Find leads from a variety of sources

Get New Leads. Automatically

Cliently searches multiple sources to identify new opportunities and delivers them directly in to your pipeline every day. Search Twitter for Bios and Critical Events or our Company Database of over 150 Million Professionals around the world. Don’t worry about finding their info, we’ll supply you with direct phone numbers, email addresses, and several other key data points. We will constantly keep pushing fresh leads into your inbox.

Set it once and forget it.

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Create Lead Lists Instantly

Do you have a specific target you want to reach now? Create a lead list on the fly and add them to a workflow instantly or export your leads as a .CSV file for your own use.

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Receive Fresh New Leads Daily

Every day, Cliently will fill your sales  pipeline by sending you new relevant leads to sift though. Accept the leads that you would like to engage with and reject everything else. It’s that simple.

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