discounts, so they download loyalty mobile apps to take advantage of them. 
  • Non-transactional Value: It involves benefits customers can gain that aren’t directly related to the brand. Examples include no-receipt returns, dedicated customer care, and event invitations.  

In addition, brands can benefit from behavioral analytics with loyalty mobile apps. As customers use these apps, brands gather relevant data, including shopping patterns, reward preferences, and marketing responsiveness. Marketers can use behavioral data to develop more effective digital marketing, marketing enablement, and offline marketing strategies. 

Embrace Omnichannel Customer Service  

Omnichannel customer service involves communicating with customers through different touchpoints and channels. In the past, customer service teams focused on a single communication channel like phone or email support. The latest innovative customer support relies on genuine, cohesive communication. 

With the advancement of digital technology, brands can communicate and engage with customers through various platforms. This helps establish synchronized customer service to ensure all communication channels align and function simultaneously. 

Here’s how omnichannel customer service can help you build better customer loyalty: 

  • Delivers A Cohesive Experience: Multichannel customer service means providing more than one channel of customer communication, which is less centered on customers. Omnichannel customer service focuses on the consistency of excellent customer communication across all channels, whether via a phone call, chat support, social media messaging, or email.  
  • Gains Deeper Customer Insights: Omnichannel customer support creates additional availability to help businesses gain deeper customer insights. With these insights, brands can understand customer needs better with the right data and serve more diverse prospects, extending beyond their regular paying customers.  
  • Resolves Customer Concerns Quickly: Customer service agents can assess a customer’s needs by analyzing real-time data generated across all communication channels in a centralized dashboard. Customers can call in for assistance and continue using the live chat feature when their phone loses connection without starting from scratch. 

Implement Gamification Strategies  

Gamification can help you build better customer loyalty. When you include fun games with cool prizes, you can entice more people to engage with your brand and buy your products and services. Diversifying your gamification strategies is an innovative way to capture people’s attention, earn their trust, and win their loyalty.  

Here are some gamification tips to help you build better customer loyalty: 

  • Understand Player Types: Richard Bartle categorized players into four groups, including socializers, achievers, explorers, and killers. Understanding your target audience’s player types can help you create effective and more interactive games that customers will love. 
  • Plan Game Mechanics Excellently: Game mechanics define the rules of the games, determining how players can win. Examples include points, badges, levels, challenges, and leaderboards. If a game is too easy or too difficult, players won’t likely finish the game. So, you should test game mechanics before a full launch to reap the benefits of gamification marketing, which includes enhancing customer loyalty.  
  • Think Of The Best Reward System: Not all people are enticed by monetary rewards, like vouchers or free shipping. For instance, achievers love points and badges, whereas explorers simply enjoy playing and aren’t bothered by rewards. Hence, your reward system must align with your ideal customers’ data and goals for a successful gamification campaign. Choose a reward system based on behavioral analysis by gathering data in your customer relationship management software, customer service, and digital marketing channels.  


A business is nothing without loyal customers. You can build better customer loyalty by implementing proven-effective solutions aligned with your business needs and goals. You can launch a custom membership, create a loyalty app, or apply other tips mentioned above to help your business build a solid customer base. Invest in the right customer service and management tools and consult a customer loyalty expert today.


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