Create engaging flows

Use multiple actions for 50% higher engagement

Save customized flows for each persona

Personalize at scale with unique flows based on industry, title, or any other target persona. Want to use the same flow with just a few changes? No problem! Just clone your flow, and make edits in minutes.

Automatically stop a campaign flow.

Like magic, you can have your flows stop when you receive a reply, an auto reply, or a bounce, without lifting a finger.

Flow analytics

Track each action in your flow. Understand which emails are getting the best open and reply rates. See which videos are being clicked and watch. Best yet, find out which flows are getting you the highest engagement rates overall, so you know which actions to use and in which order.

Add your own leads to flows

Import a CSV, or use are many integrations such as Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot, or Pipedrive to add directly to any Cliently flow.
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