Cliently + Salesforce

Gifting from Salesforce

Lives In Salesforce

Engage with your leads and contacts without ever leaving Salesforce. Search for any contact or lead from the Cliently extension and engage from account, opportunity, contact or lead object.

Sync Your Activities

No need to log an activity, Cliently automatically syncs with Salesforce to save you time. Think about the deals you could be closing with that extra time.

Lots of Ways to Engage

Send emails, personalized video messages, gift cards, handwritten notes and more in less than 60 seconds.
Have a deal that needs an extra push? Send a Starbucks gift card and stand out from the competition.

Easy Integration

Our integration is an easy, no hassle extension.
Get up and running in minutes! Manage all of your users and account settings directly inside the extension. Integrates with Salesforce Lightning and Classic.