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Origin Eight

Origin Eight is a Minneapolis-based web development agency with a strong focus on building Drupal-powered e-commerce websites, as well as helping its clients design their digital brands and manage their SEO/SEM digital marketing campaigns.





Seth Viebrock, CEO of Origin Eight has worked on Justin Bieber’s web site, led a team as CTO at a start-up company, travelled to Tokyo for data center security assessments, worked on world-class e-commerce software, provides Drupal expertise for Estee Lauder and their many international brands, has been building websites for clients since 1996, and has started a few businesses including Origin Eight.

How did you or your company search for leads prior to Cliently?

We were using all the tools in the box, really, but I would say the major avenues were buying leads and scraping lead databases. Most of the time manually, too – we were hiring quite a bit of outsourced low-cost labor for this.

How about digital marketing campaigns?

See, digital marketing works very well for our clients – most of whom are multi-million dollar companies. For us, as a smaller agency, it’s very hard to cut through the noise. It’s not bad, but it’s simply not been a predictable or reliable channel.

It’s funny that we’ve had more success with buying leads and using outbound sales efforts to lead people to our website – and remarket from there.

So you were using other lead generation vendors before?

Indeed. What we found was that for most of them we couldn’t customize the campaigns without editing some sort of Google Doc and asking their account manager (so-called “expert”, as they would have it), to approve it. The sad part is that we got zero leads from all this effort.

With Cliently I’m able to learn about sales emails myself, educate myself, and then implement – our work is so domain-specific that it’s really helpful to have that ability. We’ve gotten some great leads and learned about what works and what doesn’t.

What’s the return on your investment in Cliently been, then?

Excellent! We really only need to send a couple of emails per day – I think the most we’ve sent in one day has been 5 – to keep the pipeline flowing and to keep us busy.

Could you give an example of one of your Cliently sales cadences?

Sure. We start simple, sending a few emails, always trying to hit on pain points that marketers in small-to-medium businesses are likely experiencing when working on a website. Since we’re on the Cliently Calls plan, the Cliently team takes it from there: you guys make the calls, trying to book a short demo of how we would address those pain points for their particular website, as well as their SEO and any paid advertising efforts. Then, a few more emails, then calls – all with the goal of booking a demo.

Are there any Cliently features you feel could be improved?

Not sure about improved, but I did see the postcards not being as effective as the other methods of outreach, like video messages or calls. Granted, our postcards may not have been the best they could, but we had little incentive to invest effort in optimizing them since the calls especially have worked so well.

What do you recommend to our prospective customers?

Invest in the Cliently Calls plan. It’s the only way we get leads. I guess we did have one email that converted into a lead once, but generally the calls are what do it for us. Which is not surprising, really, considering that for our service price range, we really couldn’t expect deals closing just from emails or things like content marketing.

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