Discover new leads every day

Find leads from over 100M contacts

Build, Save, Export.

Create a lead list in under 2 minutes by filtering by company size, revenue, industry and more. Hone in on the right persona by narrowing down role, seniority, level, and job title. Save your searches so they’re ready to go each day. Export your leads directly to a CSV.

Accept, reject, or add to a flow.

Add the leads you want, and reject the ones you don’t. Really want to jumpstart your lead process? Add new leads directly to a Cliently Flow with the click of a mouse.

Data accuracy

It’s a pain manually cleaning every new lead. Don’t worry, Cliently does that for you. We update our data monthly and verify every lead right when you accept, all to the tune of an over 90% data accuracy.

Premium Data.

Leads include verified email addresses, direct phone numbers, and physical addresses of where your contact actually works.
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