Outbound Sales

Make your prospecting efforts count

Find your target

Identify your ideal client on the Find Leads page. You can search our database of over 150M professional business contacts or scan social media to find leads based on keywords in their bios or tweets.

Engage with a click

It’s easy to engage with prospects.If you used Cliently to source your lead,
we will provide you with their direct email, phone and address.

With just a click, you can add that lead to a pre-existing workflow and begin engaging instantly!

Personalize your approach

Who doesn’t love mail? Show your prospects that you did your homework by sending a customized postcard featuring their alma mater or favorite sports team.

You can even send a video holding a personalized note.

Never forget to follow up

With tasks you can be sure to stay top of mind with your prospective clients.
Simply set a task and automatically be reminded to take action at the necessary time.
Connect on LinkedIn, place a phone call, send a Tweet, you name it!