June 14, 2022

4 Tips on How PDF Expert Can Guide You with Digital Learning


You regularly provide PDF files to your students. However, there are times when you need to create a new PDF for your courses, and that's when PDF Expert comes in handy.

As the start of the school year gets closer, some schools are getting ready to operate online programs to adjust to the new normal. Even if not online, the majority of homework is moving online. 

Since more and more schools are realizing the advantages of utilizing technology to improve teaching, this futuristic adaptation is considered permanent.

How to edit & fill PDFs online for free in 4 simple steps

  1. Make Audio Comments 

You can give feedback in the most exciting way possible with sound annotations in PDF Expert for iPad. With only a few touches, you can quickly record a comment and include this audio recording directly into the assignment. 

The work or activity you're discussing will be visible to the students as they listen to your feedback. For instance, if you teach a foreign language, you can record a word or phrase's proper pronunciation and add a sound note to the appropriate location in a document.

  1. Digitize Paper Documents

You may need to read a chapter to your students from a printed book. The ideal option is more than just taking a picture because students find it challenging to work with the generated JPG file. 

They won't be able to read the text inside or perform a search. Instructors and students can build their own documents using an open pdf editor that allows for the insertion of form components. 

Software and technologies that enable simultaneous editing and co-authoring can also be used to set up collaborations. Users can transmit the PDF to someone via a link to fill out and sign using PDF's fill and sign functionality. 

Using the same tool they would use to create, edit, annotate, and insert photos enables teachers and students to fill out and sign documents for co-authoring quickly.

  1. The Source and Citation

Students will often need to credit sources and record information from their investigation during the creation process. Citations can be added as sections in the header and footer of a PDF document. They can later use a header and footer tool in a PDF technology to add these parts.

  1. 'Non-Editable' And 'Lossless' PDF Documents

Teachers won't need to worry about sharing protected content if educational resources are distributed online. The fonts, layout, graphics, and text will remain the same regardless of the device used. 

  • No information was unintentionally deleted! 
  • Stop making changes as you read! 
  • Picture fuzziness is over! 
  • Simply utilizing a PDF format will eliminate these issues.

With just one piece of software, customers can accomplish much with PDF. Users can edit, combine, organize, and add headers, footers, photos, watermarks, Bates numbering, and security. Users can even compress their papers to keep them email-size-friendly. 

Additionally, the application is web-based; anyone may use it on a Mac, Linux, Android, or Windows device. 

With the site's OCR tool, users can use this technology to transform scanned PDF files into legible, searchable, and machine-readable documents. The best news is that you don't need to install anything or pay for anything! Everything is free.

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