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Mod Cabinetry

Mod Cabinetry is here to revolutionize the cabinetry industry. By implementing an innovative online platform paired with unmatched product and customer service, they’ve made it easier than ever to buy modern cabinets all sourced and made in the USA.




Taja leads the sales and marketing team at Mod Cabinetry. Passionate about sustainability, she graduated with an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio School of Management, and began her career balancing business priorities with environmental issues while developing social and environmental supply chain initiatives at Hewlett Packard before starting her own environmentally-friendly business and later joining Mod.

How did your team search for leads prior to Cliently?

We weren’t actually doing any lead search before Cliently. Nor were we buying leads. We were relying – or at least trying to, really – on marketing efforts, with mixed results.

How about digital marketing campaigns?

We got mixed results from digital marketing campaigns. The experience was not good. It’s time consuming, haphazard, with fits and starts. It got so bad we even started questioning doing it altogether.

You mentioned you weren’t buying leads. What made you decide on Cliently?

Well, prior to signing up with Cliently I tried quite a few competitor apps. What ultimately made me decide on Cliently was the integration of all the parts of an outbound campaign into one app – or one flow, as you call it. We love to take advantage of all the touch-points Cliently offers: not just emails, but also postcards, calls, and video messages. I also have to say, I loved the user interface of the whole app, very intuitive and simple. It’s pretty impressive for an app that is still in its early stages!

What’s the return on your investment in Cliently been, then?

It’s made a huge difference for us: we’ve closed about 4-5 deals through Cliently. That’s about $10-15k in profit alone.

Could you give an example of one of your Cliently sales cadences?

We send about two emails first, then we follow up with a punch, so to speak, a postcard and a video message. That usually does the trick, but if they still haven’t gotten back to us, we send another email, then we have the Cliently team call them, and we finish off with two last-mile emails. I think the fact that we’re using so many touchpoints and so consistently has made a big difference for us, too.

What do you recommend to our prospective customers?

Use all the touchpoints, not just standard emails. Any tool can do emails, but only Cliently can do video messages or postcards. I personally absolutely love the postcard feature, and we got some pretty good leads through them.

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