July 12, 2022

5 Ways An Association Management Software (AMS) Benefits Your Business


Business owners face unique challenges when managing and structuring company operations. Companies with a sizable workforce or those that manage associations or memberships may attest to the difficulty of these challenges.

Nowadays, businesses can have the chance to avoid using outdated practices, which include spreadsheets, to handle membership management. Fortunately, one can achieve this by using association management software (AMS). 

AMS allows you to streamline your operations. Moreover, it provides many features that can be proven beneficial for businesses across the globe. 

What Is An Association Management Software?

An AMS is an all-in-one software that assists in handling the whole member pipeline of a business—from recruiting and keeping staff up to referrals and more. It allows you to develop and maintain a centralized database of the details about your members, such as contact information, membership details, and preferences. 

Various AMS software packages like Impexium differ in price and features. Therefore, selecting the most suitable one that will cater to your business needs is best for your organization. In addition, knowing its benefits is helpful if you’re considering whether to add this software to your business

Here are some of the ways AMS can help your company:

  1. Allows You To Save Time

Spending time on various administrative tasks is essential to having a business. This happens mainly if those tasks require you to use more than one system or conduct tasks repetitively. However, if you’re spending too much time on administrative tasks, then know that it can cost you financially. Fortunately, AMS software can be helpful with this.

Many businesses know that wasting time is equivalent to losing money. There’s just enough time daily, and every hour used to finish a task that could be accomplished using automation tools is an hour you might spend on other activities. Nevertheless, AMS can automate some administrative tasks for you.

This software offers a centralized system to handle the business. It can prevent you from switching back and forth between systems to finish a task. Plus, it can be a significant time-saver, allowing you to focus on more essential matters such as sales.

  1. Offers An Avenue For Communication

Maintaining the proper connection between you and your staff helps to solidify your relationship with them. It also enables you to offer helpful information, assistance, and content. That said, an AMS can help you create a better avenue for communication.

Many AMS has an integrated communication system such as emails and text messaging. You can use these features to send automated text messages or emails to keep your staff updated with current news and events within the business. This is an effective technique compared to using separate software for sending text messages and emails.

In addition, many AMS tools provide chat features and online forums for your staff to interact with each other and share data. This is ideal for boosting their engagement within your business.

  1. Helps You With Your Fundraising Goals

Business associations can show kindness to the community by starting a fundraising event. AMS can assist you with your fundraising campaigns regardless if the project is for the environment, an outreach program, or a donation drive.

You can allow your members to offer donations through the software. You can do this by adding a donation button to your website. You can also include a donation meter to inform other members of the money accumulated for the fundraising event. This process is a straightforward and honest way of obtaining donations for such a cause.

Likewise, the benefits of an AMS for a business concerning its fundraising objectives are:

  • Create a fundraising event with a comprehensive start and end schedule for your members to become aware of their timelines so they can provide their donations.
  • Allow members to provide their donations in various ways, like through their debit or credit cards, Paypal, and other ideal payment alternatives.
  • Generate a donation form through a usable template and deliver it to members through email.
  • Add photos and videos of the beneficiaries and a comprehensive plan for using the donations.
  • Offers updates online as they happen.

  1. Online Store Management

Business associations can accumulate profit and funds by selling merchandise and providing services. If your business is selling products, it’s ideal to use AMS to handle your online store.

Below are some online store management features and benefits of AMS:

  • Your members can share your listings on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. On the other hand, it also allows suitable individuals to become members.
  • Heads of your business association can disseminate promotions and great deals through the web or postpaid ads within the website or outside of it.
  • Members can avail of your products and services through your online store or by booking through the internet.

  1. Provides Improved Reporting Compared To Spreadsheets

Integrating various systems into one also improves your business’s reporting procedures. Any company wants its programming and operations to improve to become more efficient. Yet, it’s hard to improve things without initially becoming aware of it, and your member data is also no exception.

For example, gaining insight into your business may not be difficult if you have only one data point. But what if your company is trying to be more competitive and you want more captivating emails and newsletters? 

In this scenario, you must know how many individuals are opening and interacting with every email to know which content has more engagement. However, what if you also want to understand how many foundation donors open your emails? As such, an AMS can assist you with this. It can arrange reports over various data points. 

For example, AMS can show you a detailed report on the number of potential members who attended the events last year, donated, and are followers of at least one of your newsletters. This feature can help you create the foundation for an outreach campaign. 

Wrapping Up

An AMS can help manage the entire member pipeline of your business. It can have many benefits that can indeed help your business. 

Some ways it can help are allowing you to save time, providing an avenue for communication, helping with your fundraising campaigns, and providing you with necessary reports. Hopefully, this article addresses your concern about whether to add this type of software to your business.

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